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Mikaela Mayer vs Maiva Hamadouche | Relentless action Jinny battles Meiko Satomura for the NXT UK Womens Title: NXT UK highlights: Nov. 4, 2021Family is everything for Teoman and Rohan Raja: NXT UK Nov. 4, 2021Meiko Satomura and Jinny collide for the NXT UK Womens TitleFIVE knock-downs?!? | Carlos Caraballo vs Jonas Sultan | Fight HighlightsFirst round knockout! | Jose Zepeda vs Josue Vargas | FULL FIGHTSid Scala announces a Three-Way Tag Team Match: NXT UK, Oct. 28, 2021Isla Dawns power grows with everything she takes: NXT UK, Oct. 28, 2021Noam Dar challenges Tyler Bate for NXT UK Heritage Cup: WWE NXT UK highlights: Oct. 28, 2021Meiko Satomura and Jinny prepare for next weeks NXT UK Womens Title Match: NXT UK, Oct. 28, 2021Joe Coffey and Jordan Devlin collide in a loaded NXT UK: NXT UK Highlights, Oct. 21, 2021Kenny Williams will sink to any level to take over NXT UK: NXT UK, Oct. 21, 2021UNDERCARD HIGHLIGHTS! | Brad Rea vs Jez Smith, Michael Webster, Georgia O'Connor & April HunterFULL FIGHT! | Savannah Marshall vs Lolita Muzeya | Highlights FULL FIGHT! | Hughie Fury vs Christian Hammer | Highlights FULL FIGHT! | Eubank Jr vs Wanik Awdijan | Highlights FULL FIGHT! 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Florian Marku pounds Rylan Charlton to a halt after recovering from knockdown FULL FIGHT! Zelfa Barrett vs Kiko Martinez | Controversial Ending STAR PERFORMANCE! | Dalton Smith vs Ishmael Ellis | Full FightHIGHLIGHTS! David Avanesyan crushes Josh Kelly & hands him his first professional defeatHIGHLIGHTS! Jordan Gill shows dazzling boxing skills in tough fight with Cesar Juarez FULL FIGHT! David Avanesyan vs Josh Kelly | Includes knockdown, drama & cuts Will Xia Brookside be forced to carry Nina Samuels' bags?: NXT UK, Feb. 18, 2021Tensions rise between Kay Lee Ray and Meiko Satomura before title battle: NXT UK, Feb. 18, 2021Gallus defend against Pretty Deadly next week: NXT UK, Feb. 18, 2021Coffey and Browns heavyweight tussle, A-Kid defends Heritage Cup: NXT UK highlights, Feb. 18, 2021Joe Coffey looks to defend his kingdom against Rampage Brown on NXT UK: NXT UK, Feb. 18, 2021HIGHLIGHTS! 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Josh Warrington vs Mauricio Lara | HUGE SHOCK Nina Samuels special stipulation for Xia Brookside: NXT UK, Feb. 11, 2021Aoife Valkyries dark introspection: NXT UK, Feb. 11, 2021Joe Coffey and Rampage Brown to throw down next week: NXT UK, Feb. 11, 2021Meiko Satomura calls out Kay Lee Ray: NXT UK, Feb. 11, 2021Gallus set to clash with Pretty Deadly in two weeks: NXT UK, Feb. 11, 2021Trent Seven is laser-focused on his goal: NXT UK, Feb. 11, 2021Dani Luna is determined to elevate her game: NXT UK, Feb. 11, 2021Satomura debuts, Andrews & Webster go to war with Dennis & Primate: NXT UK highlights, Feb. 11, 2021Sha Samuels says the proper hard graft starts now: NXT UK, Feb. 4, 2021Pretty Deadly to collide with NXT UK Tag Team Champions Gallus: NXT UK, Feb. 4, 2021Meiko Satomura arrives on NXT UK next week: NXT UK, Feb. 4, 2021Dont miss the Tag Team Street Fight Next week on NXT UK: NXT UK, Feb. 4, 2021Dragunov takes on T-Bone, Devlin hosts Open Challenge: NXT UK Highlights, Feb. 4, 2021Meiko Satomura is coming to NXT UKFour teams vie for title opportunity and more: NXT UK highlights, Jan. 28, 2021TWO-ROUND SLUGFEST | Calzaghe defends his WBO Super Middleweight vs Mitchell | Full FightREWIND! 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Martin Bakole vs Sergey Kuzmin FULL FIGHT! Kieron Conway v Macaulay McGowan FULL FIGHT! Qais Ashfaq vs Ashley Lane FULL FIGHT! Florian Marku vs Jamie Stewart FULL FIGHT! Lawrence Okolie vs Nikodem Jezewski FULL FIGHT! Hughie Fury vs Mariusz Wach FULL FIGHT! Anthony Joshua vs Kubrat Pulev ANTHONY JOSHUA VS KUBRAT PULEV | HIGHLIGHTSA-Kid defends the Heritage Cup against Tyler Bate: NXT UK Highlights, Dec. 3, 2020NXT UK continues to take overFIGHT REWIND! Anthony Joshua vs Dillian WhyteFULL FIGHT! Billy Joe Saunders vs Martin Murray DESTRUCTION! James Tennyson wipes out Josh O'Reilly in 135 seconds | Full FightAndrews & Webster battle The Hunt and more: NXT UK highlights, Dec. 3, 2020When Anthony Joshua faced his first former world title challenger! | Joshua vs Skelton | FULL FIGHT90-SECOND KO! | Anthony Joshua vs Michael Sprott | FIGHT REWINDNoam Dars Supernova Sessions coming soon: NXT UK, Nov. 26, 2020Seven battles A-Kid for the Heritage Cup and more: NXT UK highlights, Nov. 25, 2020Revisiting Ilja Dragunovs war with WALTER: NXT UK, Nov. 19, 2020Trent Seven and A-Kid look ahead to the Heritage Cup Final: NXT UK, Nov. 19, 2020Reliving Rampage Browns dominant debut: NXT UK, Nov. 19, 2020Kay Lee Ray battles Piper Niven in a Falls Count Anywhere Match and more: NXT UK, Nov. 19, 2020Kay Lee Ray set for Falls Count Anywhere clash with Piper NivenFULL FIGHT! Thomas Whittaker-Hart vs Jermaine SpringerFULL FIGHT! Rachel Ball beats Jorgelina Guanini to win the interim WBC super-bantamweight belt FULL FIGHT! Katie Taylor drops & outclasses Miriam Gutierrez to remain undisputed world champion NXT UK Highlights, Nov. 12, 2020Looking ahead to Kay Lee Rays showdown with Piper Niven: NXT UK, Nov. 12, 2020The BEST win from a British female boxer EVER? | Savannah Marshall vs Hannah Rankin | FULL FIGHTRamla Ali's highly anticipated professional debut! | Ramla Ali vs Eva Hubmayer | FULL FIGHT!Joe Coffey back in action, Piper Niven snaps and more: NXT UK Highlights, Nov. 5, 2020A-Kid and Noam Dar look to advance to Heritage Cup final: NXT UK, Nov. 5, 2020OLEKSANDR USYK VS DEREK CHISORA | FULL FIGHTFULL FIGHT! McCarthy claims European title! | TOMMY MCCARTHY VS BILAL LAGGOUNELEE SELBY VS GEORGE KAMBOSOS | FULL FIGHTOLEKSANDR USYK VS DEREK CHISORA | The fight in 60 seconds!USYK VS CHISORA! | LIVE WEIGH-INWALTER and Ilja Dragunovs epic showdown: NXT UK, Oct. 29, 2020Heritage Cup Tournament First Round recap: NXT UK, Oct. 29, 2020Rampage Brown is incoming: NXT UK, Oct. 29, 2020Devlin returns to action, Eddie Dennis devious plot and more: NXT UK highlights, Oct. 29, 2020WALTER and Ilja Dragunov's incredible journey: NXT UK, Oct. 29, 2020FULL FIGHT! Derek Chisora takes out Jakov Gospic in three rounds When Derek Chisora landed a HUGE KO and then called out David Haye | Fight RewindWALTER and Ilja Dragunovs explosive contract signing and more: NXT UK highlights, Oct. 22, 2020WALTER to collide with Ilja Dragunov for NXT United Kingdom Title next week: NXT UK, Oct. 22, 2020Joe Coffey makes his return soon: NXT UK, Oct. 22, 2020Tommy Ward loses his 100% win record! | Thomas Patrick Ward vs Thomas Essomba | Full FightFULL FIGHT! Ellie Scotney dazzles on her pro debut | Ellie Scotney vs Bec ConnollyFULL FIGHT! 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Shannon Courtenay's unbeaten record shattered after being dropped by Rachel Ball FULL FIGHT! Felix Cash drops, batters & stops Jason Welborn within five roundsFULL FIGHT! Zelfa Barrett halts Eric Donovan with SENSATIONAL left-hook KO FULL FIGHT! Kieron Conway nearly stops Nav Mansouri after dramatic seventh round FULL FIGHT! John Docherty stops Anthony Fox in the seventh round FULL FIGHT! Anthony Fowler vs Adam HarperFULL FIGHT! Chris Billam-Smith blasts out Nathan Thorley with HUGE KO! FULL FIGHT! Hopey Price shines in dominant display over Jonny Phillips FULL FIGHT! Terri Harper vs Natasha Jonas | Thrilling Fight of the Year contender FULL FIGHT! Fabio Wardley dismantles Simon Vallily after intense war of wordsDalton Smith scores crushing ONE-PUNCH knockout against Nathan Bennett | FULL FIGHTFULL FIGHT! 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Devin Haney vs Antonio MoranFULL FIGHT! Michael Hunter vs Fabio MaldonadoFULL FIGHT! Filip Hrgovic vs Gregory CorbinFULL FIGHT! Anthony Joshua vs Alexander PovetkinWALTER battles Pete Dunne for U.K. Title: NXT UK highlights, May 22, 2019FULL FIGHT! Gary Russell Jr vs Kiko MartinezFULL FIGHT! Naoya Inoue v Emmanuel RodriguezINCREDIBLE KNOCKOUT! | Deontay Wilder v Dominic Breazeale | FULL FIGHT!FULL FIGHT! Josh Taylor v Ivan Baranchyk | World Boxing Super SeriesFULL FIGHT! Anthony Joshua vs Dominic BreazealeHoly (Mos)cow, Ilja Dragunov has arrived: NXT UK highlights, May 15, 2019FULL FIGHT! Leigh Wood vs Ryan DoyleFULL FIGHT! Fabio Wardley vs Dennis LewandowskiFULL FIGHT! Jordan Gill vs Enrique TinocoNXT UK Tag Team Title Match evolves into a submission free-for-all: NXT UK highlights, May 8, 2019FULL FIGHT! Canelo Alvarez vs Daniel JacobsWatch WALTER's earth-shattering chop against Jordan Devlin: NXT UK highlights, May 1, 2019FULL FIGHT! 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Robbie Davies Jr vs Joe HughesFitzgerald hands Fowler first pro defeat | Anthony Fowler v Scott Fitzgerald | Full FightSmith dismantles Eggington in 5 rounds | Liam Smith v Sam Eggington | Full FightKash Ali disqualified for BITING David Price! | Full FightDunne & WALTER gear up for their match at NXT TakeOver: New York: NXT UK highlights, March 27, 2019FULL FIGHT! Joshua Buatsi vs Liam Conroy Dunne demands a match against WALTER at NXT TakeOver: New York: NXT UK highlights, March 20, 2019FULL FIGHT! Tevin Farmer vs Jono Carroll Pete Dunne & WALTER battle The Coffey Brothers: NXT UK highlights, March 13, 2019Ogogo's 3-round win! | Anthony Ogogo vs Gary Cooper | Full Fight Travis Banks battles Jordan Devlin in a Falls Count Anywhere: NXT UK highlights, March 6, 2019The Grizzled Young Veterans battle Lorcan & Burch in a NXT UK Tag Title Match: NXT UK, Feb. 27, 2019Toni Storm battles Rhea Ripley in fierce title showdown and more: NXT UK highlights, Feb. 20, 2019The BruiserWeight looks to tame Wolfgang in this week's NXT UK highlights: NXT UK, Feb. 13, 2019WALTER goes to war with Gallus' Mark Coffey in this week's NXT UK highlights: NXT UK, Feb. 6, 2019Dillian Whytes HW protege Fabio Wardley stops Morgan Dessaux with a stunning uppercut | Full FightCraig Richards knocks out Jake Ball in 3 rounds | Full FightWALTER breaks through the competition in this week's NXT UK highlights: NXT UK, Jan. 30, 2019Travis Banks brawls with Jordan Devlin in this week's NXT UK highlights: NXT UK, Jan. 23, 2019FULL MATCH - Aichner & Barthel vs. Andrews & Webster: NXT UK, Jan. 16, 2019Jinny vs. Isla Dawn: NXT UK, Jan. 16, 2019British Strong Style vs. Gallus - Six-Man Tag Team Match: NXT UK, Jan. 9, 2019Ligero vs. Joseph Conners: NXT UK, Jan. 9, 2019Travis Banks vs. Tyson T-Bone: NXT UK, Jan. 9, 2019Andrews & Webster vs. Gibson & Drake - NXT UK Tag Team Title Semifinals: NXT UK, Jan. 9, 2019Gallus vows to decimate British Strong Style and the reign of Pete Dunne: NXT UK, Jan. 9, 2019Xia Brookside vs. Isla Dawn: NXT UK, Jan. 9, 2019Dillian Whyte vs Derek Chisora 2 | Full Fight Eddie Dennis vs. Dave Mastiff: NXT UK, Jan. 2, 2019Toni Storm vs. Deonna Purrazzo: NXT UK, Jan. 2, 2019Dunne stands face-to-face with Coffey WWE UK Title Contract Signing: NXT UK, Jan. 2, 2019Moustache Mountain vs. Gallus - NXT UK Tag Team Title Semifinal Match: NXT UK, Jan. 2, 2019Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan vs. Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner: NXT UK, Jan. 2, 2019Candy Floss vs. Jinny: NXT UK, Jan. 2, 2019Joshua, Wilder, Whyte, Chisora and more! | Best Knockouts of 2018 Rhea Ripley vs. Deonna Purrazzo - NXT UK Women's Championship Match: NXT UK, Dec. 26, 2018Marcel Barthel vs. Mark Andrews: NXT UK, Dec. 26, 2018Gibson & Drake vs. "Wild Boar" Hitchman & "Primate" Melrose: NXT UK, Dec. 26, 2018Joe Coffey def. Ligero: NXT UK, Dec. 26, 2018Zack Gibson's guide to Liverpool: NXT UK, Dec. 26, 2018Johnny Saint announced NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool: NXT UK, Dec. 26, 2018Toni Storm vs. Charlie Morgan: NXT UK, Dec. 19, 2018Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster vs. Zack Gibson & James Drake: NXT UK, Dec. 19, 2018Joe Coffey vs. Travis Banks: NXT UK, Dec. 19, 2018Rhea Ripley vs. Isla Dawn - NXT UK Women's Championship Match: NXT UK, Dec. 19, 2018Moustache Mountain vs. Saxon Huxley & Tyson T-Bone: NXT UK, Dec. 19, 2018Jordan Devlin vs. "Wild Boar" Mike Hitchman: NXT UK, Dec. 19, 2018Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams vs. Zack Gibson & James Drake: NXT UK, Dec. 12, 2018Joe Coffey vs. Trent Seven: NXT UK, Dec. 12, 2018Ashton Smith & Ligero vs. Mark Coffey & Wolfgang: NXT UK, Dec. 12, 2018Flash Morgan Webster vs. Fabian Aichner: NXT UK, Dec. 12, 2018The NXT UK Tag Team Championships get unveiled: NXT UK, Dec. 12, 2018Ligero & Ashton Smith don't fear Gallus: NXT UK, Dec. 12, 2018NXT UK Women's Champion Rhea Ripley vs. Candy Floss: NXT UK, Dec. 5, 2018"Bomber" Dave Mastiff vs. "Wild Boar" Mike Hitchman: NXT UK, Dec. 5, 2018Jordan Devlin vs. Flash Morgan Webster: NXT UK, Dec. 5, 2018Moustache Mountain & Travis Banks engage The Coffey Brothers & Wolfgang: NXT UK, Dec. 5, 2018Fabian Aichner vs. Mark Andrews: NXT UK, Dec. 5, 2018Joe Coffey vs. Tyler Bate: NXT UK, Nov. 28, 2018Toni Storm vs. Rhea Ripley - NXT UK Women's Championship Tournament Finals: NXT UK, Nov. 28, 2018Zack Gibson & James Drake vs. Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams: NXT UK, Nov. 28, 2018Xia Brookside & Millie McKenzie vs. Charlie Morgan & Killer Kelly: NXT UK, Nov. 28, 2018WWE U.K. Champion Pete Dunne vs. Jordan Devlin: NXT UK, Nov. 28, 2018Eddie Dennis vs. Ashton Smith: NXT UK, Nov. 28, 2018Toni Storm vs. Jinny - NXT UK Women's Championship Tournament Semifinal: NXT UK, Nov. 21, 2018"Bomber" Dave Mastiff vs. Tyson T-Bone: NXT UK, Nov. 21, 2018Dakota Kai vs. Rhea Ripley - NXT UK Women's Championship Tournament Semifinal: NXT UK, Nov. 21, 2018Toni Storm vs. Isla Dawn - NXT UK Women's Title Tournament Quarterfinal Match: NXT UK, Nov. 21, 2018Xia Brookside vs. Rhea Ripley - NXT UK Women's Title Tournament Quarterfinal: NXT UK, Nov. 21, 2018Ligero vs. Jordan Devlin: NXT UK, Nov. 21, 2018Jinny vs. Millie McKenzie - U.K. Women's Championship Tournament Quarterfinal: NXT UK, Nov. 14, 2018Trent Seven vs. Zack Gibson: NXT UK, Nov. 14, 2018Dakota Kai vs. Nina Samuels - NXT UK Women's Title Tournament Quarterfinal: NXT UK, Nov. 14, 2018Ashton Smith vs. Wolfgang: NXT UK, Nov. 14, 2018Tyler Bate vs. James Drake: NXT UK, Nov. 14, 2018Triple H & Johnny Saint announce the first NXT UK Women's Title Tournament: NXT UK, Nov. 14, 2018Zack Gibson vs. Amir Jordan: NXT UK, Nov. 7, 2018Mark Andrew, Flash Morgan Webster & Ashton Smith vs Wolfgang & Coffey Brothers: NXT UK, Nov. 7, 2018Toni Storm vs. Dakota Kai: NXT UK, Nov. 7, 2018Eddie Dennis vs. Sid: NXT UK, Nov. 7, 2018The Coffey Brothers & Wolfgang usher in their new kingdom: NXT UK, Nov. 7, 2018Pete Dunne vs. Danny Burch - WWE U.K. Championship Match: NXT UK, Nov. 7, 2018BIG KOs! Tony Bellews highlight reel Jordan Devlin vs. Tucker: WWE NXT UK, Oct. 31, 2018Mark Andrews vs. Wolfgang: WWE NXT UK, Oct. 31, 2018Moustache Mountain vs. Saxon Huxley & Sam Gradwell: WWE NXT UK, Oct. 31, 2018Tyler Bate vs. Wolfgang: NXT UK, Oct. 24, 2018Flash Morgan Webster vs. Mark Coffey: WWE NXT UK, Oct. 31, 2018Ligero vs. Mike Hitchman: NXT UK, Oct. 24, 2018Dakota Kai vs. Killer Kelly: NXT UK, Oct. 24, 2018Danny Burch vs. Sam Gradwell: WWE NXT UK, Oct. 31, 2018Zack Gibson vs. Noam Dar: WWE NXT UK, Oct. 31, 2018FULL FIGHT! Ted Cheeseman blasts out Paul Upton Jr in a four-round demolition jobMark Andrews vs. Joe Coffey: WWE NXT UK, Oct. 17, 2018Toni Storm vs. Nina Samuels: WWE NXT UK, Oct. 17, 2018Pete Dunne vs. Noam Dar - WWE UK Title Match: WWE NXT UK, Oct. 17, 2018WWE NXT UK arrives on WWE Network today at 3 ETTriple H and GM Johnny Saint announce formation of the NXT UK brand: 2018 WWE U.K. TournamentThe high-octane excitement of NXT UK is coming soonMajor news from Sunday night's NXT UK tapings (CAUTION: SPOILERS)Major news from Sunday night's NXT UK tapings (CAUTION: SPOILERS)Triple H & Shawn Michaels surprise the NXT UK Universe in EnglandHIGHLIGHTS: Artur Beterbiev blasts out Callum Johnson after exciting firefightAnthony Joshua vs Alexander Povetkin | Highlights FULL FIGHT! Anthony Joshua vs Joseph Parker | 31st March 2018DESTRUCTIVE! 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