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NO WAY IN HELL you can invest in a long-term deal with Kyrie Irving - Stephen A. | First TakePatrick Beverley thinks the Nets should commit to Kyrie Irving | Get UpBobby Marks breaks down the future for Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving & the Brooklyn Nets | KJMStephen A. 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Carlesimo | Get UpKyrie isnt trying to get to fined again Stephen A. can't believe he's saying the Nets might get SWEPT by the Celtics | First TakeStephen A. on Nets loss: For the first time I saw KD rattled! | First TakeStephen A. on KD after Game 2: 'A TRAGIC performance,' he's never looked this bad | First TakeSeth Greenberg on Joel Embiid's final shot: This is why he is so difficult to play against | Get UpBrian Windhorst: Ime Udoka has put in 10,000 hours against Kevin Durant | Get UpI've got to get Kevin Durant to his spots - Kyrie Irving on Nets' loss to Celtics | NBA on ESPNJJ Redick on how the Nets can avoid a 2-0 deficit vs. the Celtics | SportsCenterJJ Redick breaks down the Nets: 'Ben Simmons is the complement to Kyrie & Kevin!' | #GreenyJJ Redick on Kyrie's Boston fan interaction: THE PLAYER HAS A RIGHT TO RESPOND TOO | First TakeIs Steve Nash the right fit for the Nets? | First TakeStephen A. reacts to Kyrie Irving being fined $50K for interaction with Celtics fans | First TakeJJ Redick on Ben Simmons: The Nets won't play him unless he is healthy! | Get UpHow can Kevin Durant help the Nets even out the series? | Get UpStephen A.: I have NEVER been THIS invested in the NBA playoffs! | Stephen A.'s WorldShould Ben Simmons even play AT ALL for Nets vs. Celtics? | The Hoop CollectiveCeltics vs. Nets GAVE ME GOOSEBUMPS! - Brian Windhorst | The Hoop CollectiveJWill is curious to see how KD matches up against Jayson Tatum & Jaylen Brown in Game 2 | Get UpWoj on how gambling has impacted NBA fans' behavior | NBA TodayJalen & Jacoby offer up Celtics vs. Nets predictions AFTER Game 1 Does Kyrie Irving belong on the NBA 75 team? 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Stephen A. thinks Miami should watch out Vince Carter outlines Kyries newfound role with Nets | SportsCenterThe Grizzlies are a GREAT team! - Jalen Rose applauds Memphis for the win over NetsStephen A. after NYC mayor lifted vaccine mandate: Kyrie is not a hero! | First TakeHow big of a deal is Kyrie Irving being eligible in NYC for him and the Nets? | First TakeStephen A. reacts to NYCs plans to roll back vaccine mandate for athletes | First TakeVince Carter on Zion: When gets back on the court, it's going to be long-term! | Get UpKyrie Irving allowed to play in home games after vaccine mandate was lifted | Get UpStephen A.: Well forget Kyries SELFISHNESS if he helps deliver a championship! | NBA CountdownHow likely are the Grizzlies to reach NBA Finals in Ja Morant era? | NBA CountdownKyrie copying KD's "too small" celebration during warm-ups James Harden, Tobias Harris: Who will be the playoff X-factor? | NBA TodayThe Nets have no hope to make it out of the East with a part-time Kyrie - Perk | NBA TodayPreviewing the Grizzlies vs. Nets matchup | NBA TodayTNT Tuesday Crew Talks Brooklyn Nets And Eastern Conference Standings | NBA on TNTIt's going to be very difficult for the KD without Kyrie Irving - Tim Legler on the NetsJJ Redick: Kevin Durant is enough to get the Nets to the playoffs | SportsCenterShould Kyrie Irving feel frustrated about not being able to play? | First Take'You know who he is! It's KD! There are no off nights!' - Stephen A. talks Kevin Durant | First TakeNBA "Speed Kills" MOMENTSPerk on 13 players scoring 50+ points this season: This generation is just on a different level Jalen Rose says the Nets are looking like a glorified first-round exit team right nowStephen A. puts blame on Kyrie Irving for the Nets' 113-111 loss vs. the Mavericks | First TakeKyrie Irving holding out on the vaccine could cost the Nets a championship - Stephen A. | First TakeWhat has caused the recent NBA scoring binge? | NBA CountdownNBA "Most Impossible" MOMENTSPerk says Kyrie Irving is the most skilled player EVER, just ahead of Kobe | NBA TodayPerk is confident Kevin Durant can lead the Nets to the playoffs with a part-time Kyrie Irving | SCJalen Rose reacts to Kyrie Irvings career-high 60-PT night: It was a dazzling performance!Stephen A. Smith reacts to Kyrie dropping a career-high 60 PTS on Magic | First TakeJWill reacts to Kyrie's 60-point game: Nobody else can miss games, and play at that level! | Get UpSteve Nash didn't know Kyrie couldn't go into the locker room - Nick Fridell | NBA TodayHow was Kyrie Irving able to sit court-side in Nets' win vs. Knicks? | NBA TodayKevin Durant goes OFF for 53 points in Nets win over Knicks | Jalen & JacobyBrooklyn Nets playoff push & Draymond Greens return for Warriors | NBA Stock ReportBomani Jones stance on KD calling out the NYC mayor | First TakeStephen A.: Kevin Durant calling out NYC mayor WAS NOT WISE! | First TakeKD dapped up Kyrie after his 50-piece honey gold performance | #shortsWhen Kyrie & KD are on the floor together they are the team to beat - Stephen A. | NBA CountdownStephen A.s No. 1 takeaway from Nets vs. 76ers | NBA CountdownPerk reacts to Ben Simmons' return to Philly: He made the Nets come together! | First TakeKendrick Perkins apologizes to Kyrie Irving after the Nets win over the 76ers | First TakeWhat is the level of concern over James Harden's performance in loss to Nets? | Get UpKyrie Irving: If you come at Ben Simmons, you come at all of us | #shortsKD & Kyrie are gonna go hard to show James Harden they dont need him! - Gutierrez on Nets vs. 76ersStephen A. is HYPED for Nets vs. 76ers: Get your popcorn ready! | First TakeWhat does a healthy Nets team look like? | Get UpTim Bontemps on what the 76ers are saying about matchup vs. Nets | NBA TodayMore FRUSTRATED or EXCITED to see Kyrie Irving drop 50?! | NBA TodayJackie Moon arrives & Kyries Eye of the Tiger night | SportsNationKyrie Irving 50-PIECE! IGNITES for new SEASON HIGH vs. HornetsJalen Rose is hitting the PANIC BUTTON on the Nets | Get UpShould the Nets be worried about making the playoffs? | NBA TodayJWill after KD's 31-PT return: The Nets aren't the team we though they were going to be! | KJMKevin Durant outlines short-term goals for Brooklyn Nets | NBA on ESPNKendrick Perkins has no concerns about Kevin Durant returning to action with the Nets | SportsCenterKevin Durant or Kyrie Irving: Who is under more pressure to win a title this season? | First TakeKevin Durant is the best player in the world! - Seth Greenberg | Get UpNBA "Isolation Master" MOMENTSWill Ben Simmons & the Nets make a deep run in the playoffs?! | NBA TodayStephen A. reacts to NYC Mayor saying he cant change the vaccine mandate just for KyrieJa Morant is DAZZLING, Embiid & Harden look SCARY & LeBron's BAD attitude | Swagu & PerkKyrie & the Nets are in a 'holding pattern' after the NYC mayor's latest comments | SportsCenterStephen A.: Kyrie Irving should be able to play, effective IMMEDIATELY! | First TakeKyrie Irving: Nets did all the little things in win vs. Bucks | NBA on ESPNKyrie Irving scores SEASON-HIGH 38 PTS as Nets hold off BucksKYRIEDICULOUS | #shortsIs Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving under more pressure to make the Nets work? | NBA CountdownStephen A. calls Kyrie Irving & Kevin Durant as the KEYS in the East | NBA CountdownIf the vaccine mandate goes away, the Nets' excuse goes away too! - Stephen A. | Stephen A.'s WorldBrooklyn Nets ABSOLUTELY BELIEVE they can win an NBA Title - Nick Friedell | NBA TodayThe Nets are LOADED! - Isiah Thomas has high expectations for Brooklyn after Simmons tradeVince Carter: The Nets will be the best team in the East at full strength with Kyrie, KD & SimmonsPerk is concerned about the Nets leadership and chemistry after Ben Simmons trade | SportsCenterNBA "This Is Streetball" MOMENTS #2JJ Redicks confidence ABSOLUTELY mimics Kyrie Irvings comments | NBA TodayDoes Adam Silver's statement change the perception of Kyrie Irving? | First Take'Adam Silver is the BEST commissioner in sports!' - Kendrick Perkins | NBA TodayAdam Silver on NBA All-Star, Harden/Simmons trade, in-season tournament & MORE | Get UpStephen A. reacts to Kyrie Irving saying theres no guilt about the Nets struggles | First TakeKyrie Irving is being unfair to Kevin Durant! - Swagu & Perk | Episode 15Kyrie took on the entire Heat defense | #ShortsNBA Today reacts to Kevin Durants shade to James Harden in the All-Star DraftStephen A. Smith on the pressure on Kyrie following the Harden trade | #shortsKyrie Irving scores 31 PTS, but Nets lose 10th straight game Inside the NBA Reacts To James Harden-Ben Simmons Trade & Lakers' Day With Chris Haynes | NBA on TNTThe Nets should trade Kyrie Irving, NOT James Harden - Kendrick Perkins | First TakeStephen A.: Kevin Durant is the reason James Harden is still with Nets | NBA CountdownBrian Windhorst: Ben Simmons-James Harden trade discussions are absolutely happening | Get Up'This Nets situation continues to plummet' - Jalen Rose reacts to Nets' 8L streak | Jalen & JacobyFred VanVleet ABSOLUTELY deserves to be an NBA All-Star - Tim Bontemps | NBA Stock ReportKyrie Irving thinks James Harden is committed to Nets, but adds: 'Who knows what's going to happen?'What should be the level of concern for the Nets after recent struggles? | Get UpStephen A.s take on what NOT winning the NBA title would mean for KD | NBA TodayJames Harden needs to score the ball, period! - Chiney Ogwumike on Nets struggles | SportsCenterTim Legler has pretty serious concern about the Brookyn Nets | SC with SVPNets were surprisingly upbeat after loss to Suns Nick Friedell | NBA on ESPNKyrie Irvings 32-7-7 not enough as Nets fall to WarriorsKyrie Irving shows off his handles | #ShortsStephen A.s message to Kevin Durant: This is your franchise | NBA CountdownStephen A. on Nets: I want to see a team that cares | NBA CountdownReacting to the NBA All-Star starter list | NBA TodayBrian Windhorst breaks down 5 options James Harden has for this summer | The Hoop CollectiveBrooklyns looming decision that could impact James Hardens future with the team | NBA CountdownIs James Harden justified in his frustration over the Nets season so far? | Jalen & JacobyJalen on Kyrie leading the Nets to a win without KD: There needs to be more of this for the NetsYou cant count on a part-time Kyrie - Stephen A. doesnt believe Nets can count on IrvingJWill reacts to Joel Embiid's 50-point performance vs. the Magic | Get UpStephen A. makes a scary prediction for Nets fans | NBA CountdownJalen Rose explains why Kyrie Irving is a MUST for the Nets | NBA CountdownStephen A.: Itll be a disaster if the Nets dont win title | NBA CountdownNBA "This Is Streetball" MOMENTSStephen A. & JWill GET HEATED debating how much the Nets should value home court | First TakeThe Nets winning a title because of Kyrie Irving would send the wrong message - Stephen A.Woj: The Nets expect Kevin Durant to be out 4-6 weeks with a sprained MCL | NBA TodayNBA Todays midseason Top 3contenders Jalen doesn't believe this is the last year of the Nets' Big 3 | Jalen & JacobyAdrian Wojnarowski on when Kyrie Irving could play home games | NBA TodayIs the BEST version of James Harden when he plays with Kyrie Irving? | NBA TodayCan anyone beat the Nets with Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant & James Harden? | NBA TodayThe Nets are considering paying fines to let Kyrie Irving play homes games First Take reactsJWill thinks the Bulls are still a piece away from contending in the East vs. the Nets | First TakeReacting to the Nets dominating the Bulls 138-112 | Keyshawn, JWill and MaxNets vs. Bulls: Who will be the most important player? | NBA TodaySteve Nash doesn't look like he knows how to coach - Swagu & Perk | Episode 11Kyrie Irving vs. Nassir Little: NOT A DIRTY PLAY! - JJ Redick | NBA TodayJJ Redick picks Steph Curry over Kyrie Irving as the better point guard | SportsCenterKyrie Irving returns, Bucs release Antonio Brown & Knicks hit buzzer-beater | Best of First TakeThe Nets would have won a title last season if it werent for Kevin Durants foot injury - Zach LoweNBA "He's Back!" MOMENTSAre the Warriors the favorite to win with Klay returning? | NBA TodayWilbon on Kyries debut: Did you see Kevin Durants smile postgame? | NBA TodayWhat are the expectations for Klay Thompsons long-awaited return? | (debatable)Reacting to Kyrie Irving scoring 22 points in his season debut vs. the Pacers | First TakeHighlights & Analysis: Brooklyn Nets at Indiana Pacers | Get UpKyrie Irving gifts his dad his shirt after his first game back | #shortsKyrie Irving arrives ahead of season debut for Nets vs. Pacers | #ShortsKyrie Irvings situation with the Nets has never been seen in modern NBA Windhorst | NBA TodayKyrie Irving IS BACK! Are the Nets legit title contenders?! | NBA TodayPerk has high expectations for Kyrie Irvings return vs. the Pacers | SportsCenterCOMEBACK WEEK? How much pressure is on Kyrie Irving? | NBA TodayThe Nets NEED Kyrie Irving to reach their ultimate goal - Kendrick Perkins | First TakeBobby Marks on Kyrie's return and if the Lakers will break up their Big 3 | NBA on ESPNPerk would rather have a part-time Kyrie than a 'no-time Kyrie' | First TakeLos Angeles Lakers vs. Brooklyn Nets preview on Christmas Day | Hoop StreamsStephen A. calls the Nets 'PATHETIC & WEAK' for bringing back Kyrie Irving | NBA Countdown'The Lakers are full of excuses!' - Perk on the L.A.'s Big 3 | First TakeWhat does James Hardens return for Christmas Day mean for the Nets? | NBA TodayWill Kevin Durant and Giannis Antetokounmpo be available to play on Christmas? | NBA TodayAre the Lakers or Clippers the better LA team right now? | NBA TodayStephen A.: The Nets bringing back Kyrie Irving is a DISGRACEFUL DECISION! | Stephen A.s WorldIs Kyrie Irvings return as a part-time player the RIGHT choice by the Nets? | NBA TodayReaction to Kyrie Irvings return to the Brooklyn Nets | NBA on ESPNDivided opinion on Kyrie Irving's return to the Nets | NBA CountdownWoj: Kyrie Irving is coming back to the Nets as a part-time player | NBA CountdownIs Kevin Durants workload sustainable? | Jalen & JacobyJalen Rose still believes Kyrie Irving is returning soon | Jalen & JacobyThe Nets are not winning a title WITHOUT Kyrie Irving! - Kendrick Perkins | First TakeI was wrong! I don't believe in the Nets anymore! - Stephen A. Smith | NBA CountdownKyrie Irving 'CANNOT BE TRUSTED!' - Stephen A. rants about KD's future with the Nets | First Take'Kyrie Irving has BETRAYED KD' - Stephen A. says KD should regret leaving the Warriors | First TakeKevin Durant needs to accept that Kyrie Irving left the Nets hanging - Stephen A. | First TakeThis is a DISGRACE! - Stephen A. RIPS KD and the Nets after the loss to the Warriors | First TakeNYC mayor-elect says vaccine mandate won't change, so where does this leave Kyrie? | NBA CountdownNBA Today previewing Knicks vs. Bucks tonightNBA Todays early impressions of the Brooklyn NetsKyrie seems to be the 'missing ingredient' for the Nets - Max Kellerman | Keyshawn, JWill & MaxStephen A: James Harden needs to be the dude from Houston! | NBA CountdownPerk on the Brooklyn Nets: 'It's championship or BUST' | This Just InI believe in KD! I believe in James Harden! - Stephen A. thinks Nets are contenders without KyrieThe 2021-22 NBA season is here! Who gets their first win tonight, Celtics or Knicks? | Hoop StreamsHow much do the Nets miss Kyrie? | This Just InStephen A. doesn't believe James Harden's comments about staying with the Nets | First Take'Kobe Bryant is smiling down on a guy like Giannis Antetokounmpo' - Stephen A. | First TakeDid the Nets get the right depth around Kevin Durant and James Harden? | KJMAre the Nets better than the Bucks WITHOUT Kyrie Irving? | (debatable)Stephen A.: Russell Westbrook will have pressure to 'show up & SHOW OUT' this season | First TakeStephon Marbury calls out Stephen A. for his comments on Kyrie Irving | First TakeNBA "Preseason Is INSANE! " MOMENTS'Kyrie Irving is NOT a victim'- Jalen Rose on Irving's vaccine status | Jalen & JacobyMax Kellerman's issues with Kyrie Irving's Instagram Live comments | This Just InTheres ALWAYS something getting in the way of Kyrie playing ball! - Stephen A. | First TakeReacting to Mercurys OT win over the Sky in Game 2 of the WNBA Finals | SportsNationYou brought the Nets together! - Stephen A. takes issue with Kyries vaccination status | First TakeStephen A. reacts to Kyrie Irving's Instagram Live about his stance on the vaccine | First TakeStephen A. saw that Kyrie Irving went live on Instagram | #ShortsHow Kyrie Irving's status with the Nets will be impacted by his Instagram Live comments | KJMReacting to Kyrie Irving's Instagram Live comments on vaccine mandates & playing with the Nets | KJMKyrie wants to be a voice for the voiceless but hasnt said anything yet - Elle Duncan | (debatable)Stephen A. questions Kyrie Irvings stance on the vaccine mandate | First TakeStephen A.: Kyrie Irving is being selfish | First TakeStephen A. reacts to reports that Kyrie wants to be the voice for the voiceless | First TakeBrian Windhorst's update on the Kyrie Irving & Ben Simmons situations | Keyshawn, JWill & MaxIt's unlikely KD didn't support the Nets' decision regarding Kyrie Irving - Brian Windhorst | Get UpNo team is stopping the full-strength Nets in the East - Max Kellerman | Keyshawn, JWill & MaxJWill thinks the Nets would still be title favorites without Kyrie Irving | Keyshawn, JWill & MaxDid the Nets make the right choice with Kyrie Irving? | PTIJalen on how Kyrie Irvings vaccination status will impact the Nets this season | Jalen & JacobyAre the Nets making the right decision by not permitting Kyrie to practice/play games? (debatable)The Nets are hoping to welcome Kyrie Irving back into the fold - Malika Andrews | This Just InFirst Take reacts to Sean Marks saying Kyrie cant rejoin Nets until he can be a full participantBrian Windhorst doesnt think Kyrie Irving only playing road games is tenable | The JumpStephen A.s sources say KD could give the Nets the OK to move on from Kyrie | First TakeThe Nets plan to play their home preseason opener amid Kyrie Irvings absence | SportsCenterKyrie Irvings vaccination status is impacting basketball! - Stephen A. | Stephen As WorldWhat's Kevin Durant's relationship with Kyrie Irving right now? | The Jump'It amounts to BETRAYAL' if Kyrie doesn't come back - Stephen A.'s thoughts on the Nets | First TakeHow Kyrie Irving is impacting Kevin Durant's status with the Nets | Keyshawn, JWill & MaxReacting to the Brooklyn Nets not moving their practices | The JumpWoj gives updates on Kyrie and the NBA's drug testing policy this season | The JumpBrian Windhorst explains what the Nets' backup plan would be without Kyrie Irving | This Just InKyrie Irving is the type of guy who will lose millions to make a point - Stephen A. | First Take'Kyrie is a distraction and it's inexcusable!' - Stephen A. SOUNDS OFF | First TakeWill the updated NBA vaccine regulations alter Kyrie's outlook? | The JumpThe financial implications for James Harden not signing extension with Nets | The JumpStephen A. says vaccine mandates could play a role in who wins the NBA championshipReacting to Kareem saying the NBA should insist that all players & staff are vaccinated | First TakeShould the Nets consider trading Kyrie Irving? | Stephen A's WorldBrian Windhorst reacts to Kyrie, Durant & Harden's Media Day availability | The JumpKyrie Irving says 'respect my privacy' regarding playing in home games this season | #ShortsStephen A. questions if the Nets should trade Kyrie Irving for Ben Simmons | Stephen As WorldLakers or Nets: Who is more likely to win the NBA title? | The JumpBrian Windhorst explains why Kyrie Irving may get less than the full max extension | The JumpAre the days of splashy NBA free agency signings over? | The JumpDo the Nets or Lakers have a better roster following this summer's moves | The JumpThe only ones that can beat the Nets are the Nets! Richard Jefferson | The JumpThe Jumps way-too-early NBA Finals predictions for 2022Jalen Rose reacts to Nets-Lakers Christmas Day matchup: Its going to be nasty! | Jalen & JacobyEast or West: Which conference is stronger? The Jump debatesAre you confident Kyrie Irving and James Harden will sign contract extensions? | The Jump'The pressure is on James Harden and Kyrie Irving!' - Stephen A. talks KD and the Nets | First TakeWill this be LeBron's best Big 3? Stephen A. and Max debate | First TakeHow should the Nets handle the Big 3's contract extensions? | The JumpKenny Smith on free agency: Lakers' roster, Bulls adding DeMar DeRozan and Knicks' moves | #GreenyDo the Nets or Lakers have a better Big 3? | The JumpKyrie Irving is parting ways with agent at Roc Nation #ShortsKendrick Perkins doesnt buy the Nets being the favorite for the 2022 title | The JumpReacting to Shaq shutting down LeBrons complaints about the cause of NBA injuries | First Take'The Process' has been canceled! The 76ers need to trade Ben Simmons - Kendrick Perkins | Get UpWill Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving finish their careers with the Brooklyn Nets? | KJZWas the Nets season a failure? | KJZReaction to the 76ers Game 6 win: Philly closed it out better on the road Legler | SportsCenterThe Bucks should be worried about James Harden in Game 7 - David Jacoby | Jalen & JacobyKhris Middleton was the difference maker in the Bucks forcing a Game 7 - P. J. 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