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The drama overwhelmed this Nets group and Kevin Durant wants a fresh start - Nick Friedell | Get UpDid KD make a mistake leaving the Warriors? Jalen Rose says 'that's an ABSOLUTE FACT!' | Get UpJalen Rose on what led to Kevin Durant's trade demand | Get UpBen Simmons was 'feeling incredible' on Instagram hours before KD's trade request | Get UpWhat are rookie dinners like in the NFL? | Get UpLamar Jackson has LEVERAGE over the Ravens - Louis Riddick on the QB's contract | Get UpThe Celtics need to stop seeking fouls! - Vince Carter | Get UpWarriors fans are EXCITED by Klay's performance - Brian Windhorst | Get UpLeBron James is in AWE of the Stanley Cup Rob Ninkovich shows off action figures of himself Will Steph Curry bounce back in Game 6? | Get UpJJ Redick on Celtics pushing a Game 7: It comes down to the turnovers! | Get UpI'm leaving clothes in the Bay this will go to Game 7 - Jalen Rose | Get UpPraising Andrew Wiggins' 26-point performance in the Warriors' Game 5 win vs. the Celtics | Get UpThis is not the time to play hero ball! - Vince Carter to the Celtics | Get UpAmar'e Stoudemire on Celtics' 4th quarter: There is no time for excuses right now | Get UpShould Pelicans give Zion Williamson a max rookie extension? | Get UpJJ Redick previews Game 5 of NBA Finals: Steph Curry has that competitive stamina! | Get UpIs Zion worth a max rookie extension? | Get UpWhen J. Cole has a better stat line than Draymond Green, it's a problem - Ryan Clark | Get UpYou can play basketball AND have a podcast! - JWill thinks Draymond Green is making excuses | Get UpPat Bev: Draymond won't be a letdown! He'll bounce back in Game 4 | Get UpPat Bev reacts to Game 3: The Warriors don't have a lot of energy left! | Get UpStephen A. & JJ Redick sound OFF debating if the NBA has gotten softer 'Draymond makes a point' - Stephen A.'s thoughts on Green's comments after Game 2 technical | Get UpDarvin Ham is trying to manage what got out of control last season! - Windy | Get UpJJ Redick: The Celtics shouldn't focus on baiting Draymond Green into technical fouls | Get UpJJ Redick's best takes, top moments & most heated debates so far at ESPN JJ Redick: The legacy between Draymond, Klay & Steph is secure! | Get UpAaron Donald signs massive 3-year/$95M deal | Get UpDraymond Green loves when you talk trash! - CJ McCollum weighs in on the NBA Finals | Get UpThe Ravens should give Lamar Jackson 'as much as he is asking for!' - Dan Orlovsky | Get UpIf the Celtics don't fix their 3rd QTR performance, they ain't gonna win! - Brian Windhorst | Get UpCJ McCollum on Steph Curry: He is doing what we're accustomed to seeing him do! | Get UpDraymond Green needs to step up or the Warriors are going to lose the series - Perk | NBA TodayAl Horford is who Draymond Green USED TO BE- Perk | NBA TodayAaron Rodgers 'can definitely see the end coming' | Get UpWhat Steph Curry, Marcus Smart & Klay Thompson must do in Game of the 2022 NBA Finals | Get UpGAME 1 IS TONIGHT JJ Redick & Vince Carter preview the Warriors vs. Celtics matchup | Get UpJJ Redick decides if Steph Curry has the MOST to prove in NBA Finals | This Just InPerk reveals what is most impressive about Jayson Tatum's game | Get UpKevin Durant and Kyrie Irving's former teams facing off in NBA Finals | Get UpAnother title for Steph Curry would cement him as a Top 10 player of all time! - Perk | Get UpHow badly does Stephen Curry NEED to win NBA Finals MVP? | Get UpJalen Roses take on Jimmy Butlers LATE THREE attempt | Get UpJalen Ros joins the show Should we SECOND GUESS Jimmy Butlers late 3? | Get UpAmare Stoudemires thoughts on Lakers hiring Darvin Ham | Get UpDo the Miami Heat need ANOTHER star alongside Jimmy Butler? | Get UpJayson Tatum or Steph Curry: Who has the BIGGER impact in the NBA Finals? | Get UpRIGHT OR WRONG? Breaking down Jimmy Butlers LATE 3 attempt | Get UpThe Celtics are REAL! - Stephen A. thinks Boston could beat the Warriors in the Finals | Get UpIs this Golden States' title to win? | Get UpPatrick Beverley: Youre wrong if you think the Celtics can beat the Warriors in the Finals | Get UpPatrick Beverley: You have to give the Warriors ownership a ton of credit for the success | Get UpPatrick Beverley thinks the Nets should commit to Kyrie Irving | Get UpShould Lamar Jackson attend OTAs without a new deal? Louis Riddick says ABSOLUTELY NOT! | Get UpAnother win for Steph Curry would make him the LeBron of this generation! - Alan Hahn | Get UpThe Celtics are 'exploiting that Miami defense for sure!' - Pat Bev's thoughts after Game 5 | Get UpJJ Redick expects to see First Team All-NBA Jayson Tatum in Game 5 | Get UpJJ Redick: Jimmy Butler is at his best when he is using his physicality! | Get UpLuka Doncic CAN'T do this alone! - Vince Carter on Mavs keeping season alive | Get UpSteph Curry will replace Magic Johnson on Perk's NBA Mount Rushmore if he wins Finals MVP | Get UpPerk: Bam Adebayo has to show up to the party and be consistent! | Get UpJayson Tatum needs to 'stop crying to the refs' - Jalen reacts to Boston's Game 3 loss | Get UpJJ Redick on Juwan Howard declining Lakers: This is NOT a good job! | Get UpHow does Jayson Tatum bounce back from a rough Game 3 vs. the Heat? | Get UpJJ Redick: The Warriors are certantly capable of winning the championship! | Get UpStephen A. is the gift that keeps on giving! Did he tweak his hip?! Jerry Jones impersonations! Can the Warriors slow down Luka Doncic again in Game 2? | Get UpAmar'e Stoudemire on why Kyle Lowry's absence makes Jimmy Butler's job a lot harder | Get UpCeltics vs. Heat Game 2 highlights & analysis: Jayson Tatum & Marcus Smart lead Boston | Get UpMonica McNutt: Luka's supporting cast didn't show up! | Get UpBrian Windhorst: Jimmy Butler plays CHESS, he changes EVERYTHING in the playoffs! | Get UpJayson Tatum film breakdown : How the Celtics can help create more space in Game 2 | Get UpBiggest takeaways from the Warriors' Game 1 win vs. the Mavericks | Get UpWhat went wrong for the Celtics in Game 1 vs. the Heat? | Get UpHow can the Mavericks UPSET the Warriors? Get Up debates Jimmy Butler has just been controlling the game! - Pat Bev on Butler dropping 41 PTS in Game 1Vince Carters top dunk contest participants of all time | Get UpPat Bev apologizes to Brian Windhorst after saying Marcus Smart was going to play in Game 1 | Get UpPat Bev: The Warriors are gonna wear Luka down! | Get UpWhat adjustments did the Heat make in the 2nd half to win Game 1 of ECF? | Get UpSwagu: I would LOVE to see Kevin Hart roast Tom Brady | NFL LiveJJ Redick wants Jayson Tatum to have great decision-making in the Eastern Conference finals | Get UpPat Bev would offer James Harden a 'super-duper-duper max' deal | Get UpPat Bev is at a loss for words answering these NBA playoff questions | Get UpPat Bev's expectations for Jayson Tatum in the Celtics vs. Heat Eastern Conference finals | Get UpPatrick Beverley: James Harden shouldve received NBA MVP THREE TIMES! | Get UpStephen A. and Pat Bev on their text exchange about the Timberwolves playoff run Stephen A.: CP3 & the Suns got an 'EPIC BUTT-WHIPPING' from the Mavericks in Game 7 | Get UpJJ Redick calling the Celtics title favorites upsets Pat Bev | Get UpPat Bev calls out Chris Paul on Get Up Pat Beverley: The Suns should've benched Chris Paul! | Get UpPat Bev & JJ Redick react to Celtics vs. Bucks Game 7 | Get UpNO ONE can guard Luka! - Pat Beverley | Get UpJames Harden looked SO BAD it almost looked INTENTIONAL - Stephen A. Smith | Get UpReacting to Luka Doncic forcing a GAME 7 against the Suns | Get UpFind the pieces that fit around Joel Embiid! - Seth Greenberg | Get UpAmare Stoudemire on why the 76ers shouldnt commit to giving James Harden a max contract | Get UpReacting to the Celtics Game 5 loss | Get UpSeth Greenberg on James Harden: He doesn't have the lift & explosiveness! | Get UpWould the Nets still be in the Playoffs if Kyrie had been playing all season long? | Get UpThe Warriors blowout loss is not going to sit well with them - Vince Carter | Get UpSitting behind Tacko Fall doesn't sound fun | Get UpTim Legler to his dog: Guinness get your Giannis jersey! Likely or Unlikely: The winner of the Bucks-Celtics series will make the NBA Finals? | Get UpThis is a BOSS MOVE for Tom Brady! - Sam Acho | Get UpThe 76ers NEVER showed up! - Monica McNutt on Phillys blowout loss to Heat | Get UpNBA Hall of Famer Bob Lanier dies at the age of 73 | Get UpTim Legler on 76ers blowout loss: There is a lack of leadership with this team! | Get UpHeat or 76ers: Who has the edge in Game 5? | Get UpEven LeBron has haters! - JJ Redick on Draymonds comments about Steph Curry being disrespectedBREAKING NEWS! Tom Brady will join FOX Sports as lead NFL analyst when he retires Celtics or Bucks: Who has the edge in Game 5? | Get UpTim Legler: NO ONE has been under more scrutiny than James Harden! | Get UpStephen A. puts things INTO PERSPECTIVE in Grizzlies vs. Warriors series | Get UpAre the Mavericks about to knock the Suns out of the playoffs? | Get UpTim Legler & Brian Windhorst on James Harden's Game 4 performance | Get UpReacting to MJ, David Beckham & Tom Brady at the Miami Grand Prix with Lewis Hamilton | Get UpIf Joel Embiid gets better every night, 76ers can win this series! - Tim Legler | Get UpBREAKING! Rapid reactions of Nikola Jokic winning a SECOND CONSECUTIVE NBA MVP | Get UpThe latest on the Baker Mayfield trade market | Get UpWill Baker Mayfield's ego allow him to return to the Browns? | Get UpShould Deebo Samuel get paid like Davante Adams & Tyreek Hill? | Get UpAre the Packers doing enough to give Aaron Rogers weapons? | Get UpGet Up's Big Picture Takeaways from the 2022 NFL Draft76ers vs. Raptors Game 6 highlights & analysis: Perk praises Doc Rivers' coaching job | Get UpHow should the Packers approach the second round of the draft? | Get UpHow Hollywood Brown being traded to the Cardinals will impact Lamar Jackson | Get UpA.J. Brown getting traded to the Eagles gives Jalen Hurts no more excuses - Tim Hasselbeck | Get UpHow do the Packers approach round 1 of the NFL Draft? | Get UpTim Hasselbeck previews QB Draft prospects: Malik Willis is an EXPLOSIVE player | Get UpWhat is the level of concern for the 76ers after losing back-to-back games? | Get UpWill Deebo Samuel get traded on NFL draft night?! | Get UpWhat is the biggest threat to the Warriors winning the Western Conference? | Get UpBest potential landing spots for Deebo Samuel? | Get UpThe moment is not too big for Ja! -Zach Lowe reacts to Morants dunk | Get UpHow much of a leader is Kevin Durant? Get Up debatesJames Harden hasn't scored efficiently for weeks! - JJ Redick on the 76ers losing Game 5 | Get UpJJ Redick reacts to the Nets getting SWEPT by the Celtics | Get Up'The Boston Celtics clearly are better without Kyrie Irving' - Jalen Rose | Get UpJalen Rose: The Celtics deserve ALL of the credit! | Get UpBrian Windhorst on Ben Simmons: It's extraordinarily disappointing! | Get UpWHAT DID I DO?! Greeny to Michael Wilbon after he mentioned Get Up | NBA CountdownBrandon Ingram reminds Perk of Kevin Durant 'A young superstar in the making!' | First TakeHow the Zion Williamson & Devin Booker injuries are impacting the Pelicans-Suns series | Get UpKevin Durant is struggling because of the Celtics defense - P.J. Carlesimo | Get UpStephen A. on 76ers-Raptors: This series is OVER in Toronto! | Get UpStephen A. is thrown off by Jalen Rose's sweater | Get UpMike Tannenbaum details why Deebo Samuel requested a trade from the 49ers | Get UpSeth Greenberg on Joel Embiid's final shot: This is why he is so difficult to play against | Get Up76ers vs. Raptors Game 3 highlights & analysis: How Doc Rivers drew up Embiid's game-winner | Get UpCeltics vs. Nets Game 2 highlights & analysis: Brian Windhorst on how KD is getting stopped | Get UpBrian Windhorst: Ime Udoka has put in 10,000 hours against Kevin Durant | Get UpBrian Windhorst on Ben Simmons' possible return for Game 4 of the Nets-Celtics series | Get UpJJ Redick on Ben Simmons: The Nets won't play him unless he is healthy! | Get UpAre the Suns in trouble without Devin Booker? | Get UpGreeny: If Deebo Samuel wants out, teams should be ALL OVER him! | Get UpHow can Kevin Durant help the Nets even out the series? | Get UpThe best potential landing spots for Baker Mayfield | Get UpCan the Suns win the series without Devin Booker? | Get UpJWill is curious to see how KD matches up against Jayson Tatum & Jaylen Brown in Game 2 | Get UpDeebo Samuel, A.J. Brown & Terry McLaurin to skip offseason workouts without new contracts | Get UpWhat is the outlook for the Chiefs' offense without Tyreek Hill? | Get UpBiggest takeaways from the Warriors' Game 2 win | Get UpStephen A. is pleased to hear Vince Carter agrees with him Stephen A. is hopeful for Warriors-Suns matchup: It's what the basketball world DESERVES! | Get UpStephen A. reacts to Celtics vs. Nets Game 1 'Kyrie Irving was absolutely outstanding!' | Get UpNBA Film Breakdown: Jayson Tatum's game-winning layup in Game 1 of Celtics vs. Nets | Get UpRobby Anderson wants 'NOOOOO' part of being Baker Mayfield's teammate| Get UpCeltics vs. Nets Game 1 highlights & analysis: Vince Carter reacts to Jayson Tatum's winner | Get UpWe lost how dominant Joel Embiid & James Harden have been! - Zach Lowe | Get upCan Joel Embiid and James Harden guide the 76ers on a deep NBA playoff run? | Get UpDamien Woody on Lamar Jackson's contract extension: It's a waiting game! | Get UpBREAKING! Ben Simmons to be available vs. Celtics | Get UpBaker Mayfield just lacks self-awareness - Damien Woody | Get UpIs Derek Carr talented enough to lead the Raiders to the Super Bowl? | Get UpBrian Windhorst: Ben Simmons COULD be ramping up to play vs. Celtics | Get UpDwayne ''The Rock'' Johnson & Dany Garcia talk XFL 'culture of innovation' | Get UpWhy you shouldnt talk trash to Aaron Rodgers! Tim Legler breaks down Kevin Durant's best plays vs. Cavaliers | Get UpZach Wilson? Mac Jones? Get Up picks their 2nd-year QB to make a Super BowlAre the 76ers on upset alert without Matisse Thybulle? | Get UpIt's going to be HARD to get DK Metcalf under the salary cap! - Rob Demovsky | Get UpWill LeBron ever win another championship in LA? | Get UpTim Leglers RATHER INTERESTING Lakers & Titanic comparison | Get UpHow can the Packers replace Davante Adams in the 2022 NFL Draft? | Get UpDoes Russell Wilson have something to prove with the Broncos?! | Get UpHow badly do the Nets need Ben Simmons to get to the NBA Finals? | Get UpWill LeBron have a say in Lakers' offseason decisions? | Get UpHow badly will the Packers miss Davante Adams this season? | Get UpTom Brady makes the Bucs the FAVORITE in the NFC South - Marcus Spears | Get UpAFC West BOUT TO BE STUPID! - Marcus Speaks talks Russell Wilsons Super Bowl chances | Get UpChris Cantys Top 5 most feared defensive players in the NFL | Get UpWho should the Green Bay Packers take in the NFL Draft? | Get UpRob Ninkovich on whether Rob Gronkowski will play next season | Get UpCan Tom Brady & the Bucs make a title run without Rob Gronkowski? | Get UpDon't ever judge LeBron on his words, judge him on his ACTIONS! - Brian Windhorst | Get UpThis is a BRILLIANT move by the Buffalo Bills! - Sam Acho on Stephen Diggs' contract | Get UpLamar Jackson is betting on himself! - Kimberley Martin on his contract talks | Get UpThe Nets 'have a golden opportunity' to get the No. 7 seed in the East - Brian Windhorst | Get UpExplaining the level of interest in a Baker Mayfield trade | Get UpDaniel Jones isnt that goodBrian Daboll wont make Jones the next Josh Allen - Tim HasselbeckWhy the Chiefs could trade up to draft Alabama WR Jameson Williams to replace Tyreek Hill | Get UpDissecting the Eagles & Saints trading picks ahead of the 2022 NFL Draft | Get UpMagic Johnson says Stephen A. is the reason the Knicks are missing the playoffs this season | Get UpMagic Johnson feels sorry for LeBron: This was a wasted season for the Lakers! #shortsMagic: LeBron has to take blame for DeMar DeRozan going to the Bulls instead of the Lakers | Get UpMagic Johnson advice to the Lakers Bring back LeBron, AD & Westbrook next season | Get UpNuggets vs. Lakers highlights & analysis: Looking ahead to L.A.'s offseason moves | Get UpWhat is the level of concern for James Harden? | Get UpBucks vs. Nets highlights & analysis: Giannis proved he's the NBA's most dominant player! - ChineyHeat vs. Celtics highlights & analysis: Brian Windhorst on the significance of Miamis win | Get UpTom Brady had nothing to do with this! - Tedy Bruschi on Bruce Arians' decision | Get UpWhat is the solution to the Lakers' issues? | Get UpMike McCarthys recent comments leave Marcus Spears speechless | Get UpLakers vs. Mavericks highlights & analysis: Brian Windhorst's thoughts on L.A.'s future | Get UpRichard Jefferson has the Suns as his top NBA title winner this season | Get UpBrian Windhorst: The Bucks are the team to beat in the East! | Get UpLamar Jackson is doing NOTHING to get a deal done with the Ravens - Dianna Russini | Get UpJames Harden was supposed to provide this missing element to 76ers - Tim Legler | Get UpThere is a better chance of the Lakers sitting home when the playoffs start! - Tim Legler | Get UpHow Tyreek Hill will help Tua Tagovailoa succeed next season | Get UpBaker Mayfield should go be backup QB for Tom Brady in Tampa - Dan Orlovsky | Get UpVince Carter on Zion: When he gets back on the court, it's going to be long-term! | Get UpVince Carter on Zion: When gets back on the court, it's going to be long-term! | Get UpCan Tua Tagovailoa be the one to lead the Dolphins to the playoffs? | Get UpKyrie Irving allowed to play in home games after vaccine mandate was lifted | Get UpTyreek Hill is going to miss Patrick Mahomes WAY more than Mahomes will miss Hill! - Dianna RussiniAre the Cowboys doing enough to win in 2022?Could the Chiefs really miss the playoffs next season? | Get UpBaker Mayfield to the Steelers Could the Browns trade the QB to their division rival? | Get UpWhat would a successful season look like for Russell Wilson? | Get UpBrian Windhorst reacts to Zion's between-the-legs dunk video: 'INCREDIBLY IMPRESSIVE!' | Get UpAre the Cowboys doing enough in the offseason to win in 2022? | Get UpTyrese Maxey has to be more involved in key moments! - Tim Legler on 76ers loss | Get UpHow Baker Mayfield's future is impacted by the Deshaun Watson trade | Get UpShould the Browns draft a QB to replace Baker Mayfield? | Get UpMatt Ryan is GONE?! - What the Falcons pushing back the QB's $7.5M roster bonus means | Get UpDavante Adams makes the Raiders Super Bowl contenders! - Rob Ninkovich | Get UpThe Timberwolves are a BETTER team than the Lakers - JWill | Get UpThe Falcons & Saints are the frontrunners to land Deshaun Watson - Adam Schefter | Get UpDoes a Deshaun Watson-Kyler Murray trade make sense? Bart Scott thinks its perfect | Get UpWill Jerry Jones be able to lure Randy Gregory back to the Cowboys? | Get UpWill the Browns try to land Deshaun Watson & move on from Baker Mayfield? | Get UpJWill reacts to Kyrie's 60-point game: Nobody else can miss games, and play at that level! | Get UpHow does Deshaun Watson's no-trade clause & potential discipline from NFL affect trade offers?JWill on Lakers' loss to the Raptors: Why is LeBron playing 40 minutes a game?! | Get UpWhere does Carson Wentz rank among NFC East QBs? | Get UpWhat is the Cowboys' approach to free agency this offseason? | Get UpDeshaun Watson could have a deal by the end of the week - Adam Schefter | Get UpJeff Saturday on Mitch Trubisky: This fit matters for Mike Tomlin! | Get UpReacting to Tom Brady deciding to come back for his 23rd NFL season | Get UpDiscussing Deshaun Watson returning to play in the NFL | Get UpWhat is the level of concern over James Harden's performance in loss to Nets? | Get UpPat McAfee says he has no problem replacing Carson Wentz on the Colts | Get UpPat McAfee ANSWERS: How will Aaron Rodgers' decision impact Davante Adams? | Get UpHow will fans react to Ben Simmons in Philly? | Get UpBart Scott thinks the Packers will be WORSE next season | Get UpWhat does a healthy Nets team look like? | Get UpDissecting the Colts' unknown QB situation following Carson Wentz going to the Commanders | Get UpWhat are the biggest takeaways from Lakers loss to Rockets? | Get UpRussell Wilson makes the Broncos an 'instant Super Bowl contender' - Bart Scott | Get UpHow does Aaron Rodgers returning to the Packers affect Jordan Love? | Get UpAaron Rodgers has the most pressure on him to win the Super Bowl - Dan Orlovsky | Get UpDetailing Russell Wilson's trade to the Denver Broncos | Get UpTim Legler on resting LeBron: He is running out of postseasons! | Get UpJalen Rose is hitting the PANIC BUTTON on the Nets | Get UpJalen Rose breaks down why Russell Westbrook has struggled with the Lakers | Get UpThe timeline of Lamar Jackson getting a new deal done with the Ravens | Get UpIs Aaron Rodgers being selfish by making the Packers wait for his decision on next season? | Get UpBall security is the biggest concern for Kenny Pickett after hands measurement - Riddick | Get UpNets vs. Heat recap: Kevin Durant drops 31 in his return | Get UpThe Bills are interested in signing Rob Gronkowski | Get Up'I don't need anymore excuses' - Jay Williams is frustrated after another Lakers loss | Get UpThe Giants are willing to entertain calls for Saquon Barkley Which teams should step up? | Get UpJa Morant is slightly ahead of Joel Embiid in the MVP race - JWill | Get UpBart Scott on Packers' twitter post: They were protecting themselves from becoming a meme! | Get UpGrizzlies vs. Spurs highlights & analysis: Ja Morant is MUST-SEE TV - Tim Legler | Get Up'It seems like they've QUIT!' JWill sounds off on the Lakers | Get UpKyler Murray's agent sent the Cardinals a letter about prioritizing the QB's contract extension Reacting to Joel Embiid saying the 76ers are 'unstoppable' with James Harden | Get UpNo one wants to watch the Lakers - Kendrick PerkinsRussell Wilson made a social media move that could hint at his future with the Seahawks | Get UpRichard Jeffersons Tim Duncan take prompts JWill to leave the Get Up set Vince Carter: The Nets will be the best team in the East at full strength with Kyrie, KD & SimmonsThe Grizzlies will make the NBA Finals - Jay Williams | Get UpDwayne Haskins? Mason Rudolph? Who should be the Steelers' QB next season? | Get UpBrian Windhorst: LeBron used All-Star weekend to put the Lakers on notice! | Get UpIs Aaron Rodgers' latest Instagram post a goodbye message to the Green Bay Packers? | Get UpPerk on LeBron potentially going back to Cleveland: I wouldn't be mad at him! | Get UpIt's 'apparent' LeBron James is unhappy with Rob Pelinka - JWill | Get UpThe Bucks are the team to beat in the East - Stephen A. Smith | Get UpThe Knicks are a national disgrace! - Stephen A. is DISGUSTED with the Knicks | Get UpLeBron is playing like an MVP! - Stephen A.'s thoughts on LeBron, AD's injury & the Lakers | Get UpAre the Bucks, 76ers, Heat, Bulls or Cavaliers the team to beat in the East? | Get UpKyler Murray regrets scrubbing the Cardinals from his social media | Get UpShould the 49ers pursue a trade for Aaron Rodgers? | Get UpZion Williamson's career is in jeopardy of being derailed - Brian Windhorst | Get UpIs Mike McCarthy's job as Cowboys head coach in jeopardy? | Get UpCan the Rams run it back and win the Super Bowl again next year? | Get UpAdam Silver on NBA All-Star, Harden/Simmons trade, in-season tournament & MORE | Get UpReacting to Emmitt Smith saying the Cowboys are wasting talent | Get UpDiscussing the frustrations between Kyler Murray & the Cardinals | Get UpHow do the Packers go all in to keep Aaron Rodgers? | Get UpCould Tom Brady come out of retirement in the middle of the season? Get Up discussesWhat is the level of concern for Joe Burrow with the Bengals' O-Line issues? | Get UpMike Tannenbaum on how the Rams were able to beat the Bengals in Super Bowl LVI | SportsNationIt was a FESTIVAL of flags! - Greeny reacts to the Super Bowl officiating | Get UpGreeny ate his Super Bowl chicken wings with a fork & knife | #shortsBreaking down the drive that made Matthew Stafford a Super Bowl champion | Get UpReacting to inactive Bengals CB Vernon Hargreaves' penalty for celebrating on the field | #shortsDan Orlovsky makes a grand entrance after Matthew Stafford's Super Bowl win | Get UpWill Joe Burrow be able to handle the Rams pressure in Super Bowl LVI? | Get UpStephen A. Smith on the pressure on Kyrie following the Harden trade | #shortsJoel Embiid & James Harden could be like Kobe & Shaq - Kendrick Perkins | Get UpAre the Broncos the best fit for Aaron Rodgers? Get Up discussesWhy Matthew Stafford's season will be a HUGE FAILURE if the Rams lose the Super Bowl | Get UpThe fate of the Bengals is in Joe Burrow's hands - Rob Ninkovich previews Super Bowl LVI | Get UpBrian Windhorst: Ben Simmons-James Harden trade discussions are absolutely happening | Get UpTom Brady is already discussing a comeback a week after retirementBreaking down the Rams' 'awesome' team building strategy | Get UpIs Russell Wilson an all-time great QB? Get Up debatesShould Aaron Rodgers stay in the NFC? Get Up discussesJoe Burrow joins 'the elite of the elite' debate if he wins the Super Bowl - Ryan Clark | #shortsIs Russell Wilson to blame for the Seahawks' decline? Get Up discussesJoe Burrow NEVER looks stressed out! - Jeremy Fowler | Get UpWhy Dan Orlovsky would be shocked if Aaron Rodgers left the Packers | Get UpReacting to Doug Pederson getting Jaguars job and what comes next | Get UpWhat should be the level of concern for the Nets after recent struggles? | Get UpShould Russell Wilson take a pay cut to help the Seahawks if he stays in Seattle? | Get UpJoe Burrow NEVER looks panicked! - Ryan Clark | Get UpJoe Burrow doesn't see the Bengals as underdogs | Get UpAre the Denver Broncos the most likely landing spot for Aaron Rodgers? | Get UpTom Brady was EXTRA PETTY for excluding the Patriots from his retirement statement - Damien WoodyDolphins team owner calls Brian Flores' allegations 'false, malicious and defamatory' | Get UpJalen Rose reacts to Brian Flores' lawsuit against the NFL: 'He's a COURAGEOUS man' | Jalen & JacobyBrian Flores' attorneys explain the shortcomings of the Rooney Rule | Get UpBrian Flores details why he decided to file the lawsuit against 3 NFL teams | Get UpBrian Flores full interview on suing the NFL, Dolphins, Giants & Broncos | Get Up'It's unethical & despicable!' - Domonique Foxworth reacts to Brian Flores' tanking allegationsRyan Smith on Brian Flores: He is putting his career on the line for institutional change | Get UpReacting to the Washington Commanders' new name | Get UpESPN Patriots reporter Mike Reiss joins First Take to discuss Tom Brady's career in New England Tom Brady officially announces his retirement | Get UpShould Aaron Rodgers join the Buccaneers? | Get UpCould Tom Brady's retirement put him in the running for a GM position? | Get UpShould Patrick Mahomes or Andy Reid get more blame for the Chiefs' loss vs. the Bengals? | Get UpAdam Schefter's latest updates on Tom Brady's retirement | Get UpDan Orlovsky celebrates Matthew Stafford's win with a victory lap | Get UpRex Ryan blames Patrick Mahomes for the Chiefs losing to the Bengals: He lost confidence! | Get UpTom Brady is going out on top in my opinion - Rex Ryan | #shortsDan Grazianos troll on the Jets causes Greeny to walk off set | Get UpThe Rams won't have a successful season unless they make the Super Bowl - Rob Ninkovich | Get UpBengals or Chiefs: Who makes the Super Bowl? Get Up is SPLIT Should Aaron Rodgers be weary of going to the AFC West? | Get UpCameron Jordan pitches the Saints to Aaron Rodgers | Get UpSaints DE Cameron Jordan's thoughts on Sean Payton stepping down | Get UpWhat's next for Sean Payton after leaving the Saints? | Get UpWhat the Broncos hiring Nathaniel Hackett means for Aaron Rodgers' future | Get UpStephen A. wouldnt troll the Cowboys as much with Sean Payton | Get UpIs Aaron Rodgers best chance to win another Super Bowl in Green Bay? | Get UpWill Jerry Jones target Sean Payton to coach the Dallas Cowboys? | Get Up'IT'S A FREAKING NIGHTMARE!' - Jeff Saturday on the Bengals' O-Line | Get UpIs Jerry Jones considering a head coach change for the Dallas Cowboys? | Get UpIs Aaron Rodgers going to stay with the Packers? Get Up debatesHas Tom Brady played his last game?! Get Up debatesDan Orlovsky tells the Matthew Stafford doubters why THEY WERE WRONG | #shorts'This is the GOAT!' Rex Ryan talks Tom Brady potentially retiring | Get UpRex Ryan on Aaron Rodgers: 'This guys' legacy is that he comes up short!' | Get UpBreaking down the Bengals' 1st road playoff win in franchise HISTORY | Get UpRyan Clark compares the Bengals' O-Line to a fast food ice cream machine | Get Up'GREATNESS' Reacting to the Patrick Mahomes vs. Josh Allen matchup | Get Up'YOU WERE WRONG' - Dan Orlovsky has a message to everyone who doubted Matthew Stafford | Get UpHE'S LYING! - Stephen A. on Russell Westbrook's comments about getting benched | Get UpStephen A. ROASTS the Cowboys: 'I told you it was gonna happen...THIS IS WHAT THEY DO' | CowboysMike McCarthy thought the Cowboys 'were nervous to start the game' vs. the 49ers | Get UpPreviewing the Bengals vs. Titans matchup | Get Up BILLS VS. CHIEFS PREDICTIONS Can Buffalo get the win in Kansas City? | Get UpAnalyzing the most important factors in the Packers-49ers game | Get UpShould the Eagles keep Jalen Hurts as starting QB? Get Up debatesRussell Westbrook 'would be gone TOMORROW' if his contract was movable - Stephen A. | Get UpBart Scott's Top 5 players under the most pressure | Get UpJWill reacts to Joel Embiid's 50-point performance vs. the Magic | Get UpAre the 49ers a bad matchup for the Packers in the NFC Divisional round? Get Up discussesJWill on the Lakers: 'Internally there's something massive happening...The pieces just don't fit!'Ranking the top QBs remaining in the playoffs: Who does Greeny have the most confidence in? | Get Up Keys to victory in the Bills vs. Chiefs AFC Divisional matchup | Get UpCan the injury-riddled Buccaneers find a way to beat the Rams? | Get UpAaron Rodgers said 'football mortality is something that we all think about' | Get UpPatrick Mahomes vs. Josh Allen: Who will have the better game? | Get UpCould the Packers be in trouble against the 49ers? Get Up debatesThis season might've been the Cowboys' best chance to win it all - Dan Graziano | Get UpReacting to OBJ's pass & Matthew Stafford's 1st playoff win as the Rams beat the Cardinals | Get UpHow big of a threat are the 49ers to the Packers? | Get UpMike McCarthy cost the Cowboys the game - Ryan Clark isnt holding back on the Cowboys | Get UpIt was underwhelming! - Domonique Foxworth criticizes Daks performance vs. the 49ers | Get UpHow much blames does Mike McCarthy deserve for the Cowboys' controversial finish | Get UpRex BLASTS Dak Prescott & the Cowboys, not the officials, for poor execution on final play | Get UpKeys to the Eagles pulling off an upset against Tom Brady & the Buccaneers | Get UpIs it fair to give Carson Wentz ALL THE BLAME for the Colts missing the playoffs? | Get UpWhy the Cowboys face a bad matchup against the 49ers in the first round of the playoffs | Get UpIs Aaron Rodgers legacy on the line this season? | Get UpDo the Steelers have a chance to upset the Chiefs? | Get Up Sub-zero wind chills are expected at the Patriots-Bills game | Get UpHow George Kittle could expose the Cowboys' defense in the 49ers' upcoming playoff game | Get UpAre the 49ers the worst possible wild-card matchup for the Cowboys? | Get UpThe Bucs need Leonard Fournette to take pressure off of Brady in the playoffs - Dominique Foxworth How the BRUTAL weather in Buffalo could impact the Bill-Patriots matchup | Get UpJerry Jones says it's 'unquestionably' Super Bowl or BUST for the Cowboys | Get UpAre the Cowboys just an average team when they play outside the NFC? 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Broadcaster. Video game icon. 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Carlesimo | Get UpHawks vs. 76ers: Game 4 highlights and analysis | Get UpAre the Nets done? Tim Legler breaks down the challenges facing Kevin Durant without Harden & KyrieTim Legler breaks down Chris Paul and the Suns advancing to the Western Conference finalsThe Bucks have momentum! - JWill reacts to Milwaukee tying the series 2-2 and Kyrie Irving's injuryReacting to Kyrie Irving leaving Game 4 with a sprained right ankle | Get UpBucks vs. Nets and Suns vs. Nuggets highlights and analysis | Get UpThe Bucks got physical with the Nets! - Kendrick Perkins on Nets vs. Bucks Game 3 | Get UpJoel Embiid carried the 76ers on his back in Game 2 - Kendrick Perkins | Get UpHawks vs. 76ers Game 2 highlights and analysis | Get UpHawks vs. 76ers Game 1 highlights and analysis | Get UpKendrick Perkins reacts to Damian Lillards cryptic social media post: Hes frustrated! | Get UpStephen A. reacts to the Lakers being eliminated from the playoffs | Get UpWhat does the Lakers loss mean for LeBrons career? Tim Legler says absolutely nothing | Get UpJalen Rose on the differences between Trae Young and Stephen Curry | Get UpEvaluating Trae Youngs game vs. the Knicks in the playoffs | Get UpReacting to Trae Young & the Hawks eliminating the Knicks in the 1st round of the playoffs | Get UpThe biggest takeaways from the Lakers losing Game 5 without Anthony Davis | Get UpLakers vs. Suns Game 5 highlights and analysis | Get UpThe road will be too tough for the Lakers in the playoffs without AD - Jalen Rose | Get Up76ers vs. Wizards Game 4 highlights and Joel Embiid's injury | Get UpReacting to Joel Embiids injury vs. the Wizards | Get UpStephen A. reacts to Anthony Davis groin injury and a fan throwing a water bottle at Kyrie IrvingThe Suns will win the series if the Lakers are without Anthony Davis - Seth Greenberg | Get UpHawks vs. Knicks Game 4 highlights and analysis | Get UpGame 3 previews: Nets vs. Celtics, Knicks vs. Hawks and Clippers vs. Mavs | Get UpBreaking down why the Bucks are dominating the Heat in the playoff series | Get UpLakers vs. Suns Game 3 highlights and Perks biggest takeaways | Get UpJalen Rose is 'disappointed and disgusted' by with the Russell Westbrook fan incident | Get UpAnthony Davis film breakdown: How AD's game was different between Game 1 and Game 2 | Get UpReacting to a fan dumping popcorn on Russell Westbrook as he left the court in Game 2 | Get UpMavericks vs. Clippers Game 2 highlights and analysis | Get UpThe 'Celtics should be ashamed of themselves!' - Kendrick Perkins calls out Boston's effort | Get UpLakers vs. Suns Game 2 highlights and analysis | Get Up'Where in the hell is Dennis Schrder?!' - Perk says 'the time is now' for the Lakers guard | Get UpMickelson, Brady or LeBron: Which championship was most impressive? | Get UpStephen A. breaks down all the NBA playoff action: Luka Doncic, Anthony Davis & Trae Young | Get UpThe biggest takeaways from the NBA playoffs so far | Get UpLakers vs. Suns Game 1 highlights and analysis | Get UpWhat would Steph Curry's career look like if Kevin Durant never joined the Warriors? | Get UpHow this season has changed Steph Curry's place among the NBA's all-time greats | Get UpStephen A. calls out Charles Barkley for reconsidering the LeBron-MJ GOAT debate | Get UpStephen A. and Charles Barkley react to LeBron's late 3-pointer | Get UpLakers vs. Warriors highlights and analysis: JWill reacts to LeBron's deep 3 and Curry's 37 | Get UpJalen Rose: Steph Curry needs to be historic and make at least 10 3s vs. the Lakers | Get UpHow the Lakers plan to stop Stephen Curry | Get UpCeltics vs. Wizards highlights and analysis: Does Jayson Tatum pose a threat to the Nets? | Get UpJalen Rose explains how the LeBron-MJ GOAT debate will be viewed if the Lakers win the title |Get UpChris Bosh predicts a 7-game series between the Heat and Bucks | Get UpChris Bosh on being elected to the Hall of Fame, LeBron's injury and Lakers vs. Warriors | Get UpSteph Curry 'needs to go bonkers' to get past the Lakers - JWill | Get UpReflecting on Vanessa Bryants powerful Hall of Fame speech for Kobe | Get UpTeams on upset alert in the playoffs, NBA postseason awards and the Nets' wild sequence | Get UpJWills expectations for Warriors vs. Lakers in the play-in tournament | Get UpLoad management? I call it keeping my damn team healthy! - Keyshawn Johnson | KJZTim Legler on how the Lakers can avoid the play-in tournament | Get UpLakers vs. Knicks highlights and breaking down the Lakers' playoff chances | Get UpJalen Rose reacts to Steph Curry leading the Warriors to a win over the Jazz | Get UpLeBron James is likely to return vs. the Knicks, according to Woj | Get UpWizards vs. Hawks highlights & analysis: Russell Westbrook sets new record for career triple-doublesKendrick Perkins reacts to Anthony Davis carrying the Lakers vs. the Suns | Get UpMel Kiper and Todd McShay's 3-round mock draft | First Draft