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Stephen A.: INSULTING to Tom Bradys legacy Stephen A.s thoughts on Deshaun Watson settling 20 of the 24 lawsuits against him | First Take20 of 24 civil lawsuits against Deshaun Watson have been settled | First TakeThe Celtics are in TROUBLE! - Stephen A.'s thoughts on Game 6 at halftime | NBA CountdownStephen A. is rockin' the Victory Goggles already Stephen A.: Jayson Tatum will have a bigger Game 6 than Steph Curry! | NBA CountdownShouting match over Dak Prescott Mad Dogs MILE LONG list of whos better than Steph Curry JJ Redick & Stephen A. GO AT IT JJ Redicks reaction to Stephen A.s hot take Is Stephen A. changing up his NBA Finals prediction | First TakeStephen A. vs. Mad Dog Russo vs. JJ Redick Who needs to help Steph most in Game 6? | First TakeSUMMER JJ Redick is in full effect Jayson Tatum & Jaylen Brown are 'turning the ball over in pivotal minutes' - Stephen A. | First TakeJJ Redick cracks up over his NBA Finals decisions Is Anthony Davis a Top-7 player when healthy? First Take debatesDoes JJ know something Stephen A. doesnt?! YOU ARE DANCIN BRO! Warriors have FLUMMOXED the Celtics 'Let me put MYSELF on blast!' - Stephen A. during an Anthony Davis debate | First TakeStephen A.: AD should be throwing his receipts into the garbage for practice Stephen A. NOT HAVING JJ Redicks RIDICULOUS TAKE about Anthony Davis Reacting to Anthony Davis saying he hasn't shot a basketball since April 5 | First TakeShaq stole the show on First Take Stephen A. divorcing LA?! Warriors problems are they GO AWAY from Steph Curry pick & rolls Stephen A.: Chess match between Ime Udoka vs. Steve Kerr Stephen A. thanks 'Professor Redick' for wrapping up a First Take segment Stephen A. already picks the Warriors to make the Conference Finals next season | First TakePat Bev disagrees with Stephen A. over the Warriors matching up with the Celtics | First TakeStephen A. has an 'EXTREME' concern about Steph Curry heading into Game 4 | First TakeIce Cube on NBA Finals predictions, Lakers outlook & his Raiders! | First TakeStephen A. strolls in during Mollys segment A Kendrick Perkins sized Harvard mug Stephen A.: I'd give up EVERYBODY on the Knicks for Russell Westbrook!! | NBA CountdownJJ Redick unpacks Draymond Green's comments about toughness in the NBA | First TakeStephen A. & Mad Dog sticking with their NBA Finals picks?! | First Take'It's Klay Thompson that is my concern' - Stephen A. previews Game 3 | First TakeStephen A.: Look at me, there are worse things to look at Stephen A. & JJ Redick outline PROS & CONS of a shortened NBA season | First TakeIs Tom Brady preparing for ANOTHER MVP-caliber season?! | First TakeCJ McCollum stresses SACRIFICE for Lakers next season | First TakeStephen A. & JJ Redick debate their concern with Klay Thompson's play in the Finals | First TakeStephen A., JJ Redick & CJ McCollum talk SHORTENED NBA season?! | First TakeStephen A. calls out JJ Redick: 'BE CAREFUL!' | First TakeCJ McCollum cracking jokes about NBA officials | First TakeBOTH OF YALL ARE WRONG! Stephen A. educates JJ & CJ on NBA Finals pressure! | First TakeJJ Redick: I still dont know what a PICK EM series is! | First TakePerk doesn't envision the Warriors overcoming the Celtics' athleticism & size | First TakeStephen A.'s favorite NBA Finals moment will surprise you | First TakeStephen A. argues that this NBA Finals will be Steph Curry's toughest challenge yet | First TakeWHO YA GOT?! Stephen A.s predicts ESPNs 2 vs. 2 matchup Stephen A. & Mad Dog Russo get HEATED debating Steph Curry's legacy & the NBA Finals | First TakeThe biggest X-factor in the 2022 NBA Finals: Andrew Wiggins? Marcus Smart? | First TakeStephen A. likes the Warriors as favorites over the Celtics in the 2022 NBA Finals | First TakeStephen A. & Perk say the Heat should add Bradley Beal during the NBA offseason | First TakeFirst Take crew offers up verdict for Darvin Hams Lakers appointment Will Steph Curry surpass Kevin Durant if he wins NBA Finals MVP? | First TakeStephen A. Smith FLASHBACK! Warriors to win it all?! | First TakeSteph Curry changed the game of basketball FOREVER! - Kendrick Perkins | First TakePerk from the rooftops: I WAS AN NBA PLAYER! | First TakeStephen A. & Kendrick Perkins have HEATED DEBATE about Jimmy Butlers last shot | First TakePerk to Stephen A.: Did you go to LIV last night?! Stephen A. is sad he won't be going to Miami for the NBA Finals | First TakeNeed a beach Stephen A.?! Martha's Vineyard is only 45 minutes away Stephen A.: Stephen Curry is greater than Julius Erving All-Time! | NBA CountdownStephen A.: The Celtics are NO JOKE because of Ime Udoka! | NBA CountdownStephen A., Pat Bev & Perk face off in a heated James Harden debate | First TakeStephen A.'s thoughts on the Deshaun Watson situation & how the NFL looks | First TakeStephen A.: Did Joel Embiid get SNUBBED? Yes he did! | First TakeBOOK OF PERKINS! Stephen A. & Perk crack up at his memorable quips | First TakeStephen A. to JJ Redick: Youre absolutely rightbut I DONT CARE! | First TakeStephen A.: Marcus Smart had a PROFOUND impact in Celtics' Game 2 win over the Heat | SportsCenterThese Celtics injuries will affect this series - Brian Windhorst | First TakeThe Miami Heat have the EDGE in this series - JWill | First TakePatrick Beverley STOLE THE SHOW with his NBA analysis on ESPN 'Shaq needs to be FAIR to Kevin Durant' - Mad Dog on Shaq's comments towards KD | First TakeDoes Curry or Doncic have a higher career ceiling? Stephen A. & Mad Dog Russo disagree | First TakePat Beverley on Jimmy Butler vs. Jayson Tatum: Butler takes his game to another level | First TakeStephen A.: I say what I mean, and I mean what the hell I say! | First TakeJJ Redick: Mavs will absolutely not win this series vs. the Warriors | First TakePat Beverley and Stephen A. Smith SOUND OFF on James Harden Supermax debate | First TakeDid you watch the Nets series at all?! JJ Redick & Patrick Beverley subtleties | First TakeStephen A., Pat Bev & JJ Redick debate: Was this Chris Paul's last shot at a title? | First TakeSUPERMAX for James Harden?! Stephen A., JJ Redick & Patrick Beverley debate | First TakePatrick Beverley on Devin Booker: Whats he done before though?! | First TakeStephen A. on what went wrong for Suns: EVERYTHING! | First TakeStephen A.: Daryl Morey had NO CHOICE but to keep Doc Rivers! | NBA CountdownPerk: Giannis on track to be on NBA's Mt. Rushmore | First TakeStephen A. reacts to the 76ers getting eliminated from the playoffs: A HORRIFIC PERFORMANCE!Stephen A. reacts to Nets GM Sean Marks' comments on Kyrie Irving | NBA CountdownStephen A. on the Warriors' Game 5 loss: THAT WAS AN ANNIHILATION! | NBA CountdownStephen A. applauds Sean Marks for his comments on Kyrie Irving | First TakeStephen A.: The Celtics COLLAPSED! | First TakeStephen A. to Perk: YOU GIVE A NEW MEANING TO FLUIDITY! | First TakeStephen A. CALLS OUT Joel Embiid for Game 5 performance | First TakeStephen A.s MANY EMOTIONS of the possibility of another Dallas franchise | First TakeJJ Redick: Lakers are not in contention next year, no matter who the coach is! | First TakeStephen A.s HILARIOUS OUTLOOK if Rudy Gobert guarded Shaq Stephen A. & JJ Redick offer up 76ers vs. Heat predictions | First TakeIT HAS TO STOP - Stephen A. on players arguing with refs after every play | First TakeStephen A.: NOT A BIG DEAL the Warriors struggled in win vs. Ja-less Grizzlies | First TakeStephen A.: If the Celtics dont win the SERIES IS OVER! | First TakeStephen A. siding with the Warriors as the BEST TEAM right now | First TakeJJ Redick calls for Ja Morant to evolve for long-term health | First TakeJJ Redick has a change of heart with his Heat vs. 76ers pick | First TakeNikola Jokic to be named MVP Stephen A. and JJ Redick react! | First TakeThis series is over for the Grizzlies - Stephen A. | First TakeJJ Redick praises Giannis GROWTH MINDSET heading into Game 4 | First TakeStephen A. on Klay Thompson's struggles: I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON! | NBA CountdownWHERE THE HELL IS SPENCER DINWIDDE?! - Stephen A. on the Mavs vs. the Suns | NBA CountdownStephen A. says the 76ers version of James Harden isn't the same player we once knew | First TakeJ.B. Bickerstaff & Stephen A. discuss whether Doc Rivers is unfairly treated | First TakeJJ Redick RESPONDS to Stephen A. suggesting Lakers to trade LeBron | First TakeStephen A. & Mad Dog go TOE-TO-TOE about Steve Kerrs comments | First TakeStephen A. calls spectacular Ja Morant BOX OFFICE! | First TakeStephen A. shares his HILARIOUS thoughts on the Dallas Cowboys struggles Are the Philadelphia Eagles passing the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC East? | First Take'Lamar Jackson FEARS NOTHING' - Dan Orlovsky on Lamar's contract extension | First TakeThe Dallas Mavericks will win a championship before the Dallas Cowboys - Stephen A. | First TakeKyle Hamilton Interview on aspiring to be the next Sean Taylor | First TakeOH HELL NO! Stephen A. doesnt think Deebo Samuel is making a mistake | First TakeBIG PERKS PARTING SHOT: Doc Rivers to the Lakers?! | First TakeStephen A.: Jamie Foxx has NO CREDIBILITY when it comes to sports | First TakeFIRST TAKE DEBATES: James Harden on decline 'before our VERY EYES Perk: THE CELTICS ARE THE BEST TEAM IN THE NBA | First TakeStephen A. Smiths expectations for Dallas Cowboys fans in 2022 | First TakeStephen A. picks Klay Thompson to be Warriors most important player | First TakeStephen A. & Tim Legler debate BEST team in the East | First TakeStephen A.: EVERYWHERE Ben Simmons goes hes NOT reliable | First TakeStephen A. UNLEASHES on PATHETIC Ben Simmons | First TakeStephen A. reacts to the Nets' loss to the Celtics: Kevin Durant did NOT show up! | NBA CountdownStephen A. on the Mavs' loss: I AM DISGUSTED THEY PLAYED LUKA DONCIC! | NBA CountdownStephen A.: THE WARRIORS ARE COMING | NBA CountdownGiannis Antetokounmpo is going to remind the world WHO THE HELL HE IS! - Stephen A. | First TakeBrandon Ingram reminds Perk of Kevin Durant 'A young superstar in the making!' | First TakeStephen A. uses his Cowboys catchphrase on the Jazz: WHAT CAN GO WRONG, WILL GO WRONG! | First TakeStephen A.: CHRIS PAUL IS THE BEST POINT GUARD ON THE PLANET | First TakeFIRST TAKE HOT TAKES! Stephen A. Smiths many emotions JJ Redick on Kyrie's Boston fan interaction: THE PLAYER HAS A RIGHT TO RESPOND TOO | First TakeJJ Redick calls out Mad Dog Russo in a fiery First Take debate JJ Redick got Stephen A. BADLY! on First Take Stephen A. is WRONG! Mad Dog Russo doesn't think the Suns can win without Devin Booker | First TakeStephen A.: I have played just as many minutes as Ben Simmons | First TakeStephen A. tries to impersonate Mad Dog on First Take Stephen A. can't believe Mad Dog's take on Booker's injury | First TakeStephen A.: The Suns are built to win this series even without Devin Booker | First TakeStephen A.: Jordan Poole mirrors Steph Curry! | NBA TodayStephen A. DOUBLES DOWN on KD PUNKD comments | First TakeKendrick Perkins tries to describe his mood in ONE emoji | First Take Stephen A.-Ben Simmons RANT ALERT! 'This is UTTERLY RIDICULOUS!' | First TakeTim Legler CANNOT FATHOM James Harden not feeling pressure | First TakeTim Legler: Ben Simmons needs to hit the reset button in offseason | First TakeJWill thinks Ben Simmons transition back for Nets is very important | First TakeAre Baker Mayfields DISRESPECTED feelings justified? | First TakeTim Leglers first thoughts about Zion Williamsons 360 dunk | First TakeStephens A-List! Top 5 players under the MOST pressure! | First TakeTim Legler decides on First Take who should be favored: Celtics or Nets? MANY EMOTIONS of Stephen A. Smith on First Take talking Clippers vs. Timberwolves WHAT DID I MISS?! Stephen A. is in DISBELIEF over the Timberwolves' celebrations | First TakeStephen A. & JWill go back-and-forth over NBAs BEST offensive player | First TakeStephen A.: Kevin Durant is the BEST PLAYER on the planet! | First TakeStephen A.: I AM RIGHT Y'ALL ARE WRONG! Russell Wilson is the biggest thing in Denver | First TakeStephen A.: Knicks organization run around like a bunch of WUSSES! | First TakeJosh Allen a TOP 5 NFL QB?! First Take debates Stephen A.'s message to LeBron: 'How could you say something so FLAGRANTLY UNTRUE' | First TakeStephen A.: Daryl Morey put his career on the line with James Harden trade! | First TakeStephen A. TOTALLY DISAGREES with Keyshawns Lakers take | First TakeStephen A.s take on if Russell Westbrooks getting TOO MUCH BLAME! | First TakeMOST DISRESPECTED star in the NBA? First Take debates Stephen A. can't hold back his frustrations with Kendrick Perkins' NBA take | First TakeStephen A. pinpoints the ONE THING wrong with Anthony Davis | First TakeStephen A. WANTS ANSWERS of how Ben Simmons tweaked his back | First TakeStephen A.: Lakers should hire me as President of Basketball Operations | First TakeFirst Take talks MOST ICONIC sports venues ever! LUKA ME NOW! Luka Doncic BALLS OUT for Mavericks | First TakeWHOA! Stephen A. checks Mad Dog over having NO current great teams in the NBA Stephen A. on LeBron: The GOAT conversation is OFFICIALLY OVER! | First TakeBrooklyn Nets EARLY exit or DEEP playoff run? First Take with the verdict Stephen A. & Magic address WHAT WENT WRONG for the LeBron & the Lakers | First TakeStephen A. & Magic debate NBA MVP frontrunners | First TakeWhy its NOT ALL SUNNY for James Harden & the 76ers | First TakePerk thinks the Grizzlies are standing in the Suns' way of making the NBA Finals | First TakeWRITE IT DOWN! Kendrick Perkins locks in his NBA Finals matchup | First TakeKendrick Perkins ABSOLUTELY TROLLS Jay Williams turtleneck | First TakeFirst Takes BIG DEBATE over teams running away from playing the Nets | First TakeCeltics or Heat: Who is the Bucks' biggest threat in the East? Perk & JWill debate | First TakeTUG OF WAR with Rob Ninkovichs dog during First Take Jimmy Gs ceiling is throwing INTs in a Super Bowl - Domonique Foxworth | First TakeStephen A. is watching! KD & Kyrie the BEST DUO EVER?! | First TakeSelf-serving or correct?! JJ Redick thinks LeBron criticism is UNFAIR! | First TakeIm on Peyton Mannings side! I want it all back! - Domonique Foxworth | First TakeWill Deshaun Watsons teammates be able to compartmentalize their views? | First TakeDomonique Foxworths take on Deshaun Watsons situation | First TakeTOUGHER journey to the Finals: Phoenix Suns or Philadelphia 76ers? | First TakeWhich AFC West QB is in the BEST situation? | First TakeWill Matt Ryan lead the Colts to OVERACHIEVE or UNDERACHIEVE?! | First TakeI WILL NOT let the Lakers off the hook! - Kendrick Perkins | First TakeTim Legler thinks the pressure is SOLELY on James Harden | First TakeMore at stake in the playoffs: 76ers or Nets?! | First TakeStephen A.: Nets NEED a healthy Ben Simmons to win NBA title | First TakeLOAD MANAGEMENT?! Larry Bird played with a BAD BACK for 81 games! - Mad Dog | First TakeStephen A. BLASTS Mad Dog Russo for mentioning the Cowboys & Yankees in the same debate | First TakeStephen A.: The Boston Celtics COULD win the Eastern Conference! | First TakeBaker Mayfield or the Browns: Which side looks worse? | First TakeStephen A. laughs at Mad Dog Russo's list of the Top 5 NBA teams of all time | First TakeStephen A.: Cleveland doesn't want Baker Mayfield much longer! | First TakeStephen A. Smith reacts to Kyrie dropping a career-high 60 PTS on Magic | First TakeStephen A. to Perk: You are the protege, I am the mentor! | First TakeBomani Jones stance on KD calling out the NYC mayor | First TakeStephen A.: Kevin Durant calling out NYC mayor WAS NOT WISE! | First TakeStephen A.: Tom Brady is still FAR from finished! | First TakeStephen A.: No team looks better than the Celtics right now | First TakeStephen A: Carson Wentz gets in his own way! | First TakeRussell Wilson vs. Justin Herbert debate intensifies | First TakeStephen A.: KD needs another ring MORE than Stephen Curry | First TakeMad Dog on Aaron Rodgers: He's been bad in the playoffs since he won the Super Bowl! | First TakeStephen A.: Aaron Rodgers HAS to get to AT LEAST two Super Bowls | First TakeStephen A. on Calvin Ridley's suspension: You're going to lose your season over $1500?! | First TakeStephen A. breaks out the shades to transform into 'Ric Flair mode...WOO!' | First TakeStephen A. on the Warriors: We now realize Draymond Green's value because he's out | First TakeThe Mavericks are a team you DON'T want to play - Chiney Ogwumike | First TakeStephen A. reacts to Louis Riddick interviewing for the Steelers GM opening | First TakeIs extending Cardinals HC Kliff Kingsbury & GM Steve Keim a bad look with Kyler Murray disgruntled?Perk to Stephen A. & JWill's take on the Harden trade: 'Y'all both were 100% wrong!' | First TakeJa Morant is a 'taller version of Allen Iverson' - Stephen A.'s comparison | First TakeStephen A. reacts to NYC Mayor saying he cant change the vaccine mandate just for KyrieStephen A.'s thoughts on Kyler Murray, Kliff Kingsbury & the Cardinals' controversy | First TakeStephen A. reacts to Ja Morant's 52-point performance highlights | First TakeStephen A.: Kyrie Irving should be able to play, effective IMMEDIATELY! | First TakeStephen A. reacts to Seth Curry saying Ben Simmons doesn't need to apologize to the 76ersIsiah Thomas tells Stephen A.: Anoint LeBron as the GOAT if he passes Kareem in scoring | First TakeHow does Chris Paul's injury impact the Western Conference playoff race? | First TakeStephen A. & JWill discuss all the Lakers in contention to be on the NBA Mount Rushmore | First TakeStephen A. & JWill give their NBA Mount Rushmore | First Take'Ben Simmons' expectations go out the window' when he steps on the court - Stephen A. | First TakeStephen A. on Aaron Rodgers: Whatever you're going to do, DO IT! | First TakeHow much should we read into Aaron Rodgers instagram post? | First Take76ers or Nets: Who has more at stake after the All-Star break? First Take debatesIf the 76ers dont make the finals, Im not sure Doc Rivers will be the coach anymore! - JWillStephen A. on Ben Simmons and the Sixers: 'Somebody's lying!' | First TakeStephen A.: The Lakers need to SHOP Anthony Davis! | Stephen A.'s WorldStephen A. on the Simmons-Harden trade: Brooklyn CLEARLY won this trade! | First TakeStephen A. compares Matthew Staffords hall of fame case to Eli Mannings | First TakeCameron Jordan says he's scouting QBs for the Saints & previews Super Bowl LVI | First TakeJoe Burrow or Aaron Donald: Who makes the bigger impact? First Take debatesAdrian Peterson says he can play 2-3 more seasons | First TakeDebating Matthew Stafford vs. Joe Burrow: Which QB do you trust more in Super Bowl LVI? | First TakeStephen A. reacts to the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game rosters | First Take'WITHOUT QUESTION' Matthew Stafford is under more pressure than Sean McVay - Stephen A. | First TakeEric Dickerson tells Stephen A. why a Rams Super Bowl loss will be a disappointment | First TakeStephen A. explains why Joe Mixon will be for the Bengals' offense in Super Bowl LVI | First Take'Burrow's a bad brother!' - Stephen A. says the Bengals are being overlooked | First TakeJJ Redick would 'LOVE' a Ben Simmons-James Harden trade | First Take'BLASPHEMY' Stephen A.'s reaction to Booger comparing the Rams to KD's Warriors | First TakeMichel Irvin picks the Joe Burrow-Ja'Marr Chase duo over Matthew Stafford-Cooper Kupp | First TakeWhat's the significance of the latest NFL coaching news? | First Take'I'm more confident in the BENGALS right now!' - Stephen A. on Joe Burrow & Cincinnati | First TakeStephen A., Bomani Jones & Marcus Spears discuss the significance of the NFL HC hires | First TakeStephen A.: Joe Burrow winning the Super Bowl is an easier assignment than the National ChampionshipStephen A. reacts to Chauncey Billups' comments on the Brian Flores lawsuits | First TakeStephen A.: 'HELL NO' Brian Flores shouldn't want the Texans' head coach job | First TakeStephen A. reacts to Brian Flores' lawsuit against the NFL | First TakeStephen A. reacts to the Bengals beating the Chiefs to make their 3rd Super Bowl | First TakeStephen A. on the Nets shunning trade offers for James Harden | First TakeStephen A. reacts to the Broncos hiring Nathaniel Hackett as the head coach | First TakeMatthew Stafford or OBJ: Who has changed their narrative more? First Take debatesStephen A.: Sean Payton could win a Super Bowl with the Cowboys | First TakeStephen A.: Antonio Brown shouldnt get an offer from ANY team | First TakeWill you be surprised if Tom Brady walks away now? First Take discussesStephen A. on the Bengals: 'I love what I'm seeing from Cincinnati!' | First Take'It was the worst loss of Aaron Rodgers career' - Stephen A. on the Packers' loss to the 49ersThe Nets are a different team when Kyrie is on the floor - Jay Williams | First TakeHas Bill Belichick won his last Super Bowl? First Take debates2017 Warriors vs. 1996 Bulls: Who would win a 7-game series? First Take debatesJay Williams on Ja Morant: 'He's the most entertaining' player in the NBA | First TakeJa Morant or Giannis: Who would you rather have for the next 10 years? | First TakeBaker Mayfield 'ABSOLUTELY' needs a fresh start with a new team - Ryan Clark | First TakeKendrick Perkins' Top 5 international NBA players | First TakeKyrie Irving has that killer mentality - Perk reacts to Kyries season debut | First TakeWe have seen Lamar Jackson play better than ANYBODY in the NFL - Marcus Spears | First TakeKlay Thompson or Kyrie Irving: JJ Redick & Perk debate who will have more impact | First TakeJJ Redick vs. Kendrick Perkins Will the Warriors or Nets go further in the playoffs? | First Take'Matthew Stafford is NOT to be trusted in the playoffs!' - Ryan Clark | First TakeIs it fair to compare Joe Burrow to a young Tom Brady? | First TakeMina Kimes gives her A-list of the Top 5 NFL teams | First TakeThe Chiefs are the BEST team in the NFL! - Marcus Spears | First TakePerk on the Suns: 'They're the BEST team in the NBA!' | First Take'I am SO TIRED of Mike McCarthy' - Marcus Spears | First TakeMarcus Spears and Dan Orlovsky bet $100 on the 49ers and Cowboys offenses | First TakeJosh Allen or Mac Jones: Who has more to prove? | First TakeThe Patriots are CLEARLY the biggest threat to the Chiefs - Kimberley Martin | First TakeReacting to Iman Shumpert saying LeBron ruined basketball | First TakeThe Cowboys season will be deemed a success if they make the NFC Championship - Marcus SpearsStephen A. says he has no problem with the Bucs bringing back Antonio Brown | First TakeTim Legler is TOTALLY against bringing back Kyrie Irving | First TakeStephen A. is betting on the Packers to win the Super Bowl over the Bucs | First TakeThe Colts have no better chance to win the AFC with Carson Wentz than Phillip Rivers - Ryan ClarkThe Steelers are NOT good - Dan Orlovsky | First TakeAre the Chiefs the team to beat in the NFL after defeating the Chargers in OT? | First TakeThere is no QB in the world playing at a higher level than Aaron Rodgers - Ryan Clark | First TakeBaker Mayfield and Case Keenum out for Browns vs. Raiders | First TakeTom Brady did NOT elevate the team against the Saints - Ryan Clark | First TakeThe Cardinals NEED DeAndre Hopkins to contend for the Super Bowl - Rob Ninkovich | First TakeReacting to the Chargers going for it on 4th down 5 times | First TakePreviewing Week 15 in the NFL | First TakeWhich NFC team needs the 1 seed the most? | First TakeReacting to Deion Sanders & Jackson State landing No. 2 overall recruit Travis Hunter | First TakeI believe in Carson Wentz against the Patriots! - Dan Orlovsky | First TakeHe's a bad coach! - Dan Orlovsky on Urban Meyer getting fired by the Jaguars | First TakeStephen A.: 'I think that KD is the BEST player in the world' | First TakeStephen A. reacts to Steph Curry breaking Ray Allens 3-PT record | First TakeBaker Mayfield & Kevin Stefanski test positive for COVID-19 | First TakeJJ Redick reacts to Stephens A-List of the Top 5 3-point shooters in NBA history | First TakeJJ Redick confronts Stephen A.'s take that Steph could pass LeBron as the face of this generationAaron Donald or Micah Parsons: Who will win NFL Defensive Player of the Year? | First TakeStephen A.: Steph Curry could pass LeBron James as the face of this generation | First TakeStephen A. confesses the Cowboys' defense gives him 'cause to pause' | First TakeThe Lakers are hot GARBAGE! - Kendrick Perkins on Los Angeles struggles | First TakeTim Tebow calls Stephens A-List false advertisement | First TakeTim Tebow and Stephen A. remember Demaryius Thomas | First TakeThe Cowboys cant handle pressure! - Stephen A. on Dallas chances to reach the Super BowlStephen A. STILL predicts the Cowboys to fall this season | First TakeThe pressure is on Dak Prescott because of Jerry Jones! - Stephen A. talks Cowboys | First TakeThe Lakers ARE NOT making it past the first round - Stephen A. | First TakeStephen A. argues the Patriots are 'more complete' than the Chiefs | #shortsJeff Saturdays Colts or Kurt Warners Rams: Who was The Greatest Show on Turf? | First TakeKurt Warner on the decision to share his story in his new film American Underdog | First TakeStephen A. reacts to the Bills honoring Terrell Owens: Its stupid! | First TakeThe Cowboys 'WILL CRUMBLE!' - Stephen A. predicts Dallas loses to Washington in Week 14 | First TakeKurt Warner would rather take Tom Brady over Aaron Rodgers | First TakeBills have a better shot to reach the Super Bowl than miss the playoffs - Stephen A. | First TakeStephen A. says the Lakers are on the verge of irrelevance | First TakeStephen A. reacts to Mac Jones throwing 3 passes in the Patriots win vs. the Bills | First TakeStephen A.: The Cowboys are 'ALLERGIC to expectations' | First TakeStephen A. says the Packers are the most complete team in the AFC | First TakeStephen A. trust Mac Jones over Josh Allen in the Patriots vs. Bills matchup | First TakeHow should Tom Brady feel about Antonio Browns situation? First Take debatesStephen A. on the Warriors' loss to the Suns: They're still the best team in basketball | First TakeStephen A. calls for the Cowboys to rest Ezekiel Elliott | First TakeStephen A. SOUNDS OFF on Antonio Brown | First Take Stephen A. doesn't give the Cowboys ANY credit for beating the Saints | First TakeJoe Burrow or Justin Herbert: Which QB would you rather start a franchise with? First Take debatesStephen A. on Baker Mayfield leading a team to a Super Bowl: Hes NOT that dude! | First TakeStephen A. on the Ravens chances of winning the AFC: Its up for grabs! | First Take'That's an asinine take!' - Stephen A. calls out Orlovsky during a Dak Prescott debate | First TakeStephen A. says Bill Belichick is the Coach of the Year | First TakeStephen's A-List features the Chiefs at 5 | First TakeStephen A. & JJ Redick debate the biggest challenge of LeBron's career | First TakeJJ Redick predicts the Warriors will end the Suns' 16-game win streak | First Take'The Steelers are just AWFUL' - Stephen A. Smith | First TakeStephen A. on Matthew Stafford: 'Stop acting like a damn Detroit Lion' | First TakeHow you fall matters! - Stephen A. on the Cowboys loss to the Raiders | First TakeStephen A. says that Josh Allen needs a BIG Thanksgiving Day performance | First TakeStephen's A-List of teams that SHOULD'NT be on national TV | First TakeStephen A. reacts to LeBron asking for Pacers fans to be ejected | First TakeStephen A. & Perk debate how players fear LeBron compared to Michael Jordan | First TakeStephen A. & Marcus Spears get HEATED over the Giants | First TakePerk's issue with Russell Westbrook 'It's not about the triple-doubles no more ' | First TakeThey're too reliant on LeBron! - Stephen A. SOUNDS OFF on the Lakers | First TakeStephen A. re-ranks his Top 5 NFL teams list after Week 11 | First TakeStephen A.: Baker isnt good enough to come at the fans! | First TakeStephen A. & JJ Redick debate whether NBA players fear LeBron | First TakeLeBron instigated it 100% - JJ Redick debates Stephen A. on the Isaiah Stewart incident | First TakeStephen A. reacts to the LeBron & Isaiah Stewart suspensions | First TakeStephen A. reacts to LeBron striking Isaiah Stewart: 'He's got to be suspended' | First TakeStephen A. breaks down the optics of the LeBron-Isaiah Stewart scuffle | First TakeStephen A.: I'm NOT satisfied with the Packers' defense | First TakeStephen A. thinks the Patriots are the most dangerous team in the AFC | First TakeJJ Redick apologizes to Stephen A. for saying his Warriors take was irresponsible | First TakeStephen's A-List features the Patriots at #4 | First TakeStephen A. is NOT worried about Tom Brady after a loss to the Washington Football Team | First TakeHeat or Warriors? Stephen A. & Perk debate the NBA's team to beat | First TakeStephen A. shows love to Baker Mayfield after the Browns' win over the Bengals | First TakeScottie Pippen is feeling so much hate and anger from The Last Dance - Windhorst | First TakeStephen A.: 'It's over' between MJ & and Scottie Pippen | First TakeStephen A. on Scottie Pippens comments about MJ: I think he went over the line | First TakeKevin Hart calls for Stephen A. to APOLOGIZE to Aaron Rodgers | First Take'Lawrence Taylor is the best football player ever' - Marcus Spears | First Take'This offense is costing this team'- Marcus Spears on the Chiefs | First TakeKyrie Irving is the type of guy who will lose millions to make a point - Stephen A. | First TakePaul George has the most on the line tonight - Stephen A. Smith | First TakeCan the Suns put it all together and win an NBA title? | Jalen & JacobyWould Chris Paul be a top-5 PG if he wins a ring? | First TakeThe GOAT conversation has to be 're-evaluated' if LeBron wins - Max Kellerman #Shorts | First Take