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Ja Morant or Nikola Jokic: Who is more likely to win an NBA championship first? | First TakeKendrick Perkins is proud of Kevin Durant for requesting a trade from Nets | First TakeFirst Take reacts to Kevin Durant requesting a trade from the Nets Super Bowl or BUST for Tom Brady & the Bucs? Mad Dog isn't buying it | First TakeThe biggest X-factor for the Bucs is Tom Brady & an improvement of the head coach - Mike TannenbaumBaker Mayfield doesn't have many options! - Mike Tannenbaum | First TakeStephen A. has thoughts on Mad Dog's A-List | First TakeStephen A.: INSULTING to Tom Bradys legacy Stephen A.s thoughts on Deshaun Watson settling 20 of the 24 lawsuits against him | First Take20 of 24 civil lawsuits against Deshaun Watson have been settled | First TakeMad Dog's UNREAL A-List: Best sports fan bases by city | First TakeShouting match over Dak Prescott Would a 4th ring put Steph Curry in the Top-10 of all time? | First TakeStephen A.: This is BLASPHEMY but I would REPLACE Wilt with Steph Curry! | First TakeMad Dogs MILE LONG list of whos better than Steph Curry JJ Redick & Stephen A. GO AT IT JJ Redicks reaction to Stephen A.s hot take JJ Redick details how Jayson Tatum needs to step up in Game 6 | First TakeIs Stephen A. changing up his NBA Finals prediction | First TakeStephen A. vs. Mad Dog Russo vs. JJ Redick Who needs to help Steph most in Game 6? | First TakeStephen A. responds to Draymond Green saying he acts like the new media sometimes | First TakeStephen A.'s Shaq impression SUMMER JJ Redick is in full effect Stephen A.'s biggest reasons why the Celtics lost Game 5 | First TakeJayson Tatum & Jaylen Brown are 'turning the ball over in pivotal minutes' - Stephen A. | First TakeJJ Redick cracks up over his NBA Finals decisions Is Anthony Davis a Top-7 player when healthy? First Take debatesDoes JJ know something Stephen A. doesnt?! YOU ARE DANCIN BRO! Warriors have FLUMMOXED the Celtics 'Let me put MYSELF on blast!' - Stephen A. during an Anthony Davis debate | First TakeJJ Redick: The Warriors look like the better team! | First TakeStephen A. has some thoughts on JJ Redick's haircut | First TakeJJ Redick on Draymond: He hasn't been a scorer in a long time & won't be in the future! | First TakeStephen A.: AD should be throwing his receipts into the garbage for practice Stephen A. NOT HAVING JJ Redicks RIDICULOUS TAKE about Anthony Davis Reacting to Anthony Davis saying he hasn't shot a basketball since April 5 | First TakeShaq stole the show on First Take Stephen A. divorcing LA?! Stephen A.'s Miami fits were something else Shaq on Top 10 all time NBA players: Steph Curry is ALREADY in my company! | First TakeWHY WAS SHAQ SO LATE TO FIRST TAKE?! Stephen A. DEMANDS answers Warriors problems are they GO AWAY from Steph Curry pick & rolls Stephen A.: Chess match between Ime Udoka vs. Steve Kerr Stephen A. on Draymond: This is one of the most HORRIFIC performances we've ever seen | First TakeStephen A. thanks 'Professor Redick' for wrapping up a First Take segment JJ Redick on Celtics defense: The game plan is NOT to slow down Steph Curry! | First TakeJay Williams, Stephen A. & Pat Bev GO AT IT debating a 2-on-2 match Stephen A. already picks the Warriors to make the Conference Finals next season | First TakeIf the Warriors lose the Finals, people are gonna look at Draymond Green differently - Stephen A.Stephen A. says he hasnt decided if he wants Pat Bev to be his partner in a game of 2-on-2 Pat Bev disagrees with Stephen A. over the Warriors matching up with the Celtics | First TakeStephen A. has an 'EXTREME' concern about Steph Curry heading into Game 4 | First TakePat Bev wants to team up with Stephen A. to play JJ Redick & JWill 2-on-2 | First TakePat Bev doesn't think the NBA has to change anything regarding the 82-game season | First TakeStephen A.: Jordan Poole needs to STEP UP! | First TakeIce Cube on NBA Finals predictions, Lakers outlook & his Raiders! | First TakeStephen A. to Steve Kerr: What you're doing AIN'T good enough! | First TakeStephen A. strolls in during Mollys segment Stephen A.: Draymond's performance indicated he wasn't ready to play! | First TakeA Kendrick Perkins sized Harvard mug Stephen A.'s motivational rant for Draymond Green | First TakeBig Perk is LIVE from...Harvard? | First TakeStephen A. on toughness of the NBA: The game has been changed for the better! | First TakeMad Dog: When is Roger Goodell going to take a stance on Deshaun Watson?! | First TakeJJ Redick unpacks Draymond Green's comments about toughness in the NBA | First TakeStephen A. & Mad Dog sticking with their NBA Finals picks?! | First Take'It's Klay Thompson that is my concern' - Stephen A. previews Game 3 | First TakeStephen A.: Look at me, there are worse things to look at Stephen A. & JJ Redick outline PROS & CONS of a shortened NBA season | First TakeStephen A.: Klay Thompson HAS to play better to win this series! | First TakeStephen A.: If LeBron & AD are healthy the Lakers can overcome enough to make the playoffsCJ McCollum stresses SACRIFICE for Lakers next season | First TakeStephen A. & JJ Redick debate their concern with Klay Thompson's play in the Finals | First TakeSwagu gets FRUSTRATED with Stephen A. during a Rams debate | First TakeCJ McCollum on a potential shortened NBA season: You have to adapt! | First TakeStephen A., JJ Redick & CJ McCollum talk SHORTENED NBA season?! | First TakeJJ Redick admits he was wrong about the Celtics to Stephen A. | First TakeJJ Redick: You have not seen the best of Jayson Tatum yet! | First TakeStephen A. says Donovan Mitchell should want to leave the Utah Jazz | First TakeStephen A. gives context to viewers on CJ McCollum's status as NBPA President | First TakeStephen A. calls out JJ Redick: 'BE CAREFUL!' | First TakeCJ McCollum: Draymond Green is the engine of this Warriors team | First TakeCJ McCollum cracking jokes about NBA officials | First TakeStephen A.: Offensively there is too much pressure on Steph Curry! | First TakeBOTH OF YALL ARE WRONG! Stephen A. educates JJ & CJ on NBA Finals pressure! | First TakeJJ Redick: I still dont know what a PICK EM series is! | First TakeStephen A. reacts to LeBron becoming the NBAs first active player worth $1B | First TakePerk doesn't envision the Warriors overcoming the Celtics' athleticism & size | First TakeEASY! - Stephen A. says he can score a bucket on JJ Redick & JWill | First TakeStephen A.'s favorite NBA Finals moment will surprise you | First TakeStephen A. asks JJ Redick who he had a better chance at winning a championship with | First TakeJayson Tatum's decision making is the key to his game! - JJ Redick | First TakeLeBron or Steph: Who finishes with more NBA rings? | First TakeStephen A. reacts to JWill & Keyshawn DOMINATING Bart & Hahn in 2-on-2 | First TakeThe Celtics CAN'T withstand a high turnover night! - JJ Redick | First TakeStephen A. argues that this NBA Finals will be Steph Curry's toughest challenge yet | First TakeWHO YA GOT?! Stephen A.s predicts ESPNs 2 vs. 2 matchup Stephen A. on KD's comments to Draymond Green: He's just talkin basketball! | First TakeStephen A.: Michael Jordan is responsible for changing the game! | First TakeStephen A. & Mad Dog Russo get HEATED debating Steph Curry's legacy & the NBA Finals | First TakeJJ Redick: KD & Kyrie shouldn't look bad for leaving their former teams | First TakeKendrick Perkins compares Warriors to a good roux for Gumbo | First TakePerk: LeBron James lives rent free in everybody's head! | First TakeThe biggest X-factor in the 2022 NBA Finals: Andrew Wiggins? Marcus Smart? | First TakeStephen A. likes the Warriors as favorites over the Celtics in the 2022 NBA Finals | First TakeStephen A. & Perk say the Heat should add Bradley Beal during the NBA offseason | First TakeFirst Take crew offers up verdict for Darvin Hams Lakers appointment Will Steph Curry surpass Kevin Durant if he wins NBA Finals MVP? | First TakeStephen A. Smith FLASHBACK! Warriors to win it all?! | First TakeSteph Curry changed the game of basketball FOREVER! - Kendrick Perkins | First TakePerk from the rooftops: I WAS AN NBA PLAYER! | First TakeThe Celtics have one of the BEST DEFENSES in NBA HISTORY - Kendrick Perkins | First TakeStephen A. & Kendrick Perkins have HEATED DEBATE about Jimmy Butlers last shot | First TakePerk to Stephen A.: Did you go to LIV last night?! Stephen A. is sad he won't be going to Miami for the NBA Finals | First TakeNeed a beach Stephen A.?! Martha's Vineyard is only 45 minutes away Tracy McGrady launches new 1-on-1 league | First TakeJimmy Butler is big time, but not enough to be the best player on a championship team - Stephen A.THEY'RE LIMPING MORE THAN ME - Stephen A. on Miami Heat's injuries | First TakeThe Celtics arent running from NOBODY! - Stephen A. | First TakeDiscussing the significance of this NBA Finals for Stephen Curry | First TakeKlay Thompson is EVERYTHING to the Warriors title chances - Stephen A. | First TakeKendrick Perkins has kept some receipts from Patrick Beverley Damien Woody disagrees with Stephen A. stance on Colin Kaepernicks potential return | First TakeStephen A., Pat Bev & Perk face off in a heated James Harden debate | First TakeNO WAY IN HELL you can invest in a long-term deal with Kyrie Irving - Stephen A. | First TakeStephen A. questions whether Colin Kaepernick can still play in the NFL | First TakeLuka Doncic isnt going down without swinging - Perk on Mavs chances to push series to a Game 7Stephen A.'s thoughts on the Deshaun Watson situation & how the NFL looks | First TakeWarriors or Celtics: Who has the better chance at winning multiple titles? | First TakeStephen A.: Did Joel Embiid get SNUBBED? Yes he did! | First TakeBOOK OF PERKINS! Stephen A. & Perk crack up at his memorable quips | First TakeKevin Garnett slams Lakers coaching finalists | First TakeThe Patriots are in DANGER of being at the bottom of the AFC East - Marcus Spears | First TakeStephen A. on Lakers coach opening: It's gotta be someone with CACHET! | First TakeStephen A.: The Warriors are selfless, more experienced & better shooters! | First TakeStephen A. to JJ Redick: Youre absolutely rightbut I DONT CARE! | First TakeCheck out what Amar'e Stoudemire said about Perk back in 2009 | First TakeThese Celtics injuries will affect this series - Brian Windhorst | First TakeThe Miami Heat have the EDGE in this series - JWill | First Take'Shaq needs to be FAIR to Kevin Durant' - Mad Dog on Shaq's comments towards KD | First TakeStephen A.: KD will be remembered as the dude who left Steph Curry for Kyrie! | First TakeDoes Curry or Doncic have a higher career ceiling? Stephen A. & Mad Dog Russo disagree | First TakePat Beverley on Jimmy Butler vs. Jayson Tatum: Butler takes his game to another level | First TakeLuka Doncic is NOT a better offensive player than Kevin Durant - Stephen A. | First TakeMad Dog: The Celtics got DESTROYED in the 3rd quarter! | First TakeSwagu: I would LOVE to see Kevin Hart roast Tom Brady | NFL LiveStephen A. reacts to Nike being unlikely to extend Kyrie Irvings shoe deal | First TakeStephen A. & Pat Bev look back on the challenges of playing in the NBA bubble | First TakeStephen A.: I say what I mean, and I mean what the hell I say! | First TakeStephen A. to Pat Bev: Just because you're honest doesn't mean you're right! | First TakeJJ Redick: Mavs will absolutely not win this series vs. the Warriors | First TakeStephen A.: There's a WHOLE LOT of point guards better than James Harden this year! | First TakePat Beverley and Stephen A. Smith SOUND OFF on James Harden Supermax debate | First TakeStephen A. brags about chillin' in Miami | First TakePat Bev: The Warriors are here and they ain't going nowhere! | First TakeCan the Celtics win Game 1 without Marcus Smart? First Take debatesStephen A. is loving Miami already | First TakeNOBODY wants to travel to Miami as badly as Stephen A. | First TakeDid you watch the Nets series at all?! JJ Redick & Patrick Beverley subtleties | First TakeStephen A., Pat Bev & JJ Redick debate: Was this Chris Paul's last shot at a title? | First TakeStephen A. to Pat Bev: YOU are not the same as James Harden! | First TakeSUPERMAX for James Harden?! Stephen A., JJ Redick & Patrick Beverley debate | First TakePatrick Beverley on Devin Booker: Whats he done before though?! | First TakeStephen A. on what went wrong for Suns: EVERYTHING! | First TakePerk: Giannis on track to be on NBA's Mt. Rushmore | First TakeDo the Grizzlies have a shot at winning the series vs. the Warriors? First Take debatesStephen A.: Doc Rivers KNOWS what's coming next | First TakeBucks, Celtics, Heat? WHICH ONE IS IT PERK?! | First TakeLuka Doncic is a guy you DON'T want in an elimination game! - Amar'e Stoudemire | First TakeStephen A.: This was the most ATROCIOUS performances by a star! | First TakeStephen A. applauds Sean Marks for his comments on Kyrie Irving | First TakeStephen A.: The Celtics COLLAPSED! | First TakeStephen A.: Celtics vs. Warriors would be the IDEAL NBA Finals | First TakeStephen A. to John Salley: You paid attention to the supporter that threw you VENOM! | First TakeStephen A. to Perk: YOU GIVE A NEW MEANING TO FLUIDITY! | First TakeStephen A. CALLS OUT Joel Embiid for Game 5 performance | First TakeCan the Mavericks still win series? Perk says HELL NO! | First TakeStephen A. on 76ers: It was a PATHETIC performance! | First TakeStephen A.s MANY EMOTIONS of the possibility of another Dallas franchise | First TakeJJ Redick: Lakers are not in contention next year, no matter who the coach is! | First TakeStephen A.s HILARIOUS OUTLOOK if Rudy Gobert guarded Shaq The Warriors close Game 4 win is making Stephen A. worried about his title pick | First TakeStephen A.'s impersonates Jerry Jones reacting to Dallas Mayor suggesting a 2nd NFL team Stephen A. & JJ Redick offer up 76ers vs. Heat predictions | First TakeIT HAS TO STOP - Stephen A. on players arguing with refs after every play | First TakeStephen A.: NOT A BIG DEAL the Warriors struggled in win vs. Ja-less Grizzlies | First TakeStephen A.: If the Celtics dont win the SERIES IS OVER! | First TakeStephen A. siding with the Warriors as the BEST TEAM right now | First TakeJJ Redick has a change of heart with his Heat vs. 76ers pick | First TakeJJ Redick: The 76ers DO NOT need vintage James Harden to win the series | First TakeThis series is over for the Grizzlies - Stephen A. | First TakeJJ Redick on fan incident with Chris Paul: There is no place for it! | First TakeJJ Redick calls for Ja Morant to evolve for long-term health | First TakeJJ Redick praises Giannis GROWTH MINDSET heading into Game 4 | First TakeNikola Jokic to be named MVP Stephen A. and JJ Redick react! | First TakeStephen A. is shocked by Perks Finals prediction | First TakeJoel Embiid clears concussion protocol, still listed as out for Game 3 | First TakeI want the walk-on Baker Mayfield! - Tedy Bruschi | First TakeStephen A.: The Lakers won't 'fall off the map' if they trade LeBron | First TakeStephen A. says the 76ers version of James Harden isn't the same player we once knew | First TakeJ.B. Bickerstaff & Stephen A. discuss whether Doc Rivers is unfairly treated | First TakeShould we have a problem with how Draymond Green has carried himself? | First TakeThe Lakers should STRONGLY consider trading LeBron - Stephen A | First TakeStephen A. on who's making it to the NBA Finals: I am NOT counting out Miami! | First TakeJJ Redick RESPONDS to Stephen A. suggesting Lakers to trade LeBron | First TakeStephen A. & Mad Dog go TOE-TO-TOE about Steve Kerrs comments | First TakeStephen A. calls spectacular Ja Morant BOX OFFICE! | First TakeStephen A. shares his HILARIOUS thoughts on the Dallas Cowboys struggles Stephen A. invites Kyrie to First Take after Irving's tweets critiquing the media Aaron Rodgers should be upset because he needs more weapons! - Marcus Spears | First TakeAre the Philadelphia Eagles passing the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC East? | First TakeStephen A. rants about Kyrie Irving's latest tweets critiquing the media | First Take'Lamar Jackson FEARS NOTHING' - Dan Orlovsky on Lamar's contract extension | First TakeThe Dallas Mavericks will win a championship before the Dallas Cowboys - Stephen A. | First TakeKyle Hamilton Interview on aspiring to be the next Sean Taylor | First TakeStephen A. issues a big WARNING to Kyrie Irving for his latest tweet | First TakeStephen A. on Deebo Samuel: PAY HIM! | First TakeStephen A.: Baker Mayfield has injuries but he can PLAY! | First TakeStephen A. says BOTH Bucks-Bulls & Nuggets-Warriors series' END tonight! | First TakeStephen A. RIPS Mad Dog for leaving off Chris Paul on his A-List | First Take'Kyrie Irving is one of the WORST teammates you can possibly have' - Stephen A. | First TakeMad Dog Russo: The Nets have NO winning culture! | First TakeStephen A. & Mad Dog go OFF on Kevin Durant for watching the NBA playoffs | First TakeOH HELL NO! Stephen A. doesnt think Deebo Samuel is making a mistake | First TakeMad Dog to KD: You JUST got swept! Why are you worrying about Charles Barkley?! | First TakeIs it a bad look for Jimmy Butler to sit out Game 6? | First TakeStephen A.: The Warriors are the only thing in the Grizzlies' way from winning a title | First TakeStephen A. goes double or nothing on a Grizzlies bet with Jay Williams | First TakeBIG PERKS PARTING SHOT: Doc Rivers to the Lakers?! | First TakeStephen A.: Jamie Foxx has NO CREDIBILITY when it comes to sports | First TakeWhere does Steve Nash's job stand after being swept by Celtics? | First TakeFIRST TAKE DEBATES: James Harden on decline 'before our VERY EYES Perk: THE CELTICS ARE THE BEST TEAM IN THE NBA | First TakeStephen A. sounds off on Kyrie Irving: 'It is SHAMEFUL! It's EMBARASSING!' | First TakeIs Jayson Tatum passing Kevin Durant as a better player?! First Take debatesStephen A. Smiths expectations for Dallas Cowboys fans in 2022 | First TakeMonica McNutt on Nets: It's going to be ugly but I do believe they can force a Game 5 | First TakeStephen A. picks Klay Thompson to be Warriors most important player | First TakeStephen A.: The culprit of players willingness to sit out & load manage is Gregg Popovich! Stephen A. & Tim Legler debate BEST team in the East | First TakeStephen A.: EVERYWHERE Ben Simmons goes hes NOT reliable | First TakeStephen A. UNLEASHES on PATHETIC Ben Simmons | First Take'Steve Nash has to go' - Stephen A.'s thoughts on the Nets' future | First TakeGiannis Antetokounmpo is going to remind the world WHO THE HELL HE IS! - Stephen A. | First TakeBrandon Ingram reminds Perk of Kevin Durant 'A young superstar in the making!' | First TakeStephen A. uses his Cowboys catchphrase on the Jazz: WHAT CAN GO WRONG, WILL GO WRONG! | First TakeStephen A. on the Warriors chances to win a title: Im not betting against them! | First TakeStephen A. goes off on his admiration for Joel Embiid | First TakeStephen A. can't believe he's saying the Nets might get SWEPT by the Celtics | First TakeStephen A. on KD after Game 2: 'A TRAGIC performance,' he's never looked this bad | First TakeStephen A.: CHRIS PAUL IS THE BEST POINT GUARD ON THE PLANET | First TakeStephen A.: The Bucks should still win this series even without Khris Middleton | Get UpIt is scary how bad Kevin Durant has looked in the series vs. the Celtics - Stephen A. | Get UpStephen A. is thrown off by Jalen Rose's sweater | Get UpFIRST TAKE HOT TAKES! Stephen A. Smiths many emotions Stephen A. calls Mad Dog a Grinch for his Jayson Tatum take | First TakeJJ Redick on Kyrie's Boston fan interaction: THE PLAYER HAS A RIGHT TO RESPOND TOO | First TakeIs Steve Nash the right fit for the Nets? | First TakeJJ Redick calls out Mad Dog Russo in a fiery First Take debate JJ Redick got Stephen A. BADLY! on First Take Stephen A. is WRONG! Mad Dog Russo doesn't think the Suns can win without Devin Booker | First TakeStephen A. is rooting for the Heat to go to the NBA Finals! | First TakeStephen A.: I have played just as many minutes as Ben Simmons | First TakeStephen A. tries to impersonate Mad Dog on First Take Stephen A. can't believe Mad Dog's take on Booker's injury | First TakeStephen A.: The Suns are built to win this series even without Devin Booker | First TakeThe Steelers are in one of the WORST positions in the NFL - Dan Orlovsky | First TakeStephen A. on Colin Kaepernick: We were willing to fight for you | First TakeStephen A. calls Game 2 a must-win game for the Grizzlies: You better win this series! | First Take'Raptors look completely outmatched' - JJ Redick is surprised the 76ers are dominating | First TakeStephen A. gets emotional talking about Jordan Poole & the Warriors | First TakeStephen A.: The Utah Jazz make me SICK I can't stand this team! | First TakeStephen A.: James Harden doesn't look the same! | First TakeStephen A.: NO ONE doubted the 76ers against the Raptors! | First TakeStephen A. DOUBLES DOWN on KD PUNKD comments | First TakeKendrick Perkins tries to describe his mood in ONE emoji | First TakeBig Perk: This is the Jayson Tatum we've been looking for! | First TakeBig Perk on Celtics win: Kevin Durant got PUNKED! | First TakeStephen A.: I COMPLETELY support Kyrie heckling back the fans! | First TakeStephen A. is pleased to hear Vince Carter agrees with him Stephen A.-Ben Simmons RANT ALERT! 'This is UTTERLY RIDICULOUS!' | First TakeKyrie or KD: Who is the best offensive player in the NBA? | First TakeTim Legler CANNOT FATHOM James Harden not feeling pressure | First TakeAre Baker Mayfields DISRESPECTED feelings justified? | First TakeTim Leglers first thoughts about Zion Williamsons 360 dunk | First TakeStephen A.: "If they don't have Steph Curry...Golden State Warriors lose to Denver!" | First TakeStephens A-List! Top 5 players under the MOST pressure! | First TakeTim Legler on Harden: You have more to prove than ANY player in the postseason! | First TakeWhy Stephen A. voted for Joel Embiid over Nikola Jokic for NBA MVP | First TakeTim Legler decides on First Take who should be favored: Celtics or Nets? MANY EMOTIONS of Stephen A. Smith on First Take talking Clippers vs. Timberwolves WHAT DID I MISS?! Stephen A. is in DISBELIEF over the Timberwolves' celebrations | First TakeStephen A. & JWill go back-and-forth over NBAs BEST offensive player | First TakeStephen A.: Kevin Durant is the BEST PLAYER on the planet! | First TakeStephen A.: I AM RIGHT Y'ALL ARE WRONG! Russell Wilson is the biggest thing in Denver | First TakeStephen A.: Knicks organization run around like a bunch of WUSSES! | First TakeJosh Allen a TOP 5 NFL QB?! First Take debates Stephen A.'s message to LeBron: 'How could you say something so FLAGRANTLY UNTRUE' | First TakeStephen A.: Daryl Morey put his career on the line with James Harden trade! | First TakeHeat or Celtics: Who is the bigger challenge for the Nets? | First TakeStephen A. TOTALLY DISAGREES with Keyshawns Lakers take | First TakeStephen A.s take on if Russell Westbrooks getting TOO MUCH BLAME! | First TakeMOST DISRESPECTED star in the NBA? First Take debates Stephen A. can't hold back his frustrations with Kendrick Perkins' NBA take | First TakeGiannis? Embiid? Stephen A. is PERPLEXED on who to pick for NBA MVP | First TakeHow worried should the 76ers be about the Raptors? | First TakeStephen A. pinpoints the ONE THING wrong with Anthony Davis | First TakeRemembering Dwayne Haskins | First TakePhil Handy? Ty Lue? First Take discuss who could potentially coach the Lakers Stephen A. on Frank Vogel: The Lakers require something a little different! | First TakeStephen A. WANTS ANSWERS of how Ben Simmons tweaked his back | First TakeStephen A.: Lakers should hire me as President of Basketball Operations | First TakeThe Lakers have gotten more out of LeBron than he has gotten out of L.A. - Jordan CornettePerk is STILL rollin with Joel Embiid for MVP | First TakeJ-List: Top 5 NBA title threats | First TakeFirst Take talks MOST ICONIC sports venues ever! LUKA ME NOW! Luka Doncic BALLS OUT for Mavericks | First TakeWhat does postseason success look like for the Nets this year? | First TakeWhich NFL QB will face the most pressure next season? | First TakeJordan Cornette RIPS LeBron James for saying he wants to play for Stephen Curry | First TakeWHOA! Stephen A. checks Mad Dog over having NO current great teams in the NBA Stephen A. on LeBron: The GOAT conversation is OFFICIALLY OVER! | First TakeReacting to Pete Carroll's comments on the NFL's lack of minority hires | First TakeBrooklyn Nets EARLY exit or DEEP playoff run? First Take with the verdict Stephen A. & Magic Johnson discuss Kyrie Irving's impact on the Nets' title hopes | First TakeStephen A. & Magic address WHAT WENT WRONG for the LeBron & the Lakers | First TakeStephen A. & Magic debate NBA MVP frontrunners | First TakeIf Tobias Harris doesn't perform on offense there is some concern - Magic Johnson | First TakeJordan Cornette doesnt think LeBron and Anthony Davis should return for the remainder of the seasonIs Doc Rivers putting too much blame on James Harden? | First TakeWhy its NOT ALL SUNNY for James Harden & the 76ers | First TakeWRITE IT DOWN! Kendrick Perkins locks in his NBA Finals matchup | First TakeKendrick Perkins ABSOLUTELY TROLLS Jay Williams turtleneck | First TakeFirst Takes BIG DEBATE over teams running away from playing the Nets | First TakeWho is the team to beat in the NFC? | First Take debatesCeltics or Heat: Who is the Bucks' biggest threat in the East? Perk & JWill debate | First TakeRams, Brady or Rodgers: Who would you like to see in the Super Bowl? | First TakeTUG OF WAR with Rob Ninkovichs dog during First Take Jimmy Gs ceiling is throwing INTs in a Super Bowl - Domonique Foxworth | First TakeBrian Windhorst on the Lakers: It's gonna get worse before it gets better! | First TakeStephen A. is watching! KD & Kyrie the BEST DUO EVER?! | First TakeWill the Nets' defense cost them a shot at the NBA title? | First TakeBrian Windhorst: Voters believe Nikola Jokic will be the MVP | First TakeFirst Take debates the impact of the new NFL overtime rules for playoff games Brian Windhorst is happy Russell Westbrook admitted he doesn't have the answer for the LakersJJ Redick has questions about the Nets' lineup in the 4th quarter | First TakeThe NFL says all teams must add minority offensive coach & expands the Rooney Rule to include womenSelf-serving or correct?! JJ Redick thinks LeBron criticism is UNFAIR! | First TakeCould injuries impact the Warriors title chances? First Take debatesIm on Peyton Mannings side! I want it all back! - Domonique Foxworth | First TakeWill Deshaun Watsons teammates be able to compartmentalize their views? | First TakeDomonique Foxworths take on Deshaun Watsons situation | First TakeTOUGHER journey to the Finals: Phoenix Suns or Philadelphia 76ers? | First TakeWhich AFC West QB is in the BEST situation? | First TakeWill Matt Ryan lead the Colts to OVERACHIEVE or UNDERACHIEVE?! | First TakeI WILL NOT let the Lakers off the hook! - Kendrick Perkins | First TakeTim Legler thinks the pressure is SOLELY on James Harden | First TakeMore at stake in the playoffs: 76ers or Nets?! | First TakeShould the Heat fear the Nets? Stephen A. thinks Miami should watch out Stephen A. after NYC mayor lifted vaccine mandate: Kyrie is not a hero! | First TakeStephen A.: Nets NEED a healthy Ben Simmons to win NBA title | First TakeMad Dog's A-List for Top 5 NBA scorers: Michael Jordan, Kobe & more | First TakeLOAD MANAGEMENT?! Larry Bird played with a BAD BACK for 81 games! - Mad Dog | First TakeStephen A. Smith: Im calling security to get you removed, Mad Dog!! | First TakeStephen A. reminds Mad Dog: 'You are talking about my little brother here!' | First TakeStephen A. & Mad Dog go at it debating if Ja Morant could be the next Allen Iverson | First TakeStephen A. is NOT pleased with the amount of Elvis billboards in Memphis these days | First TakeStephen A.: A healthy Ja Morant could lead the Grizzlies to the Conference Finals | First TakeShould Kyrie Irving feel frustrated about not being able to play? | First TakeStephen A.: The Boston Celtics COULD win the Eastern Conference! | First Take'You know who he is! It's KD! There are no off nights!' - Stephen A. talks Kevin Durant | First TakeDoes Matt Ryan make the Colts a Super Bowl threat? Stephen A. makes the case | First TakeShould Deshaun Watson be allowed to play for the Browns next season? | First TakeWas Davante Adams taking a shot at Aaron Rodgers in goodbye message? | First TakeMolly Qerim's passionate response to Deshaun Watson's $230M guaranteed contract | First TakeStephen A. discusses the NFL's responsibility with the Deshaun Watson situation | First TakeWhat message are the Browns sending by investing in Deshaun Watson? | First TakeStephen A. wouldnt surrender 3 first-round picks for Deshaun Watson | First TakeStephen A.: Jokic is getting the respect he deserveshe is my MVP right now! | First TakeAre the Broncos capable of having the best offense in AFC West? | First TakeBaker Mayfield is DONE in Cleveland! - Dan Orlovsky | First TakeStephen A. reacts to Karl-Anthony Towns and Patrick Beverley mocking Westbrook: It was classlessStephen A. puts blame on Kyrie Irving for the Nets' 113-111 loss vs. the Mavericks | First TakeKyrie Irving holding out on the vaccine could cost the Nets a championship - Stephen A. | First TakeStephen A.: 'Colin Kaepernick DESERVES a shot' in the NFL! | First TakeStephen A. lists all the QBs better than Deshaun Watson & Dan Orlovsky disagrees | First TakeIs Deshaun Watson among the elite NFL QBs? | First TakeStephen A. reacts to Colin Kaepernick saying he is still working on a return to the NFL | First TakeStephen A.: Its time for Frank Vogel to go! | First TakeStephen A.: Its been 11 YEARS since Aaron Rodgers has lifted the Lombardi Trophy | First TakeDeshaun Watson to the Panthers? Marcus Spears makes the case | First TakeBest of First Take: Stephen A.'s shades, faulty chairs & a Nets blowoutDoes James Harden fold under big pressure moments? | First TakePerk reacts to Ben Simmons' return to Philly: He made the Nets come together! | First TakeKendrick Perkins apologizes to Kyrie Irving after the Nets win over the 76ers | First TakeRussell Wilson makes the Broncos a legitimate threat in the AFC - Stephen A. | First TakeWhere does new Commanders QB Carson Wentz rank among NFC East QBs? | First TakeStephen A. to LeBron: You are a part of this mess, help fix it! | First TakeStephen A.: LeBron James doesnt get to sit, he made this messits time for him to clean it up!Did the NFL come down too hard on Calvin Ridley? | First TakeTOP 5 AFC quarterbacks RIGHT NOW by Stephen A. Smith | First TakeRussell Wilson vs. Justin Herbert debate intensifies | First TakeStephen A.: Aaron Rodgers HAS to get to AT LEAST two Super Bowls | First TakeDoes Aaron Rodgers need Davante Adams to be a Top 5 QB? | First TakeStephen A. reacts to the harassment of Russell Westbrooks family: There is no excuse for this!Stephen A. breaks down the current NBA MVP race | First TakeStephen A.'s thoughts on Lamar Jackson's recent comments about Black QBs | First TakeShould Lamar Jackson play without a new contract? Stephen A. says HELL NO! | First Take'The season is over' for the Lakers Stephen A. lists L.A.'s reasons for struggling | First TakeStephen A. on the Warriors chances to win the West: Im getting very nervous | First TakeWhy Stephen A. isn't surprised by Amari Cooper's release | First TakeStephen A. tells the Lakers to move Anthony Davis & Russell Westbrook in the offseason | First TakeThe Lakers 'made me wanna THROW UP' Stephen A. reacts to the Clippers' big win | First TakeKevin Durant or Kyrie Irving: Who is under more pressure to win a title this season? | First TakeStephen A. hides behind Perk during a James Harden-76ers discussion | First TakeSteph Curry or Ja Morant: Who would you rather have in clutch moments? 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WAKE THE HELL UP' | First TakeStephen's A-List gets picked apart & makes Stephen A. walk off set | First TakeDame Lillard teaming up with Ben Simmons? & LeBron ripped for 'childish dance' | Swagu & Perk'Stephen A.'s energy is BAD for the Knicks!' - Ryan Clark reacts to Knicks consecutive lossesStephen A. reacts to Mike Tomlin rejecting Chase Claypools request for music at practiceIs it panic time for LeBron James & the Los Angeles Lakers? | First TakeStephen A. on Julius Randle criticizing officials: Knicks didn't get robbed vs the Nets | First TakeStephen A. tells Julius Randle 'SHUT THE HELL UP' & gets fired up about the Knicks' loss to the NetsStephen A. & JJ Redick get HEATED comparing Devin Booker and Steph Curry | First Take'He has great years left in him, he is just MISERABLE!' - Stephen A. on Russell Wilson | First TakeJJ Redick predicts the Warriors will end the Suns' 16-game win streak | First TakeCam Newton had one of the most horrific games we have ever seen - Stephen A. Smith - First TakeCowboys fans are disappointed about the loss but not discouraged at all - Michael Irvin | First TakeStephen A. on Aaron Rodgers winning the NFC: 'He's a BAAAD man!' | First TakeStephen A. Smith does not have trust that Lamar Jackson can take the Ravens on a run | First TakeStephen A.: Josh Allen is an elite talent, but not an elite quarterback | First TakeDO NOT LISTEN TO MATTHEW JUDON! - Stephen A. reacts to Judon blasting mac & cheese | First TakeStephen A.: The Cowboys have the most entitled fan base | First TakeStephen A. on Aaron Rodgers injury: I dont want to hear about a toe! | First TakeStephen A. says the Cowboys cant afford to lose to the Raiders | First TakeHow Amari Coopers vaccination status is impacting the Cowboys | First TakeStephen A. isnt worried about Aaron Rodgers toe injury | First TakeBreaking down the LeBron-Stewart tussle | Swagu & Perk Episode 4Stephen A. reacts to the Giants loss to the Bucs: THEY STINK! | First TakeStephen A. is ready for the Cowboys' season to come CRASHING DOWN | First TakeStephen A. blames Pete Carroll for the Seahawks' losing streak | First TakeStephen A. reminds Michael Irvin he told Cowboys fans to buy a nonrefundable Super Bowl ticket Stephen A. is NOT pleased with the Bills after their loss to the Colts | First TakeLeBron or Brady: Who is more likely to win a title this season? | First TakeTim Tebow tries to convince Stephen A. that Patrick Mahomes is being underappreciated | First TakeThe Cowboys are a BETTER team than the Chiefs - Stephen A. | First TakeBart Scott's Top 5 NFL MVP candidates | Get UpHas Stephen A. crowned the Warriors too soon? | First TakeStephen A. expects the Chiefs to go further than the Cowboys this season | First TakeThe Nets are not winning a title WITHOUT Kyrie Irving! - Kendrick Perkins | First Take'There is a reason we put LeBron James in the MVP category!'- Kendrick Perkins | First TakeDaks defense is SO MUCH BETTER than Kansas Citys!- Orlovsky on Cowboys vs. Chiefs | First TakeStephen A. has a eulogy for LeBron's title chances being over | First TakePreviewing Cowboys vs. Chiefs: Which team needs the win more? | First TakeKyrie Irving 'CANNOT BE TRUSTED!' - Stephen A. rants about KD's future with the Nets | First Take'Kyrie Irving has BETRAYED KD' - Stephen A. says KD should regret leaving the Warriors | First TakeStephen A. describes how Aaron Rodgers' comments created a chip on his shoulder | First TakeKevin Durant needs to accept that Kyrie Irving left the Nets hanging - Stephen A. | First TakeStephen A. puts pressure on the Cowboys to take down Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs | First TakeThis is a DISGRACE! - Stephen A. RIPS KD and the Nets after the loss to the Warriors | First TakeReacting to Stephen A.'s take that LeBron will NEVER win another NBA title | Keyshawn, JWill and MaxJJ Redick apologizes to Stephen A. for saying his Warriors take was irresponsible | First TakeStephen A. reacts to Bruce Arians blasting the Bucs defense: 'He went too far!' | First TakeStephen A. reacts to the Rams blowout loss to the 49ers | First TakeStephen A.: 'I think LeBron has won his last title, I THINK IT'S OVER!' | First TakeStephen A. gets the Cowboys' big win rubbed in his face by everyone on First Take Stephen A. still thinks the Chiefs' defense is 'HORRENDOUS' | First TakeMichael Irvin makes Stephen A. MAD by bragging about the Cowboys' win vs. the Falcons | First TakePreviewing Browns vs. Patriots: Which team is the bigger playoff threat? | First TakeTHE COWBOYS GONNA FALL! - Stephen A. has low expectations for Cowboys vs. Falcons | First TakeLamar Jacksons MVP run is in grave danger - Stephen A. on the Ravens loss to the DolphinsTHERES ALWAYS SOMETHING! - Stephen A. reacts to Cowboys Randy Gregorys calf injury | First TakeStephen A. reacts to the Lakers surviving the Heat in OT | First TakeStephen A. feels Dak Prescott faces more pressure than Lamar Jackson | First TakeStephen A. calls out Marcus Spears Cowboys take: YOU ARE WORRIED! | First TakeThe Bucs have a 44-year-old man leading the way - Stephen A. Smith on his MVP pick | First Take'No one is questioning Lamar Jackson's greatness!' - Stephen A. on the Ravens' OT win | First TakeOBJ & Baker were committed to working on their chemistry together, but it didn't work - Jake TrotterStephen A. is OFFICIALLY picking the Warriors to win the NBA Championship | First TakeStephen A. reveals his top destination for OBJ | First Take'Those Dallas Cowboys are the best team' in the NFC - Stephen A. gives props to Dallas | First TakeStephen A. on OBJ being excused from practice again: That was the appropriate decision | First TakeOBJ believes Baker Mayfield has an ego and doesn't want him to succeed - Stephen A. | First TakeFirst Take reacts to Saints WR Michael Thomas saying hes out for the season after injury setbackStephen A. reacts to Odell Beckham Jr.s dad calling out Baker Mayfield | First TakeStephen A. isnt buying that Adrian Peterson can replace Derrick Henry | First TakeStephen A. blames OBJ & Baker Mayfields chemistry for the Browns struggles | First TakeTHE COWBOYS ARE #1 on Stephens A-List & Swagu captures the moment on his phone | First TakeStephen A. isnt convinced Von Miller makes the Rams a threat | First TakeSwagu is hyped for the Cowboys but worried about Von Miller to the Rams | Swagu & Perk Episode 2Stephen A. reacts to the Chiefs surviving the Giants in Week 8 | First TakeHow Stephen A. views the Titans without Derrick Henry | #ShortsStephen A.: 'I don't believe in the Steelers' offense!' | First Take'I'm not letting Baker Mayfield off the hook for this one!' - Stephen A. on the Browns | First TakeKevin Hart predicts the Eagles will get their first win of the season vs. the Lions | First TakeKevin Hart addresses the state of the 76ers | First TakeCan Zion still be the face of the NBA? | First TakeStephen A. isnt ruling out the Bengals making it to the AFC championship | First TakeITS KYLER MURRAY! - Stephen A. vouches for the QB as the NFL MVP right now | First TakeAre the Bucs a better team than the undefeated Cardinals? First Take debatesThis is so bad! Stephens A-List of top NFL teams gets ripped apart | First TakeJoe Burrow or Lamar Jackson: Which QB would you take? First Take debatesRyan Clark explains why its crucial the Bengals defeat the Ravens in Week 7 | First TakeStephen A. on Ben Simmons: 'He's SCARED to face Philly' | First TakeSteph Curry's 45-point night has Stephen A. thinking FINALS for the Warriors | First TakeStephen A. questions whether Zach LaVine & DeMar DeRozan can fit together on the court | First TakeStephen A.: 'NO ONE is questioning the greatness of Lamar Jackson' | First TakeFirst Take debates the NFL's most disappointing team'Ben Simmons has been coddled by this franchise' - Jay Williams | First TakeStephen A. doesnt see the Suns reaching the WCF this season | First TakeStephen A. reacts to the Knicks 2OT win over the Celtics: NEW YORK STAND UP! | First TakeMarcus Spears rips Stephens A-List: Stop using fluid as an excuse when your list is wrong!Baker Mayfield is out vs. the Broncos with a shoulder injury | First TakeMichael Wilbon explains why he agrees with the Bills 4th down decision | PTIStephen A. doesnt agree with Josh Allen being an MVP frontrunner | First TakeStephen A. reacts to the Bills controversial 4th down call vs. the Titans | First Take'Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens have come a LONG way' - Michael Irvin | First TakeStephen A. still isn't impressed with Patrick Mahomes | First TakeIs Dak Prescott the SCARIEST QB to face in the NFL? | First TakeStephen A. tells the Packers to trade for Odell Beckham Jr. | First TakeStephon Marbury calls out Stephen A. for his comments on Kyrie Irving | First TakeStephen A.: Baker Mayfield is sabotaging Odell Beckham Jr.s career! | First TakeStephen A. and Tim Tebow disagree about the Bucs being the best team in the NFL | First TakeTheres ALWAYS something getting in the way of Kyrie playing ball! - Stephen A. | First TakeStephen A. reacts to DeMaurice Smiths comments on Washingtons email investigation | First TakeMaverick Carter on forming SpringHill Entertainment with LeBron and Kyries situation with the NetsOdell Beckham must get out of Cleveland - Stephen A.'s 3 teams that should target OBJ | First TakeYou brought the Nets together! - Stephen A. takes issue with Kyries vaccination status | First TakeStephen A. reacts to Kyrie Irving's Instagram Live about his stance on the vaccine | First TakeRoger Goodell has to step up - Stephen A. on the changes the NFL needs to make | First TakeStephen A. questions Kyrie Irvings stance on the vaccine mandate | First TakeStephen A. doesn't expect the Chiefs' defense to get any better for the rest of the season | #ShortsStephen's A-List after Week 5: 'How dare you disrespect Tom Brady?!' - Bart Scott | First TakeStephen A. calls Patrick Mahomes the best QB in the NFL | First TakeBaker Mayfield is a question mark for the Browns - Stephen A. has doubts about the QB's potentialIs Stephen A. thinking the Cowboys could make the Super Bowl?! | First TakeStephen A.: Kyrie Irving is being selfish | First TakeStephen A. reacts to reports that Kyrie wants to be the voice for the voiceless | First TakeFirst Take reacts to Sean Marks saying Kyrie cant rejoin Nets until he can be a full participantJon Grudens emails were shocking! - Jeff Saturday | First TakeStephen A. questions why Jon Gruden was able to coach vs. the Bears | First TakeStephen A. reacts to Jon Gruden resigning as the Raiders head coach | First TakeMahomes can 'absolutely not' take this Chiefs team to a Super Bowl - Ryan Clark | First TakeThe Buccaneers are the favorite in the NFC - Michael Irvin | First TakeShould we trust the Dallas Cowboys to not collapse? | First TakeSam Achos Top 3 NFC teams | First TakeTim Tebow shares the advice he gave Urban Meyer | First TakeStephen A.s sources say KD could give the Nets the OK to move on from Kyrie | First TakeShould Urban Meyer consider resigning? First Take answersStephen A. isnt ruling out Joe Burrow reaching Aaron Rodgers ceiling | First Take'It amounts to BETRAYAL' if Kyrie doesn't come back - Stephen A.'s thoughts on the Nets | First TakeIs Justin Fields ready to be the Bears' permanent starting QB? First Take debatesChris Paul talks about the new season of 'Why Not Us' featuring FAMU football | First TakeWhy Stephen A. doesn't consider the Rams a top-5 team anymore | First TakeStephen A. interviews Chris Paul ahead of the NBA season | First TakeStephen A. reacts to the Patriots' shocking release of Stephon Gilmore | First Take'Kyrie is a distraction and it's inexcusable!' - Stephen A. SOUNDS OFF | First TakeStephen A. to Baker Mayfield: What else do you need this seasona pacifier and a bib? | First TakeStephen A. is curious about Kawhi Leonards return this season | First TakeStephen's A-List: Jeff Saturday's got beef with the Week 5 rankings | First TakeAre the Cardinals the best team in the NFL? First Take debatesStephen A. Smith on Bucs vs. Patriots: Tom Brady looked CONFUSED! | First TakeTim Tebow reacts to the Jaguars' 0-4 start: 'Urban Meyer is heartbroken' | First TakeStephen A. reacts to Joel Embiid calling Simmons situation borderline disrespectful | First TakeStephen A. explains why Patriots vs. Bucs isnt just another game for Brady & Belichick | First TakeStephen A. answers: Should Justin Fields force his way out of Chicago? | First Take'You don't throw Justin Fields into THAT situation!' - Stephen A. on the Bears | First TakeStephen A. is confident the Packers are Super Bowl contenders | First TakeIs Stephen A. starting to sweat about the Dallas Cowboys? | First TakeStephen A. isn't sold on the Raiders: 'This is a big year for Jon Gruden!' | First TakeRyan Clark on why its crucial Matthew Stafford wins vs. the Bucs | First TakeWhy Stephen A. is calling the criticism of Aaron Rodgers 'RIDICULOUS!' | First Take'Kevin Durant is the best player in the world' - Stephen A. puts KD No. 1 in the NBA | First TakeStephen A. says it's OK to treat Tom Brady differently following the comments about Bill BelichickStay in your lane! - Mina Kimes reacts to Bradys personal trainer's comments on Belichick | ATHStephen A. is forced to DEFEND THE COWBOYS thanks to Damien Woodys BLASPHEMOUS take | First TakeThe Steelers should 'go get Cam Newton right now' - Stephen A. | First TakeStephen A. isnt sure Justin Fields is ready to start Week 3 vs. the Browns | First TakeStafford's a stud, but the Rams aren't the Bucs' biggest obstacle to repeat - Stephen A. |First TakeStephen A. reacts to Aaron Rodgers response to his critics | First TakeStephen A. thinks the Steelers should give Cam Newton a call | #ShortsThe Steelers season is OVER without Ben Roethlisberger - Stephen A. | First TakeMina Kimes and Keyshawn Johnson drill Stephen A. about his Cowboys and Steelers take | First TakeWoj explains the Ben Simmons news He won't report for training camp or play in Philly again | SCStephen A. reacts to Keyshawn Johnson saying Derek Carr is a Top 5 QB | First TakeStephen A. reacts to Ben Simmons not intending to play another game for the 76ers | #ShortsStephens A-List: Top 5 NFL teams through Week 2 | First TakeStephen A. reacts to the Packers defeating the Lions: Im not concerned about Rodgers! | First TakeStephen A. on Kyler Murray: 'He just makes things happen!' | First TakeStephen A. expects that 'bad man' Aaron Rodgers to put on a show vs. the Lions | #ShortsIs it time for the Pittsburgh Steelers to replace Big Ben? | First TakeCould the Ravens be the AFC team to beat? | First TakeMichael Irvin takes it to Stephen A. in Cowboys debate: First time Ive seen you sweat! | First TakeStephen A. calls Lamar Jackson 'Michael Vick 2.0' ahead of the Ravens-Chiefs matchup | First TakeStephen A and Dan Orlovsky debate quarterbacks: old vets vs. young guns | First TakeStephen A. answers: Should Urban Meyer return to college football? | First Take'JUST BLASPHEMY' - Stephen A. frustrated by Big Ben being called the worst AFC North QB | First TakeStephen A. isnt comfortable with Justin Fields starting Week 2 vs. the Bengals | First TakeDamien Woody lays into Stephen A. over Aaron Rodgers' blowout loss to the Saints | First TakeHe's a baaaad man! 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