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Do we need a LeBron-Kyrie reunion? | KJMStephen A., Pat Bev & Perk face off in a heated James Harden debate | First TakeStephen A.: I say what I mean, and I mean what the hell I say! | First TakeStephen A. to Pat Bev: Just because you're honest doesn't mean you're right! | First TakeStephen A.: There's a WHOLE LOT of point guards better than James Harden this year! | First TakePat Beverley and Stephen A. Smith SOUND OFF on James Harden Supermax debate | First TakePat Bev would offer James Harden a 'super-duper-duper max' deal | Get UpStephen A. to Pat Bev: YOU are not the same as James Harden! | First TakeSUPERMAX for James Harden?! 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Who does LeBron REALLY want to play with? | NBA TodayTim Legler: I don't have a lot of faith in James Harden right now! | TJIJames Harden is declining, he is not an MVP level player! - Jalen Rose | Jalen & JacobyDoc Rivers is expecting more from James Harden - Chiney Ogwumike on 76ers 3rd straight loss | SCIs Doc Rivers putting too much blame on James Harden? | First TakeWhat is the level of concern for James Harden? | Get UpJames Harden, you're making us look bad! - Swagu & Perk | Episode 21Brian Windhorst: The Bucks are the team to beat in the East! | Get UpJWill on Kyrie and KD: They are the most LETHAL duo heading into the playoffs! | KJMTim Legler thinks the pressure is SOLELY on James Harden | First TakeMore at stake in the playoffs: 76ers or Nets?! | First TakeJames Harden was supposed to provide this missing element to 76ers - Tim Legler | Get UpJames Harden leads 76ers to W with DOUBLE-DOUBLE | NBA on ESPNJames Harden, Tobias Harris: Who will be the playoff X-factor? | NBA TodayDo you have a problem with Doc Rivers resting Joel Embiid & James Harden vs. Heat? | First TakeMad Dog's A-List for Top 5 NBA scorers: Michael Jordan, Kobe & more | First TakeLOAD MANAGEMENT?! Larry Bird played with a BAD BACK for 81 games! - Mad Dog | First Take"Needed A Little Extra Help To Get This Bucket!" | Shaqtin' A FoolTim Bontemps' stock report: How are the refs affecting play this season? | NBA Stock ReportBEHIND-THE-BACK DIME FROM JAMES HARDEN | #shortsIt's Joel Embiid's time to win MVP this season! - Perk | NBA TodayJames Harden and DeMarcus Cousins got double-techs for this | NBA on EPSNStephen A. issues a warning to James Harden about dealing with 76ers fans #shortsStephen A.s No. 1 takeaway from Nets vs. 76ers | NBA CountdownTim Legler talks through James Hardens failings vs. Nets | SportsCenterDoes James Harden fold under big pressure moments? | First TakePerk reacts to Ben Simmons' return to Philly: He made the Nets come together! | First TakePerk: Embiid & Harden are still a dangerous duo, but they had an off night vs. the Nets | First TakeKendrick Perkins apologizes to Kyrie Irving after the Nets win over the 76ers | First TakeWhat is the level of concern over James Harden's performance in loss to Nets? | Get UpKD & Kyrie are gonna go hard to show James Harden they dont need him! - Gutierrez on Nets vs. 76ersCan the Pelicans get the best trade for Zion right now? | Hoop CollectiveStephen A. is HYPED for Nets vs. 76ers: Get your popcorn ready! | First TakeWhat does a healthy Nets team look like? | Get UpDiscussing Ben Simmons not playing in his return to Philadelphia | KJMTim Bontemps on what the 76ers are saying about matchup vs. Nets | NBA TodayBig Perk previews Nets vs. 76ers: This game is going to be EVERYTHING | NBA TodayThe 76ers are NOT the team to beat in the East! - Jalen Rose | Get UpTim Legler on resting LeBron: He is running out of postseasons! | Get UpTim Legler doesn't think the Bulls have enough to be legit NBA title contenders | KJM'THE SIXERS ARE REAL!' - Max Kellerman reacts to Joel Embiid's 43 PTS in the 76ers' win | KJMJalen Rose is hitting the PANIC BUTTON on the Nets | Get UpJames Harden is PUMPED for Tyrese Maxey #shortsChiney Ogwumike: I am taking the Memphis Grizzlies in the Western Conference | This Just InKevin Durant or Kyrie Irving: Who is under more pressure to win a title this season? | First TakePerk to Stephen A. & JWill's take on the Harden trade: 'Y'all both were 100% wrong!' | First TakeStephen A. hides behind Perk during a James Harden-76ers discussion | First TakeShaq wouldn't be able to guard Joel Embiid! - JWill reacts to the 76ers beating the Knicks | KJMJames Harden drops NEAR TRIPLE-DOUBLE in 76ers home debut James Hardens first bucket at home for Philly | #shorts76ers fans with their James Harden beards | #shortsEveryone's watching Harden which means EASY MONEY for Embiid - Chiney Ogwumike | NBA CountdownHow will the atmosphere be for James Harden's home debut? | NBA TodayJa Morant is DAZZLING, Embiid & Harden look SCARY & LeBron's BAD attitude | Swagu & PerkBreaking down James Harden's first 2 games with the 76ers | NBA Stock ReportWhy are James Harden and Joel Embiid the perfect fit? | NBA TodayPerk compares Joel Embiid & James Harden to Kareem & Magic | First TakeReacting to Joel Embiid saying the 76ers are 'unstoppable' with James Harden | Get UpWhat to make of Joel Embiid & James Hardens first game | NBA CountdownThis is James Hardens last best chance to win Michael Wilbon | NBA CountdownReacting to Joel Embiids comments on James Hardens fit with the 76ers | NBA TodayStephen A. explains why 'nobody's got more pressure than James Harden' | Stephen A.'s WorldExpectations for James Hardens 76ers debut vs. the Timberwolves | SportsCenterStephen A.: James Harden's legacy is on the line with the 76ers | First TakePerk when asked if the Nets can win the championship: 'NO GREENY! NO!' | Get Up'WHEN IS THIS LOSING GOING TO STOP?!' - Zach Lowe on the Nets | Get Up'Ben Simmons' expectations go out the window' when he steps on the court - Stephen A. | First TakeStephen A. explains why James Harden has more to prove than Ben Simmons | First TakeJames Harden is arguably the best lob passer of the last decade - Kenny Smith | Stephen A.s WorldAre the Bucks, 76ers, Heat, Bulls or Cavaliers the team to beat in the East? | Get UpJoel Embiid + James Harden = NBA's Best Duo? First Take debatesYou're not showing up to work, but still demanding to get paid - Stephen A. Smith | NBA CountdownJalen Rose dissects Adam Silvers comments about Harden-Simmons trade | Jalen & JacobyJalen Rose thinks ITS A FAILURE if James Harden doesnt win with 76ers | Jalen & JacobyHow the Ben Simmons-James Harden trade impacts the East | The Hoop CollectiveIf the 76ers dont make the finals, Im not sure Doc Rivers will be the coach anymore! - JWillStephen A. on Ben Simmons and the Sixers: 'Somebody's lying!' | First TakeChris Mad Dog Russo questions James Hardens reliability in a deep playoff run with the 76ersThe 76ers can depend on James Harden in a deep NBA playoff run - Stephen A. | First TakeAdam Silver on NBA All-Star, Harden/Simmons trade, in-season tournament & MORE | Get Up'It's hard to work with people who don't have the same vision as you! - Keyshawn on James HardenJames Harden rings the bell in Philly | NBA on ESPN'This trade gives the 76ers a real chance at winning a championship! - Tim Bontemps on James HardenCan Ben Simmons be a respectable voice on the Nets? | NBA TodayThe 76ers can now win it all with James Harden - Zach Lowe | NBA TodayJames Harden saw the potential of a championship with the 76ers - Chiney Ogwumike | This Just InJames Harden's first presser as a member of the 76ers | NBA on ESPNKyrie Irving is being unfair to Kevin Durant! - Swagu & Perk | Episode 15Daryl Morey will do whatever it takes to win a championship - Perk | NBA TodayStephen A. thinks the Nets SIGNIFICANTLY won the James Harden-Ben Simmons trade | NBA CountdownJames Harden Daryl Morey | #shortsWhat will the James Harden-Joel Embiid duo look like on the court? | SportsCenterJames Harden is an elite quitter - Tim MacMahon | The Hoop CollectiveAre the 76ers and Nets better following the trade deadline? | NBA TodayNBA Today reacts to Kevin Durants shade to James Harden in the All-Star DraftHarden is starvin to a win championship - Perk says things will be different for Harden in PhillyReaction to the biggest moves during the NBA Trade Deadline | SportsNationWho is under more pressure with his new team: James Harden or Ben Simmons? | (debatable)Stephen A. explains why the 76ers made a mistake trading Ben Simmons | First TakeJoel Embiid & James Harden could be like Kobe & Shaq - Kendrick Perkins | Get Up'He better win a championship!' - JWill's high expectations for Harden, Embiid & the 76ers | KJMBrian Windhorst on the Simmons-Harden trade: 'Both sides can claim victory!' | Get UpJWill is hyped for the Nets vs. 76ers RIVALRY the James Harden-Ben Simmons trade creates | KJMShaq & Chuck Disagree On Who Won The James Harden-Ben Simmons Trade | #InsideTheNBANBA on TNTDetailing the James Harden/Ben Simmons deal & more from the trade deadline | NBA Stock ReportInside the NBA Reacts To James Harden-Ben Simmons Trade & Lakers' Day With Chris Haynes | NBA on TNTNBA Trade Deadline: Winners & losers! | The Hoop CollectiveLeBron Could NOT Hold It Together after Kevin Durant picked Gobert over James Harden | NBA on TNTWoj on the Nets urgency to trade James Harden | SportsCenterWoj on how the James Harden-Ben Simmons trade unfolded | NBA TodayThe 76ers addition of James Harden is going to make Joel Embiid more motivated - Perk | NBA TodayJames Harden's contract extension would be the worst contract in NBA history - Bobby MarksStephen A. reacts to the James Harden-Ben Simmons trade | NBA TodayThe Nets had NO CHOICE but to trade James Harden - Brian Windhorst | NBA TodayWoj details the James Harden-Ben Simmons trade | NBA TodayWould you trade for James Harden today, or wait to sign him this summer? | (debatable)The Nets should trade Kyrie Irving, NOT James Harden - Kendrick Perkins | First TakeThe Nets have the talent to win it all without a trade, the 76ers dont Tim Legler | SC with SVPThis 76ers team could get bounced in the first round Stephen A. | NBA CountdownStephen A.: Kevin Durant is the reason James Harden is still with Nets | NBA CountdownIf Im James Harden I WANT OUT of the Brooklyn Nets! - Kendrick Perkins | NBA TodayWill the Nets pull off a blockbuster trade following a blowout loss to the Celtics? | (debatable)Stephen A. makes the case for the 76ers & Nets to NOT swap Ben Simmons and James Harden | First TakeBrian Windhorst: Ben Simmons-James Harden trade discussions are absolutely happening | Get UpBobby Marks explains just how the Ben Simmons-James Harden trade could work | NBA Today'How much does Sean Marks trust James Harden?' - Bobby Marks on Harden's loyalty ahead of FAFred VanVleet ABSOLUTELY deserves to be an NBA All-Star - Tim Bontemps | NBA Stock ReportDoes James Harden have a longterm future in Brooklyn? | NBA Today'If I'm James Harden, I WANT OUT' - Perk dissects Harden's frustrations with the Nets | This Just InBiggest All-Star Snubs? LaMelo Ball & Jaylen Brown headline | NBA TodayWhat should be the level of concern for the Nets after recent struggles? | Get UpThe 2022 East All-Star Reserves are revealed | NBA on TNTJalen Rose is starting to worry about the Nets | Jalen & JacobyStephen A.s take on what NOT winning the NBA title would mean for KD | NBA TodayJames Harden needs to score the ball, period! - Chiney Ogwumike on Nets struggles | SportsCenterThe Nets ignoring James Harden trade offers would be a mistake - Stephen A. | First TakeTim Legler has pretty serious concern about the Brookyn Nets | SC with SVPTrae Young dishes out his 12th 30-PT, 10-AST game, leading the NBA Stephen A.s message to Kevin Durant: This is your franchise | NBA CountdownStephen A. on Nets: I want to see a team that cares | NBA CountdownReacting to the NBA All-Star starter list | NBA TodayBrian Windhorst breaks down 5 options James Harden has for this summer | The Hoop CollectiveStephen A. on the Nets shunning trade offers for James Harden | First TakeBobby Marks on James Harden's future with Nets | NBA on ESPNBrooklyns looming decision that could impact James Hardens future with the team | NBA CountdownIs James Harden justified in his frustration over the Nets season so far? | Jalen & JacobyWhere should James Harden direct his frustrations? | NBA TodayJames Harden reaches 23,000 CAREER PTS with 33-PT TRIPLE-DOUBLE over Lakers Are the 76ers wasting Joel Embiid's talent? | Swagu & PerkJames Harden has an insane game against the Spurs JWill reacts to Joel Embiid's 50-point performance vs. the Magic | Get UpStephen A.: Itll be a disaster if the Nets dont win title | NBA CountdownWoj: The Nets expect Kevin Durant to be out 4-6 weeks with a sprained MCL | NBA TodayNBA Todays midseason Top 3contenders Jalen doesn't believe this is the last year of the Nets' Big 3 | Jalen & JacobyAdrian Wojnarowski on when Kyrie Irving could play home games | NBA TodayIs the BEST version of James Harden when he plays with Kyrie Irving? | NBA Today'I haven't seen Russell Westbrook's confidence this shot in FOREVER!' - Kendrick Perkins | TJICan anyone beat the Nets with Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant & James Harden? | NBA TodayJWill thinks the Bulls are still a piece away from contending in the East vs. the Nets | First TakeReacting to the Nets dominating the Bulls 138-112 | Keyshawn, JWill and MaxNets vs. Bulls: Who will be the most important player? | NBA TodaySteve Nash doesn't look like he knows how to coach - Swagu & Perk | Episode 11The Nets would have won a title last season if it werent for Kevin Durants foot injury - Zach LoweKyrie Irvings situation with the Nets has never been seen in modern NBA Windhorst | NBA TodayWhat does James Hardens return for Christmas Day mean for the Nets? | NBA TodayWill Kevin Durant and Giannis Antetokounmpo be available to play on Christmas? | NBA TodaySteve Kerrs main challenges as Team USA head coach | NBA TodayDivided opinion on Kyrie Irving's return to the Nets | NBA CountdownAre the Nets relying too heavily on Kevin Durant? | NBA TodayReacting to the NBA Power Rankings | NBA TodayJames Harden looks disinterested! - Jalen Rose on Brooklyn Nets | NBA CountdownKendrick Perkins expects James Harden to elevate his game with Kevin Durant out | This Just InReporting on James Harden & Trae Young's early season frustration with lack of foul callsNBA Todays early impressions of the Brooklyn NetsMy concern level with Zion Williamson has been at 'a 10' - Jay Williams | This Just InAre James Harden or Russell Westbrook's early season struggles more concerning? | NBA CountdownIs Steve Nash the reason for James Harden's struggles? Perk thinks so | NBA TodayKyrie seems to be the 'missing ingredient' for the Nets - Max Kellerman | Keyshawn, JWill & MaxStephen A: James Harden needs to be the dude from Houston! | NBA Countdown'Carmelo Anthony was special' vs. the Grizzlies - Stephen A. is proud of Melo | #ShortsThe NBA is back. NBA Street style | #ShortsShould the NBA include the playoffs for MVP voting? | KJMI believe in KD! I believe in James Harden! - Stephen A. thinks Nets are contenders without KyrieHow much do the Nets miss Kyrie? | This Just InRecapping the NBAs opening night: Warriors vs. Lakers, Bucks vs. Nets | SportsNationStephen A. doesn't believe James Harden's comments about staying with the Nets | First Take'Kobe Bryant is smiling down on a guy like Giannis Antetokounmpo' - Stephen A. | First TakeDid the Nets get the right depth around Kevin Durant and James Harden? | KJMAre the Nets better than the Bucks WITHOUT Kyrie Irving? | (debatable)'Kyrie Irving is NOT a victim'- Jalen Rose on Irving's vaccine status | Jalen & JacobyDevin Booker could disrupt the NBA MVP race - Brian Windhorst | The JumpBrian Windhorst doesnt think Kyrie Irving only playing road games is tenable | The JumpKyrie Irving is the type of guy who will lose millions to make a point - Stephen A. | First TakeThe financial implications for James Harden not signing extension with Nets | The JumpLakers or Nets: Who is more likely to win the NBA title? | The JumpAre the days of splashy NBA free agency signings over? | The JumpDo the Nets or Lakers have a better roster following this summer's moves | The JumpFill in the blank: NFL player I want to see in the boxing ring | Pro Football Talk | NBC SportsJames Harden says it's 'scary hours' for the rest of the NBA | Jalen and JacobyJalen Rose on NBA poll: LeBron James knows how to craft his own narrative | Jalen & JacobyThe only ones that can beat the Nets are the Nets! Richard Jefferson | The JumpJalen Rose reacts to Nets-Lakers Christmas Day matchup: Its going to be nasty! | Jalen & JacobyEast or West: Which conference is stronger? The Jump debatesAre you confident Kyrie Irving and James Harden will sign contract extensions? | The Jump'The pressure is on James Harden and Kyrie Irving!' - Stephen A. talks KD and the Nets | First TakeHow should the Nets handle the Big 3's contract extensions? | The JumpKenny Smith on free agency: Lakers' roster, Bulls adding DeMar DeRozan and Knicks' moves | #GreenyDo the Nets or Lakers have a better Big 3? | The JumpKendrick Perkins doesnt buy the Nets being the favorite for the 2022 title | The JumpReacting to Shaq shutting down LeBrons complaints about the cause of NBA injuries | First Take'The Process' has been canceled! The 76ers need to trade Ben Simmons - Kendrick Perkins | Get UpWill Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving finish their careers with the Brooklyn Nets? | KJZWas the Nets season a failure? | KJZRos Gold-Onwude on KDs airball on final shot in Game 7: It showed he was human | Hoop StreamsThe biggest takeaways from the Bucks Game 7 win over the Nets | SportsCenterTim Legler breaks down OT of Game 7 between Bucks and Nets | SportsCenterReaction to the 76ers Game 6 win: Philly closed it out better on the road Legler | SportsCenterThe Bucks should be worried about James Harden in Game 7 - David Jacoby | Jalen & JacobyKhris Middleton was the difference maker in the Bucks forcing a Game 7 - P. J. Carlesimo | Get UpWinners and Losers: Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks force a Game 7 vs. the Nets | SportsNationBuck vs. Nets Game 6 highlights and analysis | Get UpThe Bucks dont expect Kevin Durant to go off for 49 again Malika Andrews | The JumpKawhi Leonards huge absence and James Harden available for Game 6 | KJZALL TIME!: Michael Wilbon reacts to Kevin Durants Game 5 performance vs. Bucks | PTIKevin Durants Game 5 performance was incredibly efficient - Seth Greenberg | Get UpReacting to Kevin Durant's legendary Game 5 performance | KJZNets vs. Bucks Game 5 highlights and analysis | Get UpWoj on James Harden's status for Nets' Game 5 vs. Bucks | Daily WagerThe Bucks are going to pick on James Harden Kendrick Perkins | SportsCenterReacting to James Harden being cleared to play in Game 5 vs. the Bucks | The JumpThere is no excuse for the Bucks to lose Game 5 against the Nets - JWill | KJZKD and the Nets have to step up in Game 5 without Kyrie and James Harden - Jay Williams | KJZVince Carter: KD has to score at least 45 points in Game 5 | Get UpHow Giannis Antetokounmpo & PJ Tucker changed the series for the Bucks | Jalen & JacobyCan Kevin Durant inspire the Nets to victory without the rest of the Big 3? | KJZWoj breaks down the latest on Kyrie Irving and James Hardens injuries | KJZCan the Nets win a game without Kyrie Irving and James Harden? | First TakeThe Bucks have momentum! - JWill reacts to Milwaukee tying the series 2-2 and Kyrie Irving's injuryDo the Nets need James Harden to beat the Bucks? | The JumpMax Kellerman underscores how important James Harden is to the Nets' offense | First TakeKendrick Perkins All-NBA He is Who He Is Team | KJZThe Bucks got physical with the Nets! - Kendrick Perkins on Nets vs. Bucks Game 3 | Get UpBucks fans were calling for Mike Budenholzer to be fired during Game 3! - Alan Hahn | KJZHow the Nets are limiting Giannis and the Bucks | KJZWhy are the Bucks falling flat vs. the Nets in the playoffs? | SportsnationKendrick Perkins' message to Giannis: Show some passion in Game 3! | Get UpSteph, Klay and KD vs. KD, Harden and Kyrie: Which Big 3 would win? | First TakeJalen Rose reacts to Game 2: Giannis is getting crossed up and dunked on by the Nets! | Get UpIts embarrassing! - JWill reacts to the Bucks being down 0-2 to the Nets | Get UpNets vs. Bucks Game 2 highlights and analysis | Get UpKendrick Perkins wants the Bucks to have patience after the Game 1 loss to the Nets | The JumpAre the Milwaukee Bucks already facing a must-win game vs. the Brooklyn Nets? | Jalen & JacobyCan the Nets beat the Bucks without James Harden? | Get UpPreviewing Bucks vs. Nets Game 2: How will Brooklyn adjust without James Harden? | KJZJames Harden is out for Game 2 vs. the Bucks | SportsNationWill the Giannis-Harden beef carry over to the Bucks vs. Nets series? | The JumpBrian Windhorst says the NBAs future is at stake in Bucks vs. Nets | The JumpReflecting on the Nets vs. Celtics series and looking ahead to Nets vs. Bucks | KJZ'This is the Showtime Nets' - Brian Windhorst on Draymond Green picking Nets to win East | The JumpIs Zion Williamson the best player from the 2019 NBA Draft? | KJZNick Wright: If the Jazz lose this, Donovan Mitchell will play for the Thunder | #TheRightTimeLeBron, D-Wade and Bosh or KD, Kyrie and Harden: Which Big 3 would win? | First TakeNBA playoff preview: Celtics vs. Nets, Lakers vs. Suns and Mavericks vs. Clippers | SportsCenterDoes Steph Curry need a max deal to stay with the Warriors? | KJZThe Nets didnt look that great vs. the Celtics in Game 1 - Jalen Rose | Jalen & JacobyDoris Burke reacts to Anthony Davis' performance vs. the Suns | KJZCan any team match up with the Brooklyn Nets in the Eastern Conference? | KJZStephen A. explains why Paul George can change his narrative in these playoffs | First TakeStephen A. has a problem with Giannis saying the Bucks' chances vs. the Heat 'might be the same'Stephen A.'s expectations for the Nets? Championship or bust! | Stephen A's WorldBreaking down James Harden's playoff expectations | The JumpKevin Durant plays down the Nets as title favorites is that the right mindset to have? | KJZKevin Durant respects the Celtics and says the Nets 'can be beat if we don't lock in' | NBA on ESPNIs the LeBron vs. Steph matchup bad for the NBA? Will the 'Clippers curse' be broken? | SportsNationChris Bosh doesnt see similarities between the Heats Big 3 and the Nets Big 3 | The JumpKendrick Perkins predicts the Bucks will make the NBA Finals: Carry the hell on! | First TakeAll eyes should be on Giannis - Stephen A. says The Greek Freak is facing pressure | First TakeHas Kyrie Iriving lost his focus on the basketball court? | KJZ'James Harden will win Finals MVP this season' - Max Kellerman's Nets prediction | First TakeCan the Heat challenge the Nets for the East? | First TakeMax's change of heart about Stephen Curry vs. James Harden upsets Kendrick Perkins | First TakePerk on James Hardens return vs. the Spurs: Some people are flat-out hoopers! | KJZFirst Take reacts to James Harden saying 'not to brag or anything, but I'm really good at this game'James Harden returns in a win vs. the Spurs, Knicks and Hawks clinch playoff spots | SportsNationLeBron or James Harden: Whose return will have a bigger impact? | First TakeNBA "Fear The Beard" MOMENTSLeBron Lifts the Lakers to Their Game 3 Win Over Houston | NBA on TNTThe Top Olympic Buzzer Beaters of All-Time! | Top Moments