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MOMENTSThe Big Twirl | The Big Podcast with ShaqNBA "Clueless" MOMENTSNBA "360" MOMENTSNBA "Gangsta" MOMENTS From Level 1 To Level 100NBA "Video Game Mode " MOMENTSShaq shares his thoughts on Durant staying in Brooklyn | The Big PodcastNBA "Furious " MOMENTSNBA "In My Bag!" MOMENTSNBA "Respect " MOMENTSNBA "Hidden Chats" MOMENTSNBA "Flame Thrower " MOMENTSNBA "He's Too Flashy!" MOMENTSNBA "Signature Celebration" MOMENTSThe Big Walkie Talkie | The Big PodcastNBA "Pure Disrespect" MOMENTSNBA "Lockdown Defense " MOMENTSShaq vs. Hasbulla is the matchup we didnt know we needed NBA "Long Shot " MOMENTSNBA "Unfazed" MOMENTSNBA "Redemption!" MOMENTSNBA "Don't Be Cocky" MOMENTSNBA "Unexpected" MOMENTS From Level 1 To Level 100NBA "Breaking The Unwritten Rule" MOMENTSNBA "Jaw Dropping " MOMENTSShaq and Spice try to name that tune | The Big PodcastNBA "Whose Team Are You On?" MOMENTSLeBron's entrance at the Crawsover Pro-Am NBA "Trick Play" MOMENTSNBA "Temper Tantrum" MOMENTSKenny Smith and Shaq reunite in the offseason | The Big PodcastNBA "Freak Of Nature" MOMENTSHow the NBA continues to make scoring easierNBA "Don't Make Me Angry " MOMENTSNBA "Hail Mary " MOMENTSNBA "Demon Mode " MOMENTSNBA "Streetball" MOMENTS From Level 1 to Level 100NBA "Not Knowing The Rules" MOMENTSThe Big Face-Off with D-Nice | The Big PodcastNBA "Pray For Him!" MOMENTSNBA" 0.1% Odds" MOMENTSNBA "Most Satisfying" MOMENTSThe Big Chair Breaker | The Big Podcast | NBA on TNTNBA" Silent Killer " MOMENTSNBA "Trolling" MOMENTSNBA "Dunk Contest" MOMENTSNBA "Ankle Breaker" MOMENTSNBA "Controversial Ref" MOMENTSNBA "Karma" MOMENTSI tracked every Michael Jordan playoff game for a decadeNBA "1 Billion IQ" MOMENTSNBA "0% Luck" MOMENTSThe Big Emotions with Liz Beecroft, LCSW | NBA on TNTNBA "Worst Effort" MOMENTSNBA "Iconic Revenge" MOMENTSNBA "Instant Regret" MOMENTSNBA "Frame It!" MOMENTSNBA "Street" MOMENTSShaq responds to Steph saying the 2017 Warriors could have beat the 2001 Lakers | The Big PodcastNBA "King " MOMENTSNBA "Robot " MOMENTSNBA "Most Viral" MOMENTSNBA "Gangsta" MOMENTSNBA "Famous Nickname" MOMENTSNBA "What A Move!" MOMENTSNBA "Night Night " MOMENTSNBA "Greatness" MOMENTSNBA "Beastmode!" MOMENTSNBA "Rare" MOMENTS From Level 1 To Level 100Perk: A healthy Clippers team is the team to beat! | NBA TodayWere still talking about Kevin Durant! - Kendrick Perkins | NBA TodayDeandre Ayton a key offseason domino in NBA Free Agency | NBA TodayWoj outlines potential multiple team deals for Kevin Durant | NBA TodayBrian Windhorst reacts to his 'Now Why Is That?' meme | The Hoop CollectiveNBA Free Agency: Kevin Durant trade more difficult than we thought? | The Hoop CollectiveDave McMenamin opens up for an honest conversation on Kobe Bryant | Hoop CollectiveHow is Russell Westbrook's summer going? The Hoop Collective discussesWill this Nets chapter hurt Kevin Durants legacy? Kyrie Irving thinks like an artist - Jamal Crawford Jamal Crawford opens up about closure of NBA career If the Lakers are serious about Kyrie Irving, what should they offer the Nets? | Hoop CollectiveBrian Windhorst is at is again: 'Why would they do that?!' | The Hoop CollectiveZion Williamson going to PUBLICLY sign 5-year contract extension? | The Hoop CollectiveBrian Windhorst accepting endorsements after becoming a viral sensation Kevin Durant has not said anything publicly on Kyrie - JWill | KJM'Why not run it back?!' - JWill wonders if Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving will return to the Nets | KJMJosh Giddey drops DOUBLE-DOUBLE 14 PTS & 11 AST as Thunder win Summer League opener Chet Holmgren's first points of NBA Summer League had to be a dunk NBA "Getting Angry " MOMENTSHow dangerous can the Pelicans be with Zion Williamson on the court? | NBA TodayPerk: I dont believe Kevin Durant wants to be traded, its a scare tactic! | NBA TodayWoj on the Nets strategy as they look for trades for Kevin Durant | NBA TodayHer reaction when she realized it was Ja Morant Woj expects James Harden & Daryl Morey to get a new deal done soon | SportsCenterWhat Jeanie Buss' comments on Kobe Bryant & the Lakers really means | KJMHow serious are the Warriors pursuing Kevin Durant? | KJMDo we need a LeBron-Kyrie reunion? | KJMNBA "Demigod" MOMENTSDoes it makes sense for Kevin Durant to go back to the Warriors? | KJMWoj: Lakers-Nets trade talks have 'no traction' on deals for Irving, Durant | SportsCenterScotty Pippen Jr. dazzles in 15 PTS, 8 AST performance in Summer League | NBA on ESPNScottie Pippen in the house to watch his son play for the Lakers in Summer League Moses Moody gets it to go while FALLING down | NBA on ESPNNBA "Zero Gravity " MOMENTSLuka Doncic running over to hug Dirk Nowitzki is so wholesome Bobby Marks TRADE MACHINE! How a Kevin Durant trade could come to fruition | SportsCenterToronto Raptors are the WILD CARD in this, kids! - Bobby Marks | NBA on ESPNWoj: The Pelicans believe Zion Williamson is at the center of their future | SportsCenterSteph & Canon at the Summer League NBA Free Agency: THAT Utah Jazz rant & Kevin Durant latest | The Hoop CollectiveNBA "Crazy Sequence!" 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Cole has a better stat line than Draymond Green, it's a problem - Ryan Clark | Get UpAdam Sandler ahead of his new film "Hustle"'Real classy' - Warriors defend Draymond after Boston chantsYou can play basketball AND have a podcast! - JWill thinks Draymond Green is making excuses | Get UpPat Bev: Draymond won't be a letdown! 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TURNOVERS! | This Just InDoubters 'can't debate me if I'm a champion' - TatumMad Dog's A-List: Toughest NBA players include Kobe & MJ | First TakeStephen A. on toughness of the NBA: The game has been changed for the better! | First TakeJJ Redick unpacks Draymond Green's comments about toughness in the NBA | First TakeStephen A. & Mad Dog sticking with their NBA Finals picks?! | First TakeStephen A. & JJ Redick sound OFF debating if the NBA has gotten softer 'It's Klay Thompson that is my concern' - Stephen A. previews Game 3 | First TakeStephen A.: Look at me, there are worse things to look at 'Draymond makes a point' - Stephen A.'s thoughts on Green's comments after Game 2 technical | Get UpAddressing the state of the Utah Jazz | The Hoop CollectiveDarvin Ham is trying to manage what got out of control last season! - Windy | Get UpHow long will Russell Westbrook last with the Lakers? | The Hoop CollectiveJJ Redick: The Celtics shouldn't focus on baiting Draymond Green into technical fouls | Get UpLeBron just wants to stay relevant! - Key on LeBron's comments on playing for the Warriors | KJMSteph Curry 'curious' why golfers are dropping PGA Tour for LIVWill 'Game 6 Klay Thompson' return & get out of his slump? | Keyshawn, JWill and MaxThe Celtics need to set the tone & counter Draymond Green's antics early in Game 3 - JWill | KJMWarriors confident that Thompson will overcome slumpNBA "Long Range Sniper " MOMENTS'I feel like I'm in my prime' - Steph Curry opens up on his return to the NBA Finals | NBA TodayAdam Sandler & Shaq Are Comedy | The Big Podcast | NBA on TNTKlay Thompsons just going to watch his Game 6 YouTube highlights Were going to get Richard Petty real quick! - Richard Jefferson with the DAD JOKES! 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Stephen A. educates JJ & CJ on NBA Finals pressure! | First TakeJJ Redick: I still dont know what a PICK EM series is! | First TakeJay Williams recaps the keys to Stephen Curry Game 2 performance | Get UpIf the Celtics don't fix their 3rd QTR performance, they ain't gonna win! - Brian Windhorst | Get UpCJ McCollum on Steph Curry: He is doing what we're accustomed to seeing him do! | Get UpBreaking down what Quin Snyder resigning means for the Utah Jazz | KJMMax Kellerman gives credit to Steph Curry for his 29-point performance in Game 2 | KJM'Draymond Green is one of the main reasons why Golden State won this game!' - JWill on Game 2 | KJMPlayer of the Day - Steph CurryCurry leads Warriors to level Finals against Celtics'Poole Party' as Jordan nails half-court buzzer-beaterBest Of Warriors Lockdown Defense In Game 2 #NBAFinalsDraymond Green: Ive EARNED differential treatment from refs | SportsCenterLETS NAME NAMES! - Stephen A. HITS OUT at Celtics Game 2 performance | SportsCenterDraymond Green shows love to Jalen Rose Stephen A.: Celtics were SLOPPY & played with NO URGENCY! | NBA CountdownJordan Poole Drills INCREDIBLE Buzzer Beater In Game 2The Rooftop at Pier 17 was ROCKIN as Warriors dominated Celtics in Game 2Steph Curry has COLOSSAL impact with 29-PT Game 2 as Warriors even the series vs. the CelticsChase Center Goes WILD After ELECTRIC 19-2 Warriors Run #NBAFinalsJORDAN POOLE BEATS THE BUZZER! | NBA on ESPNREACTION TO JORDAN POOLE BUZZER BEATER!Altercation breaks out as Draymond Green & Jaylen Brown get tangled up | NBA on ESPNExciting 1st QTR Finish In Celtics vs Warriors - Game 2 #NBAFinalsGrant Williams and Draymond Green getting chippy early in Game 2 Jayson Tatum & Draymond Green Trade Tough Buckets In Start Of Game 2 | #NBAFinalsNBA Finals viewing party from The Rooftop at Pier 17 'They got TROUBLE in Utah!' - Stephen A. reacts to Quin Snyder stepping down | NBA CountdownMoney Man picks Celtics to win NBA Finals Stephen A. calls Game 2 a 'MUST-WIN' for Golden State | NBA CountdownJaylen Brown warms up in the "End Gun Violence" shirts both teams are wearing ahead of Game 2Celtics have arrived for Game 3these fits though Al Horford 'grateful' for chance to play in the NBA Finals | NBA on ESPNHorford inspiring Celtics in NBA FinalsYou have to block out 'wishy-washy' social media noise - GreenNBA "Perfect Timing" MOMENTSSteph Curry on how the Warriors plan to bounce back and take Game 2 | 2022 NBA FinalsAdam Silver speaks - NBA Commissioner on...What are the keys for the Warriors to bounce back in Game 2? | Outside The LinesHow the Celtics stormed back in the 4th quarter | NBA Finals Game 1 analysisBehind the scenes of NBA Finals Game 1 with the NBA Countdown crew #shortsNBA "I'm On Fire " MOMENTSWill Warriors even up the series? Game 2 Predictions | NBA TodayRichard Jefferson's EPIC RESPONSE to NBA potentially shortening the season | NBA TodayReacting to Adam Silver considering tweaks to the All-NBA voting process | NBA TodayJaylen Brown or Jayson Tatum: Most important Jay for the NBA Finals? | NBA TodayDraymond Green needs to step up or the Warriors are going to lose the series - Perk | NBA TodayAl Horford is who Draymond Green USED TO BE- Perk | NBA TodayStephen A. reacts to LeBron becoming the NBAs first active player worth $1B | First TakePerk doesn't envision the Warriors overcoming the Celtics' athleticism & size | First Take'Boston earned the win' - Kerr gives credit for Celtics comebackHorford’s Boston Heroics – Celtics come back to win Game 1Player of the Day - Al HorfordHorford leads huge comeback as Celtics down WarriorsJayson Tatum Sets New NBA Finals Assists Record | 13 AssistsCeltics & Warriors Combine For A Finals Record 40 Threes!Celtics' EPIC 4th QTR Comeback In Game 1 vs Warriors | #NBAFinalsCeltics Threes Spark Comeback In Game 1 | #NBAFinalsSteph's Behind The Back Scoop Finish | Celtics vs Warriors - Game 1Celtics & Warriors Set Finals Record 20 Combined Threes In A Half | #NBAFinalsMarcus Smart Motivates The Celtics In Game 1 Of The NBA FinalsSteph Curry Sets #NBAFinals Record In 1st QTR Of Game 1 | 21 PTS & 6 ThreesSteph Knew This Was Going In | #NBAFinalsThe entire NBA Countdown crew has the WARRIORS winning the NBA Finals If the Warriors win the Finals, they're GOLIATH - Stephen A. 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Yes he did! | First TakeA moment of silence was held for the victims of the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas before Game 4JJ Redick expects to see First Team All-NBA Jayson Tatum in Game 5 | Get UpJJ Redick: Jimmy Butler is at his best when he is using his physicality! | Get UpLuka Doncic CAN'T do this alone! - Vince Carter on Mavs keeping season alive | Get UpDallas deny series sweep: Can Mavs make NBA history?Boston is at their best when they share the ball & cut down their turnovers - Frank Isola | KJMEmotional Kerr slams 'pathetic' senators after Texas school shootingJWill reacts to Luka Doncic coming through for the Mavericks in Game 4 vs. the Warriors | KJM 'I'll ask Dirk' - Doncic left bemused by Mavs' leaky roofCurry bemoans Warriors failure to dodge Dallas 'avalanche'Mavericks avoid elimination on sombre night in TexasCurry backs Kerr's anger over latest US mass shootingMavs coach Kidd sends condolences after 'horrific' Texas shootingCurry backs Kerr's anger over latest US mass shootingCandace Parker Receives Her Championship Ring | EJ's Neato Stat of the NightJalen Brunson Joins the Inside Guys After Game 4Inside Guys React To Luka Doncic and Mavs Avoiding Sweep In Game 4 Against Warriors | NBA on TNTLuka Doncic splashes 30 PTS, 14 REB double-double as Dallas MAKES IT RAIN to force Game 5 Mavericks Can't Miss In The Third QTR Of Game 4The Best Shaqtin' Moments of the Season are in...Who Took the Top Spot?Luka hit a shot that you would ONLY see in a game of H.O.R.S.E. Warriors vs. Mavericks Game 4 was delayed due to a leaky roof Inside Guys React As The 2021-22 All-NBA Teams Are Announced | NBA on TNTAnother day, another BEAUTIFUL pass by Luka DoncicTNT Inside Crew Opens Show With Segment On Elementary School Mass Shooting In TexasSteve Kerr Gives Passionate Plea For Gun Control After Mass Shooting At Texas Elementary SchoolSteve Kerr spoke about the mass shooting at a school in Uvalde, Texas.NBA "Playoffs Savagery" MOMENTSBrian Scalabrine: When the Celtics are at their best, their defense is NEXT LEVEL! | NBA TodayROLL THE TAPE! 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Smith | NBA CountdownNBA "Iconic Celebration" MOMENTSPerk: Jayson Tatum BETTER have a bounce back game! | NBA TodayWoj: The expectation is that Jimmy Butler will be back for Game 4 | NBA TodayJJ Redick breaks down how Steph Curry & Andrew Wiggins are impacting the Warriors | This Just InCurry doesn't need extra Doncic motivation - GreenBrian Windhorst details latest Heat & Celtics injury updates | SportsCenterJalen Rose predicts the Warriors sweep the Mavs & is ready to get out the brooms | Jalen & JacobyStephen A. on Lakers coach opening: It's gotta be someone with CACHET! | First TakeStephen A.: The Warriors are selfless, more experienced & better shooters! | First TakeStephen A. to JJ Redick: Youre absolutely rightbut I DONT CARE! | First TakeStephen A. describes what the Warriors' 3-0 lead reveals about the Mavericks | First TakeStephen A. still has the Celtics beating the Heat in 7 games | First TakeThis season Andrew Wiggins is showing he deserves the praise he is getting - Stephen A. | First TakeJayson Tatum needs to 'stop crying to the refs' - Jalen reacts to Boston's Game 3 loss | Get UpJJ Redick on Juwan Howard declining Lakers: This is NOT a good job! | Get UpHow does Jayson Tatum bounce back from a rough Game 3 vs. the Heat? | Get UpJJ Redick: The Warriors are certantly capable of winning the championship! | Get UpJWill on the Lakers' head coach opening: There is A LOT of hesitancy with taking the job! | KJMDarvin Ham, Terry Stotts & Kenny Atkinson: Best candidate for Lakers coaching job? | KJMJWill explains how Kyle Lowry's return impacted the Heat's Game 3 victory vs. the Celtics | KJM'He's a high school hot dog!' - Keyshawn on Luka Doncic's 40 PTS in the Mavericks' Game 3 loss | KJMWarriors take commanding 3-0 lead against Mavericks'Drops the sledgehammer!' - Wiggins posters Doncic'The Warriors have TOO many weapons!' Tim Legler reacts to Warriors' Game 3 win | SportsCenterInside Guys Predict What Chuck Will Do On His Day Off In Dallas | NBA on TNTAndrew Wiggins Talks About Poster Dunk On Luka Doncic After Game 3 Win | NBA on TNTThe Inside Guys Talk Warriors' 3-0 Series Lead Over MavsLuka Doncic sinks 40 PTS, 11 REB double-double in Game 3 of WCF Steph Curry joins Michael Jordan, LeBron James' record in historic 31-PT night ANDREW WIGGINS POSTERIZES LUKA DONCIC Andrew Wiggins Throws Down MONSTER Dunk In Game 3Steph Curry trips over concession worker late in the second quarter of Game 3Steph Hits Patented Turnaround Three In Game 3Luka Shimmies After WILD Buzzer BeaterReggie Bullock Wins 2021-22 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Social Justice Champion Award | NBA on TNTChuck Rides Horse For A Legendary Entrance In Dallas | NBA on TNTNBA "Signature Move" MOMENTSThis kiss cam didnt turn out as expected | #shortsBam comes up big in Boston as Heat win Game 3Jalen Rose: Boston Celtics let GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY slip away If Bam Adebayo plays like THIS, Miami is going to be tough to beat! - Matt Barnes | SportsCenterMiami Heat Set Playoff Franchise Steal Record In Game 3 Stephen A.s VERDICT of what went right for Heat vs. Celtics in Game 3 | SportsCenterJaylen Browns HUGE 40-PT night not enough for Boston Celtics in Game 3Bam Adebayo ELECTRIC with double-double in Miami Heats Game 3 win over Celtics Jayson Tatum goes down with an apparent shoulder injuryMarcus Smart Makes EPIC Return From Injury & FIRES Celtics Up In Game 3!Celtics fans FIRED UP with Marcus Smarts return Celtics' Game 3 halftime show was rather interesting Kyle Lowry goes down the tunnel early for the Heat The Warriors ARE NOT the clear-cut favorite! - Jalen Rose | NBA CountdownStephen A. DOESNT LIKE any of the Lakers head coach frontrunners | NBA CountdownNBA "Brick Wall" MOMENTSStephen A. is the gift that keeps on giving! Did he tweak his hip?! Jerry Jones impersonations! Looney lavished with love after fueling Warriors comebackLooney lavished with love after fueling Warriors comebackCurry leads Warriors' stunning second half comebackThe Inside Guys Take a Look Back at Their 2021-22 Season Predictions | EJ's Neato Stat of the NightJordan Poole Joins TNT Inside Crew After The Warriors Win Game 2 | NBA on TNTInside Guys React To Steph Curry Leading Warriors Game 2 Comeback Against Mavs | NBA on TNTStephen Curry leads the comeback vs. the Mavericks Luka Doncic's 42 PTS were not enough to lead Mavs over the WarriorsSteph Seals Game 2 Comeback In CLUTCH FashionSteph Gets Everyone HYPED In Final Minutes Of Game 2Klay Thompson Runs To The Rim For The Slam Davis Bertans and Damien Lee received technical fouls for this play NBA "Cheating!" MOMENTSThe Miami Heat are in BIG TROUBLE as the series shifts to Boston - Tim Legler | SportsCenterLuka Doncic needs to ATTACK in Game 2 - Tim Legler | SportsCenterTim Legler argues that the Warriors are best suited to win the NBA title | First TakeCheck out what Amar'e Stoudemire said about Perk back in 2009 | First Take'Beantown wassup?!' - Perk says Boston showed they're the NBA's best team in Game 2 | First TakeWhere do Chris Paul & the Phoenix Suns go from here? | The Hoop CollectiveCan the Warriors slow down Luka Doncic again in Game 2? | Get UpAmar'e Stoudemire on why Kyle Lowry's absence makes Jimmy Butler's job a lot harder | Get UpSmart 'sets the tone' as Celtics demolish HeatCeltics vs. Heat Game 2 highlights & analysis: Jayson Tatum & Marcus Smart lead Boston | Get UpLuka Doncic has a little James Harden in him - Seth Greenberg makes the comparison | KJMBoston was on a different level than Miami in Game 2 - Jay Williams reacts to the Celtics' win | KJM'I got a bit selfish' - Butler after Heat dismantledSmart puts Strus on the floorSmart nets from behind the glassCeltics out-Smart Heat to level seriesCeltics out-Smart Heat to level seriesStephen A.: Marcus Smart had a PROFOUND impact in Celtics' Game 2 win over the Heat | SportsCenterMarcus Smart STUFFS the stat sheet with 24 PTS, 9 REB & 12 AST Jayson Tatum with an ELECTRIC 27 PTS to lead Celtics over the Heat Marcus Smart snatches Max Strus' ankles P.J. Tucker exits Game 2 early with left knee contusion | NBA on ESPNAny of the four remaining teams could win the Championship - David Jacoby | Hoop StreamsA Little Shake & Bake By Marcus SmartWILD BEHIND THE BACKBOARD By Marcus Smart Controversial foul called on Tyler Herro for this chase-down block on Marcus Smart | NBA on ESPNJayson Tatum THROWS IT DOWN Jimmy Buter is a SUPERSTAR in today's game! - Jalen Rose | NBA CountdownKeep the Dallas Cowboys away: They'll jinx the Mavericks! - Stephen A. Smith | NBA CountdownWhy the Warriors are a different animalNBA "Highest IQ" MOMENTSCan Jimmy Butler be considered a Top-5 player in the NBA? 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Devin Booker helps ELEVATE the Suns over the Mavs This moment between Jimmy and PJ | #shortsGotta make sure coach is relaxed | #shortsJimmy Butler's 23 PTS pushes Heat over the 76ers Joel Embiid goes down in pain after being hit in the face on contested rebound + Doc Rivers T'd upMavericks' outlook, James Harden and can the Grizzlies climb back? | Pardon the InterruptionDraymond Green is donating $100K in honor of his former Michigan State teammate Adreian PayneAl Horford (!) changes everything against Giannis and the BucksNBA Today demonstrates how to defend the Pick-and-Roll (although you can't!)With Zion Williamson the only question is health! - Mike Greenberg | #GreenyCould we see FIVE GAME 7s later this week?! | #GreenyUnless LeBron James wants to leave the Lakers, they arent trading him! - Tim Legler | #GreenyTim Legler details adjustments the Suns need to make to stop Luka Doncic in Game 5 | SportsCenterSuns better come to play, Luka's going to continue to be UNSTOPPABLE - Jalen Rose | Jalen & JacobyDONT POKE THE BEAR! I didnt think the bear would be Al Horford! - David Jacoby | Jalen & JacobyJJ Redick: Lakers are not in contention next year, no matter who the coach is! | First TakeStephen A.s HILARIOUS OUTLOOK if Rudy Gobert guarded Shaq The Warriors close Game 4 win is making Stephen A. worried about his title pick | First TakeStephen A. & JJ Redick offer up 76ers vs. Heat predictions | First TakeIT HAS TO STOP - Stephen A. on players arguing with refs after every play | First TakeStephen A.: NOT A BIG DEAL the Warriors struggled in win vs. Ja-less Grizzlies | First TakeHeat or 76ers: Who has the edge in Game 5? | Get UpEven LeBron has haters! - JJ Redick on Draymonds comments about Steph Curry being disrespectedGrizzlies missing 'big piece' MorantCeltics or Bucks: Who has the edge in Game 5? | Get UpGiannis' stare down unleashed the beast in HorfordTim Legler: NO ONE has been under more scrutiny than James Harden! | Get UpChris Paul fan incident & Jokic wins MVP over Embiid and Giannis | Swagu & PerkGreg Anthony: Having Joel Embiid out there changes EVERYTHING for everyone! | KJMCurry makes history as Warriors stage late rally to win Game 4Bane weaves past Warriors to beat the buzzer"You Wore It Better!" | Chuck Really Copied Tyler Herro's Postgame Outfit Shaq Sounds OFF On Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert After Comments On Social Media | NBA on TNT"I Didn't Think They Played Championship Basketball" | The Inside Guys Discuss Warriors' Game 4 WinInside Guys React To Jayson Tatum And Al Horford Leading Celtics In Game 4 Win | NBA on TNTSteph Curry was HYPE after Draymonds clutch block | #shortsSteph Curry's 32 PTS & 8 AST help Warriors RALLY BACK to take Game 4Desmond Bane Beats 3Q Buzzer With WILD Triple!Steph Curry becomes 1st player to make 500 3PM in NBA postseason history Al Horford strikes back! Puts Giannis on a poster, receives dead ball technical foul"Grand Theft Alvarado!" | Jose Alvarado Got the Steal on Kenny in Studio J Inside Crew Talks To Monty Williams After He Wins 2021-22 Coach Of The Year | NBA on TNT'This is so stinkin' cool!' - Phoenix Suns surprise Monty Williams with Coach of the Year award Jayson Tatum Rises UP For The Huge Flush NBA "Are You High?" MOMENTSWarriors need to play like they did in Game 3 - JJ Redick | NBA TodayNBA Today weighs in on Nikola Jokic winning a 2nd-straight MVP JJ Redick: James Harden is not the volume-efficient scorer he was in Houston | SportsCenterDIRTY OR FAIR: JJ Redick talks Warriors vs. Grizzlies series | SportsCenterLuka Doncic is an equal-opportunity employer! - Jalen Rose | Jalen & JacobyStephen A.: If the Celtics dont win the SERIES IS OVER! | First TakeStephen A. siding with the Warriors as the BEST TEAM right now | First TakeMavericks fans removed after incident involving Chris Paul's family | NBA on ESPNDid Jordan Poole break the PLAYER CODE for foul on Ja Morant? | SportsCenterReacting to MJ, David Beckham & Tom Brady at the Miami Grand Prix with Lewis Hamilton | Get UpJimmy Butler gets the and-1 bucket after Joel Embiid swipes down on his headLuka Doncic picks up technical foul EARLY in Mavs vs. Suns BREAKING! 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Smith debate how much the last 2 losses are on Chris Paul | First TakeStephen A. puts things INTO PERSPECTIVE in Grizzlies vs. Warriors series | Get UpIf James Harden plays like that the Miami Heat are in a WORLD OF TROUBLE - Stephen A | Get UpAttacking weaknesses in the playoffs | HalfCourtHoops Enhanced podcastEmbiid and Sixers enjoying the James Harden showHarden stands out as Sixers level Miami seriesHarden stands out as Sixers level Miami seriesTNT Inside Crew Celebrates Mother's Day | NBA on TNTInside Guys Discuss Suns-Mavericks After Dallas Wins Game 4 | NBA on TNTInside Guys React To James Harden Leading Sixers In Game 4 Against Heat | NBA on TNTChuck Goes OFF After Ja Morant Injury Against Warriors In Game 3 | NBA on TNTNBA "Most Embarrassing" MOMENTSGrizzlies and Warriors react to Morant injuryTatum wows with dunk on Giannis in Celtics-BucksGiannis shimmies after assisting Holiday lay-upGiannis drops 42 points as Bucks go 2-1 up against Celtics"Morant Magic" - Ja Sinks Halfcourt Shot In Game 3!NBA Countdown's memories of when Michael Jordan hit "The Shot" over Craig EhloMichael Wilbon reacts to Celtics' loss: JAYSON TATUM HAS NEVER PLAYED WORSE! | NBA CountdownGiannis & Jayson Tatum Meet At The Rim In Game 3!Shaq Weighs In On The Utah Jazz & Rumors Of Donovan Mitchell/Rudy Gobert Beef | The Big PodcastStephen A. on Klay Thompson's struggles: I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON! | NBA CountdownDoncic and Brunson dazzle in the paint for Dallas in Game 3Doncic bamboozles Suns with razor-sharp post footworkDoncic and Brunson dazzle in the paint for Dallas in Game 3Tyrese Maxey's Sparkes Epic 76ers SequencesJoel Embiid Dunks It Home In Playoff Return vs Heat!Tyler Herro Takes Off On The Break In Game 3 At Philly!WHERE THE HELL IS SPENCER DINWIDDE?! - Stephen A. on the Mavs vs. the Suns | NBA CountdownChris Paul is the BEST point guard in basketball - Stephen A. Smith | NBA CountdownNBA "1 In A Trillion" MOMENTSAllen Iversons impact on basketball | NBA TodayHow are the Suns celebrating Chris Paul on his birthday? | NBA TodayWoj: Joel Embiid has been upgraded to doubtful for Game 3 vs. Heat | NBA TodayStephen A. celebrates 'The Point God' Chris Paul on his 37th Birthday | Stephen A's WorldRecapping the first games between the Warriors & Grizzlies & the rest of series | Jalen & JacobyJalen Rose wonders if James Harden is still an All-Star level player | Jalen & JacobyThe adjustments the Mavericks need to make to get back in the series vs. the Suns | SportsCenterStephen A. is shocked by Perks Finals prediction | First TakeJoel Embiid clears concussion protocol, still listed as out for Game 3 | First TakeWill Giannis Antetokounmpo figure out how to beat the Celtics defense? | Get UpWill Doc Rivers' be the 76ers' head coach next season? | Keyshawn, JWill & MaxDiscussing Joel Embiid, James Harden & the issues surrounding the Philadelphia 76ers | KJMChris Paul out-duels Luka Doncic and the MavsNBA "Grudge Match" MOMENTS'A lot of people owe Ben Simmons apologies' - Jalen reacts to the back surgery news | Jalen & JacobyJames Harden has to reinvent himself! - Jalen Rose reacts to the 76ers' Game 2 loss | Jalen & JacobyThe Suns used 'seek & destroy' to exploit Luka Doncic on defense - Jalen Rose | Jalen & JacobyDo you see the resemblance of LeBron-DWade? Chris Paul 'is super impressive, but doesn't surprise me' - Devin BookerStephen A.: Ben Simmons having back surgery does NOT change my perspective on him! | First TakeD-Wade's living the life! - Heat legend courtside in playoff winMiami dominate the Sixers in Game 2Chuck Refuses to Touch the Stanley Cup The Inside Crew Weighs In On Heat-Sixers Game 2 & Embiid's Continued AbsenceThe Inside Guys Break Down Phoenix's Game 2 WinNBA "That Was Unexpected!" MOMENTSYOU LOVE DRAYMOND OR HATE HIM! - Matt Barnes | NBA TodayHow should the Suns game plan around Luka Doncic? | NBA TodayThe Celtics FOUND a winning formula from 3, but is it sustainable? | NBA TodayWoj details Dillon Brooks' Flagrant 2 foul & Gary Payton II's injury | NBA TodayDid Ja just have the best performance of the playoffs?! | NBA TodayRapper Juicy J has title hopes for Ja Morant & the Memphis Grizzlies | Jalen & JacobyDraymond says he will take the fine for flipping off fans in Game 2 #shortsJJ Redick praises the LUXURY of the Boston Celtics' roster | SportsCenterStephen A.: The Lakers won't 'fall off the map' if they trade LeBron | First TakeStephen A. says the 76ers version of James Harden isn't the same player we once knew | First TakeJ.B. 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Former teammates Chris Paul and Willie Green embrace after Pelicans' elimination | #shortsChris Paul PERFECT GAME! Connects on 14-14 FG to Eliminate Pelicans in Game 6Joel Embiid's double-double helps 76ers close out Raptors in Game 6 "Bees Are Not A Pet Man!" | The Inside Crew Talks Gobert's Bee Sting Devin Booker warming up for Suns vs. Pelicans Game 6 | NBA on ESPNTaylor Rooks joins The Steam Room | NBA on TNTNBA "Satisfying Swish!" 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It's EMBARASSING!' | First TakeJames Harden hasn't scored efficiently for weeks! - JJ Redick on the 76ers losing Game 5 | Get UpJJ Redick reacts to the Nets getting SWEPT by the Celtics | Get Up'It's the play-offs man!' - Doncic downplays hard foulKevin Durant is still backing Steve Nash to return as the Nets' head coach | KJMJWill calls out Joel Embiid: 'Have some accountability!' Stop pointing the damn finger!' | KJM'How do you have a smile on your face' - JWill on Kyrie hugging former Celtics teammates | KJM'I'm not going anywhere' - Irving on his futureCeltics humiliate Nets with series sweepBrown's big slam shows off Celtics' dominance"Teach Me How To Say 'Great Job' In Your Language" | Luka Doncic Joins Inside The NBAGone Fishin': Brooklyn Nets Edition | NBA on TNT"This Game Was Over At Halftime" | The Inside Crew Discusses The Mavs' Blowout Win Over The JazzInside Guys React To Raptors Game 5 Win Against The Sixers | NBA on TNTThe Inside Guys Break Down Celtics' Sweep Over NetsDoncic's attempted poster of Whiteside turns into scuffle Luka Doncic GOES OFF and leads Mavs over the Jazz 33 PTS & 13 REB Kyrie Irving: I felt like I was letting the team down...it became a distraction at times | #shortsBobby Marks' offseason guide: The Brooklyn Nets | NBA on ESPNPascal Siakam's 23-PT double-double helps Raptors FORCE Game 6 Jayson Tatum fouls out of Game 4 before Celtics sweep Nets GET THE BROOMS! Jayson Tatum drops 29 PTS as the Celtics SWEEP the Nets Josh Richardson makes NBA player comparisons to top world soccer stars How'd he do? | #shorts"He Needs To Be Special" | The Inside Crew Talks KD Ahead Of Game 4Ja Morant Joins Inside The NBA After Winning 2021-22 Most Improved Player NBA "Most Iconic Playoff" MOMENTS'A special moment': Vince Carter reveals ROTY award to Scottie Barnes | NBA TodayBREAKING: Woj details Ben Simmons return for Brooklyn Nets | NBA TodayNBA Todays CONCERN METER for the Phoenix Suns THE NETS GET SWEPT... by Kendrick Perkins | NBA TodayTim Legler: I think the Warriors are going to win the whole thing! | This Just InNick Friedell on Nets: I don't think these guys EVER got the sense Ben Simmons was playing | TJISomething about this Boston defense forces the Nets to struggle! - David Jacoby | Jalen & JacobyJalen Rose DIDNT BELIEVE Ben Simmons was going to return | Jalen & JacobyIs Jayson Tatum passing Kevin Durant as a better player?! First Take debatesMonica McNutt on Nets: It's going to be ugly but I do believe they can force a Game 5 | First TakeStephen A. picks Klay Thompson to be Warriors most important player | First TakeKevin Durant & Brooklyn Nets looked like they TAPPED OUT! | #GreenyStephen A.: The culprit of players willingness to sit out & load manage is Gregg Popovich! Stephen A. & Tim Legler debate BEST team in the East | First TakeStephen A.: EVERYWHERE Ben Simmons goes hes NOT reliable | First TakeStephen A. UNLEASHES on PATHETIC Ben Simmons | First Take'Steve Nash has to go' - Stephen A.'s thoughts on the Nets' future | First TakeMalone insists Nuggets are still alive and fighting'The Phoenix Suns are in BIG TIME TROUBLE' - JWill reacts to the Pelicans tying the series | KJMJWill explains why he could never trust Ben Simmons if they were teammates | KJM'The Boston Celtics clearly are better without Kyrie Irving' - Jalen Rose | Get UpJalen Rose: The Celtics deserve ALL of the credit! | Get UpBrian Windhorst on Ben Simmons: It's extraordinarily disappointing! | Get UpJokic-inspired Denver keep playoff hopes aliveJokic finds Barton to ice the game with threeJokic finds Barton to ice the game with threeThe Inside Crew Has An Egg Fight In Studio J The Inside Guys Weigh In On Ben Simmons Being Out For Game 4The Crew Discussed Miami's Dominant Game 4 Win In Atlanta"I Thought The Warriors Kinda Mailed It In Today" | Inside Crew Discusses Denver's Win In Game 4The Inside Guys React to Pelicans Taking Game 4Pelicans Lockdown 4th Quarter Defense In Game 4!Jose Alvarado Forces 8 Sec Violation On CP3 And HYPED The Entire Smoothie King Center Up!"You Almost Had Him Chucky!" | Kenny & Chuck Race To The BoardStephen A.: This is one of the most PATHETIC situations I've ever seen in my life | NBA on ESPN"Don't Walk Around Talkin' Bout You A Champion!" | Chuck Sounds Off On Kevin Durant | NBA on TNTNikola Jokic Calls Out Warriors Final Play Before It Happened!Nuggets Sink Clutch Shot To Force Game 5!NBA "No Friends In The Industry" MOMENTSAyo Dosunmu with a big 3 from the corner Steph Curry is LOCKED in ahead of Game 4 #shortsStephen A.: I would NEVER give Kyrie a long-term contract again! | NBA CountdownWoj details Nets' upcoming offseason decisions | NBA CountdownStephen A. SHOCKED & Jalen Rose LAUGHING after Kyries comments Jalen Rose: The Warriors actually defend! They are the best team! | NBA CountdownStephen A.: Kevin Durant can't be viewed as the best player if he plays like this! | NBA CountdownAre the Warriors looking like the best team in the West? | NBA CountdownUtah edge out Dallas to spoil Doncic returnUtah edge out Dallas to spoil Doncic returnUtah edge out Dallas to spoil Doncic returnGobert makes dramatic game-sealing alley-oop for the JazzStephen A. reacts to the Nets' loss to the Celtics: Kevin Durant did NOT show up! | NBA CountdownStephen A. on the Mavs' loss: I AM DISGUSTED THEY PLAYED LUKA DONCIC! | NBA CountdownJalen Rose: The 76ers can't make the Finals with THIS version of James Harden | NBA CountdownDonovan Mitchell & Rudy Gobert Connect For Game-Sealing OopThe Inside Crew reacts to the Raptors avoiding the sweep in game 4 | NBA on TNTKenny brings his new dog Malibu to Studio J | NBA on TNTNBA "You Don't See That Everyday" MOMENTSScottie Barnes wins Kia Rookie of the Year | NBA on TNTPascal Siakam's new playoff CAREER-HIGH 34 PTS keep the Raptors alive Young had 'no doubt' over game-winning shotTrae the hero as Hawks cut Heat series leadTrae makes go-ahead floater to earn Hawks winChris Paul Saves His Best For Q4 Landry Shamet WITH THE POSTER Trae Young WINS IT For Atlanta Hawks Logo Trae Young in the CLUTCH Trae Young Pulls Up From DEEP Stephen A. & Jalen get FIRED UP about if Ben Simmons should play | NBA CountdownStephen A. has 0 DOUBT the Bucks will still beat the Bulls without Khris Middleton | NBA CountdownWilbons take on Bucks-Bulls rivalry has Stephen A. HOWLING | NBA CountdownWHAT DID I DO?! Greeny to Michael Wilbon after he mentioned Get Up | NBA CountdownStephen A.: THE WARRIORS ARE COMING | NBA CountdownNBA "Savage" MOMENTS from Level 1 To Level 100How will Devin Booker and Khris Middletons absence impact their teams in the playoffs?Kevin Durant looks exhausted in this series vs. the Celtics - Tim Bontemps | The Hoop CollectiveStephen A. is worried the Nets might get swept by the Celtics | Stephen A.s WorldWhat has CJ McCollum brought to the Pelicans? | This Just InBen Simmons is NOT THE ANSWER for the Nets in the series vs. the Celtics! - Jalen RoseJalen Rose reacts to the Grizzlies epic comeback in Game 3 | Jalen & JacobyHow the Celtics shut down Kevin DurantThe Hornets fire head coach James Borrego after four seasons | SportsCenterGiannis Antetokounmpo is going to remind the world WHO THE HELL HE IS! - Stephen A. | First TakeStephen A. calls out Karl-Anthony Towns for his 8-PT Game 3 performance | First TakeBrandon Ingram reminds Perk of Kevin Durant 'A young superstar in the making!' | First TakeThe best and worst shooters of the 2021-22 NBA season from everywhere on the floor | NBA on ESPNStephen A. uses his Cowboys catchphrase on the Jazz: WHAT CAN GO WRONG, WILL GO WRONG! | First TakePerk has NO FAITH that the Nets can win the series vs. the Celtics | First TakeThe Heats Vice jerseys were pure Miami & made Dwyane Wade's game-winners look even better | ThreadsThe Timberwolves collapsed vs. the Grizzlies! - Stephen A. on Game 3 | First TakeHow the Zion Williamson & Devin Booker injuries are impacting the Pelicans-Suns series | Get UpKevin Durant is struggling because of the Celtics defense - P.J. Carlesimo | Get UpKJM on the impact of the strategy to have Stephen Curry come off the bench Reacting to the Warriors taking a 3-0 series lead over the Nuggets | KJM'WHAT ARE WE DOING?!' JWill reacts to the Timberwolves giving up a big lead in Game 3 | KJMMorant 'disrespectful', just like Timberwolves fansGrizzlies overcome 26-point deficit to seal incredible winInside Crew Reacts To Pivotal Mavs Win In Game 3"Did I sucker punch you? Damn right I did. And it felt good" | Scott Hastings responds to Chuck"Please call 1-800-SHAQTIN if you can find the missing Nets on the inbound" | Shaqtin' A FoolThe Inside Crew Reacts to Warriors-Nuggets Game 3 | NBA on TNTChuck Sounds OFF on KAT and the Timberwolves | NBA on TNTAndre Iguodala rolls back the clock with explosive throw down This shot pushed Klay Thompson pass Ray Allen for THIRD all-time playoff 3PM Steph Curry STAYS HOT off bench with 27 PTS & 6 AST Ja kept the receipts | NBA on ESPNRED HOT Jalen Brunson leads Mavericks to Game 3 win vs. Jazz Luka Is Loving Spencer Dinwiddie Game Donovan Mitchell Coming With SMOKE Spencer Dinwiddie HUGE Poster Memphis Grizzlies 37 PTS Quarter "That Was Embarrassing For Basketball" | Inside Reacts To Minnesota Collapse In Game 3 vs. MemphisRudy Gobert Rips DOWN Reverse Alley-Oop Aaron Gordon Cleared for Takeoff Ja Morant records FIRST GRIZZLIES PLAYOFF TRIPLE-DOUBLE in franchise history Desmond Bane DROPS 26 PTS on 7 3PM in Grizzlies' HISTORIC COMEBACK! Pat Bev off glass with the SAUCE Ja's BULLET PASS for a Bane 3 caps Grizzlies' 21-0 run to TIE THE GAME If only this half-court shot from Jordan Clarkson counted Pat Bev's Mom Matches His EnergyThe 76ers have the trust of a championship-caliber team! Kendrick Perkins | SportsCenterNBA "Karma/Revenge" MOMENTSCHINEYS BREAKDOWN! Bulls vs. Bucks final possession | NBA TodayKD playing 38+ minute games is catching up to him! - Jalen on the Nets struggles in the playoffsJoel Embiids game-winner encompasses his season - Jalen Rose | Jalen & JacobySOFT OR BOSS MOVE?! Marcus Smarts DPOY ROBE! | Jalen & JacobyBen Simmons possibly playing in Game 4 isnt going to save the Nets - Frank Isola | First TakeKyrie isnt trying to get to fined again Stephen A. on the Warriors chances to win a title: Im not betting against them! | First TakeStephen A. goes off on his admiration for Joel Embiid | First TakeStephen A. can't believe he's saying the Nets might get SWEPT by the Celtics | First TakeStephen A. on Nets loss: For the first time I saw KD rattled! | First TakeDEUCE TATUM IS HYPED! #shortsStephen A. on KD after Game 2: 'A TRAGIC performance,' he's never looked this bad | First TakeStephen A.: CHRIS PAUL IS THE BEST POINT GUARD ON THE PLANET | First TakeStephen A. on 76ers-Raptors: This series is OVER in Toronto! | Get UpStephen A.: The Bucks should still win this series even without Khris Middleton | Get UpIt is scary how bad Kevin Durant has looked in the series vs. the Celtics - Stephen A. | Get UpStephen A. is thrown off by Jalen Rose's sweater | Get UpSeth Greenberg on Joel Embiid's final shot: This is why he is so difficult to play against | Get Up76ers vs. Raptors Game 3 highlights & analysis: How Doc Rivers drew up Embiid's game-winner | Get UpDurant looking for ways to unpick stern Celtics defenseCeltics vs. Nets Game 2 highlights & analysis: Brian Windhorst on how KD is getting stopped | Get UpBrian Windhorst: Ime Udoka has put in 10,000 hours against Kevin Durant | Get UpBrian Windhorst on Ben Simmons' possible return for Game 4 of the Nets-Celtics series | Get UpThe Bulls tied it up 1-1, but can Chicago take down Giannis & the Bucks in the series? | KJMThe Celtics' plan to stop Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving was a 'MASTERPIECE' in Game 2 - JWill | KJMEmbiid earns sweet revenge in Toronto as 76ers pull awayEmbiid rattles Raptors with dunk on SiakamEmbiid game-winning three gives Sixers 3-0 series leadInside Crew Gets Caught Off-Guard By Hawk In Studio J | EJ's Neato Stat of the Night"You Are My MVP" | The Inside Crew Sings Embiid's Praises After Incredible Game-WinnerInside Crew Reacts To Nets Going Down 2-0 To CelticsInside Look At The 76ers Huddle Before Joel Embiid's Game-Winner!"This Was About One Guy Willing His Team To Win" | Inside Crew Talks DeRozan's Big Game 2Giannis Antetokounmpo erupts for MONSTER 33 PTS & 18 REB double-double DeMarvelous DeRozan's 41 PTS helps Bulls stun Bucks to even series Doc Rivers is coaching circles around Nick Nurse Kendrick Perkins | SportsCenterPerk reacts to Celtics Game 2 win: Boston has Kevin Durant LOCKED DOWN | SportsCenterI've got to get Kevin Durant to his spots - Kyrie Irving on Nets' loss to Celtics | NBA on ESPNJoel Embiid Calls Game In Toronto | Inside The NBA reacts to Sixers-Raptors Game 3 | NBA on TNTHELL YEAH! JOEL EMBIID IS HYPED after Game 3 game-winning shot Joel Embiid Hits INSANE Turnaround Game-Winner!Joel Embiid with the HAMMER Jaylen Brown's CLUTCH 22 PTS & 6 AST lead Celtics in comeback over Nets Marcus Smarts lefty banker puts Game 2 out of reach for Nets | NBA on ESPNWith The Left Hand? Joel Embiid Throws Down Ferocious PosterDanny Green LIVID! Receives technical foul after arguing with refereeBobby Marks' offseason guide: The Washington Wizards | NBA on ESPNOG Anunoby got Drake OUT OF HIS SEAT! Perk sees 'Kevin Durant vibes' in Brandon Ingram Predicts Pelicans in 7 | #shortsNBA "Magic Trick" MOMENTSSerge Ibaka makes DeMar DeRozan call Kyle Lowry, if Kyle doesn't answer DeMar drinks cricket juice Durant or Tatum? Debating BIGGER FACTORS in Nets-Celtics Game 2 | NBA TodayJJ Redick is confident the Suns can win the series vs. the Pelicans without Devin Booker | SCFIRST TAKE HOT TAKES! Stephen A. 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