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First Two Semi-Finalists Are Locked | Day 6 Highlights | VCT LOCK//INPacific Goes 2 For 2 | Day 5 Highlights | VCT LOCK//INTwo Americas Teams Shine In The ALPHA Group | Day 4 Highlights | VCT LOCK//INTop 8 ALPHA Teams Are Locked In | Day 3 Highlights | VCT LOCK//INMeet LOUD | VCT LOCK//IN 2023Meet Gen.G Esports | VCT LOCK//IN 2023Meet Talon Esports | VCT LOCK//IN 2023Meet MIBR | VCT LOCK//IN 2023Meet Team Heretics | VCT LOCK//IN 2023Meet Evil Geniuses | VCT LOCK//IN 2023Karmine Corp, DRX, And Cloud9 Put On A Show | Day 2 Highlights | VCT LOCK//INMeet Paper Rex | VCT LOCK//IN 2023Meet Cloud9 | VCT LOCK//IN 2023Meet BBL Esports | VCT LOCK//IN 2023Meet DRX | VCT LOCK//IN 2023Meet FunPlus Phoenix | VCT LOCK//IN 2023Meet Karmine Corp | VCT LOCK//IN 2023The First Two ALPHA Bracket Teams Advance | Day 1 Highlights | VCT LOCK//INMeet Giants Gaming | VCT LOCK//IN 2023Meet DetonatioN FocusMe | VCT LOCK//IN 2023Meet KOI | VCT LOCK//IN 2023Meet NRG | VCT LOCK//IN 2023 12 hours until the fun begins! #VCTLOCKINIn 24 hours, 32 teams face off in So Paulo for #VCTLOCKIN! The biggest event in VALORANT history is 48 hours away. #VCTLOCKIN72 hours away. #VCTLOCKINT-minus 4 days until LOCK//IN! #shorts #VCTRep your love for the VCT with these four melee skins #VCT #shortsVCT LOCK//IN Skin Reveal TrailerKaquka Breaks Down LOCK//IN: The Biggest VCT Event Ever | NXT-UPJOIN THE NEW ERA | 2023 VCT LOCK//IN | Cinematic TrailerVALORANT Champions Tour 101: What To Expect From The 2023 SeasonTFW your dreams come true. #VCT #shortsEpisode 3 - Champions stanbul // The Fearless | 2022 VCT Documentary SeriesThrough tough times, Stax and Mako find a way to support each other. #VCT #shortsEpisode 2 - Masters Copenhagen // The Fearless | 2022 VCT Documentary SeriesSome things were meant to be for Sacy #VCT #shortsEpisode 1 - Masters Reykjavk // The Fearless | 2022 VCT Documentary SeriesEL DIABLO #VCT #shorts2022 VCT Documentary Series - The Fearless // Official TrailerG2 Gozen Pulls Off A Big-Brain Fake Against Cloud9 White | Open Mic | VCT Game Changers ChampionshipCloud9 White Outmaneuvers G2 Gozen Using Only Pistols | Open Mic | VCT Game Changers ChampionshipOFF/STAGE: A VCT Game Changers Championship Recap | VCT NAYoull Never Guess How Enerii Gets Ready For A Game | On The SpotTOP 10 Plays | VCT Game Changers Championship 2022Your First-Ever VALORANT GAME CHANGERS CHAMPIONS!!G2 GOZEN WINS THE FIRST-EVER #VCTGameChangers CHAMPIONSHIP #shortsWHAT AN ACE FROM FLOWERFUL!!! #shorts #VCTGameChangersWHAT WAS THAT FROM SONDER??? #shorts #VCTGameChangersBig chillin #shorts #VCTGameChangersTHE 3K CLUTCH FROM JULIANO! #shorts #VCTGameChangersBECOME THE GAME CHANGER // VALORANT Game Changers Championship Day 6 TeaseShopify Rebellion Reaches Grand Finals | VALORANT Game Changers Day 5 HighlightsCLUTCH defuse with only 00.15 left on the clock! #shorts #VCTGameChangersALEXIS GETS THE ACE!! #shorts #VCTGameChangersSHOWDOWN OF THE AMERICAS // VALORANT Game Changers Championship Day 5 TeaseG2 Gozen Advances To The Grand Final | VALORANT Game Changers Day 4 HighlightsG2 Gozen Spreading The Love | 2022 VALORANT Game Changers ChampionshipProtect mimi at all costs #VCTGameChangers #shortsShopify Rebellion ballin out on stage #VCTGameChangers #shortsCloud9 White's Comeback? // VALORANT Game Changers Championship Day 4 TeasemeL was feeling weird vibes at her hotel #VCTGameChangers #shortsDid Cloud9 White stay at a haunted hotel?? #VCTGame hangers #shortsSmurfette is lethal with the Op! #VCTGameChangers #shortsBSTRDD WENT BEAST MODE. #VCTGameChangers #shortsElimination Day Is Here | Game Changers Championship Day 3 HighlightsFENNEL HOTELAVA FIRES BACK // VALORANT Game Changers Championship Day 3 TeaseShopify Rebellion and Team Liquid Bring Home Wins | Game Changers Championship Day 2 HighlightsMeet FENNEL HOTELAVA | VALORANT Game Changers Championship 2022Meet Team Liquid Brazil | VALORANT Game Changers Championship 2022Meet Shopify Rebellion | VALORANT Game Changers Championship 2022Meet Guild X | VALORANT Game Changers Championship 2022NA Versus The World | VCT NA Game ChangersThis KR Esports squad is looking FIERCE 4 days until the #VCTGameChangers Championship!The story of Roxi I VCT EMEA Player FeatureWhat its like road-tripping with G2! #shorts #VCTGameChangersThe #VCTGameChangers Championship action starts in 5 days!Juliano Road Tripped With A Stranger?! | VCT StoriesSEIZE THE PLAY // 2022 VALORANT Game Changers Championship | Cinematic TrailerVALORANT Game Changers Championship: Format ExplainedTeam Liquid BR is LOCKED IN for the VCT Game Changers Championship!!! #VCT #shortsIsla got the ACE!! #VCTGameChangers #shortsWhat a transfer by Jazzyk1ns #VCTGameChangers #shortsYay is joining Cloud9 for the 2023 season! #VCT #shortsSacy and pANcada are set to join Sentinels for VCT 2023! #VCT #shortskiNgg Shares The TRUE Story Behind Leviatns Most Iconic Play | VCT StoriesneT only brought SNACKS to Masters?? | VCT StoriesTop 10 Champions Plays So Far | VALORANT Champions stanbul 2022VCT Finals Performance Teaser // VALORANT Champions 2022The Funniest Ace In VCT History? | Top 5 Plays September 9, 2022 | VALORANT ChampionsVALORANT Pros React To Their Best 2022 HighlightsAPAC Rising Music Video ft. Dharni | VALORANT Champions 2022FEAR/NONE | VALORANT Champions CinematicFire Again ft. Ashnikko // Official Music Video // VALORANT Champions 2022Champions 2022 Skin Reveal Trailer | VALORANT Champions 2022The 2022 VALORANT Champions apparel collection | VCT 2022VALORANT Champions 2022: Format ExplainerHow Does Leo Win This 1v5?!? | Global Top Frags | August 15, 2022APAC Crowns Their LCQ Winner, The Battle For South America Continues | NXT-UP | 8.11.22Babybay Pops OFF In The LCQ | Global Top Frags | August 8, 2022The Origin Story of Team Liquids BROTHER BUFF | VCT StoriesCan These Teams Survive The LCQ? | NXT-UP | 8.3.22Top 4 VCT Pros Who POPPED OFF At Masters Copenhagen | NXT-UP | 7.27.22TOP 5 Masters Copenhagen Plays From Final Four | Global Top Frags | July 25, 2022Not All Things Were NICE! With TENNN At VALORANT Masters | VCT StoriesThe TOP Plays Of Masters Copenhagen | VCT Masters Copenhagen 2022foxz Delivers THE Play of Masters Groups | Global Top Frags | July 13, 2022Everything You Need To Know About VALORANT Masters Copenhagen | NXT-UP | 7.6.22VALORANT Masters Copenhagen 2022: Format ExplainedThe Biggest Upsets From Challengers Finals | NXT-UP | 6.29.22BuZz Goes CLUTCH In The Korean Grand Final | Global Top Frags | June 27, 20223 Teams, 1 Throne: Can ZETA DIVISION Remain On Top In Japan? | NXT-UP | 6.22.22How Fade Is Making Noise In The VCT | NXT-UP | 6.15.22Bang Hits The 1v5 ACE CLUTCH | Global Top Frags | June 13, 2022Evil Geniuses Are Living Up To Their Name | NXT-UP | 6.8.22Johnqt Is A Clutch KING | Global Top Frags | June 6, 2022Meet One Of EMEAs Freshest Talents | NXT-UP | 6.1.22MARVED ACTUALLY KNIFED HIM?! #VCT #shortsGet you a hype man like Hotsauz!! #VCT #shortsJust Mike things, according to ShahZaM #VCT #shortsWenty shows us why he picks Chamber and gets the ACE + CLUTCH!! #VCT #ShortsDaprs bedtime routine ends with anime! #VCT #ShortsShahZaM Saves Dapr From DISASTER! | VCT StoriesPyth Is An AIM DEMON | Global Top Frags | May 23, 2022TFW you get the 13-0 win!! #VCT #shortsMeet Team Secret AKA Adobo Gang | NXT-UP | 5.18.22How Did KRX CLUTCH This??! | Global Top Frags | May 16, 2022Can Vivo Keyd Reclaim Their Success? | NXT-UP | 5.11.22ALEKSANDAR Goes HUGE In NA | Global Top Frags | May 9, 2022VALORANT Challengers EMEA - Stage 2 Week 1 Day 3VALORANT Challengers EMEA - Stage 2 Week 1 Day 2VALORANT Challengers EMEA - Stage 2 Week 1 Day 1FaZe Clan Qualifies Without Dropping A Series | NXT-UP | 5.4.22World Champion Zeek Reacts to Viral Clips | On The SpotTeams To Watch Coming Out Of Masters Reykjavk 2022 | NXT-UP | 4.27.22Best Masters Plays from the Final Four | Global Top Frags | Apr 25, 2022The TOP Plays Of Masters Reykjavk | VCT Masters Reykjavk 2022SkRossi Spent HOW MUCH On Lemonade? | VCT StoriessScary Lives Up To His Name | Global Top Frags | Apr 15, 2022VCT Beat Drop - Masters Reykjavk 2022 - Audio VisualizerBoaster Flexes His Way Through The VCT Lightning Round | On The SpotAll You Need To Know About Masters Reykjavk | NXT-UP | 4.6.22Julias Bladestorm Is Lethal | Global Top Frags | Apr 4, 2022Zeta Divisions Dep Plays This Or That | On The SpotVALORANT Masters Reykjavk 2022: Format ExplainedThis Weeks South American Showdown | NXT-UP | 3.30.22Zekken held his ground and took down every last one! #shortsBoaster Got The BLIND 1v4 CLUTCH?! | Global Top Frags | Mar 28, 2022TFW when you qualify for VALORANT Masters!! #ShortsSAYAPLAYER WITH THE COLLAT #ShortsBenkai Wants To Be A Meme?! #VCT #shortsWalkout King Benkai Plays "Most Likely To" | On The SpotNo ones safe in Boasters pit #shorts #vctThe 4 Hottest VCT Playoff Matchups This Week | NXT-UP | 3.23.22SCREAM DOES IT IN STYLE! #shorts #VCTT3xture frags out with the Blade Storm for the 4K #VCT #shortsTop 5 VCT Plays This Week | Global Top Frags | Mar 21, 2022Guild Is Back With A Vengeance | NXT-UP | 3.16.22Top 5 VCT Plays This Week | Global Top Frags | Mar 14, 2022(B-Stream) VALORANT Challengers EMEA - Week 5 - Day 3(B-Stream) VALORANT Challengers EMEA - Week 5 - Day 2C9s Xeta Answers Questions & Plays This Or That | On The SpotCan This New Korean VALORANT Squad Go International? | NXT-UP | 3.9.22Top 5 VCT Frags This Week | Global Top Frags | Mar 7, 2022LOUD Is Putting On A Show In Brazil | NXT-UP | 3.2.22Top 5 VCT Frags This Week | Global Top Frags | Feb 28, 2022The Guard DOMINATES NAs First Weeks | NXT-UP | 2.23.22Top 5 VCT Frags This Week | Global Top Frags | Feb 21, 2022VALORANT Challengers EMEA - FinalVALORANT Challengers EMEA - Playoffs - Day 5VALORANT Challengers EMEA - Playoffs - Day 4VALORANT Challengers EMEA - Playoffs - Day 3VALORANT Challengers EMEA - Playoffs - Day 2VALORANT Challengers EMEA - Playoffs - Day 1VALORANT Challengers EMEA - Week 5 - Day 3FNATIC vs SMB - VALORANT Challengers EMEA - Week 5 - Day 1VALORANT (Stage 1) Challengers Main Event SGMY - Week 2 Day 1G2 vs FNATIC - Challengers EMEA - Week 1 - Day 1The BEST of VALORANT Champions Tour In 2021 | VCT RecapThis Is THE BEST VALORANT Team In The World!!! 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