Moses Moody SINKS 3 & Dub Nation is Feelin' It Draymond Green Flies in for the Rejection What's to blame for Miami Heat's deficit vs. the Boston Celtics? | #GreenyPerk recognizes the Celtics' 'SPECTACULAR' defense: Length, athleticism & heart! | First TakeHeat are going home, THIS IS OVER - Stephen A. predicts Boston advances to the Finals | First TakePatrick Beverley thinks the Nets should commit to Kyrie Irving | Get UpAnother win for Steph Curry would make him the LeBron of this generation! - Alan Hahn | Get UpThe Celtics are 'exploiting that Miami defense for sure!' - Pat Bev's thoughts after Game 5 | Get Up'I didn't see this coming!' - Pat Bev reacts to the Celtics taking a 3-2 lead over the Heat | KJMJWill's thoughts on Tyler Herro missing the Heat's Game 5 loss vs. the Celtics | KJMWilbon's message to Brittney Griner and others: 'Diplomacy is at work' | NBA CountdownI will credit Kyle Lowry with Bam Adebayo's success! - Max Kellerman | This Just InStephen A. 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MOMENTSGiannis is the BEST player in basketball! - Jalen Rose on the Bucks taking series vs. the BullsWhat is the biggest threat to the Warriors winning the Western Conference? | Get UpThere's a lot on the line for Steph Curry's legacy - Max Kellerman after the Warriors advanced | KJMSteph Curry leads Warriors to Game 5 win to eliminate Nuggets Bobby Marks' offseason guide: The Chicago Bulls | NBA on ESPNAaron Gordon and Draymond Green had to be separated after this play in Game 5Time is catching up to James Harden before our very eyes - Kendrick Perkins | PTINBA "Clutch Killer" MOMENTSIs Doc Rivers to blame for his teams blowing 3-1 leads? Richard Jefferson doesnt think soCan the Suns still get it done vs. Pelicans? | SportsCenterThe moment is not too big for Ja! -Zach Lowe reacts to Morants dunk | Get UpHow much of a leader is Kevin Durant? Get Up debatesHow Chris Paul's legacy will be impacted if the Suns get knocked out by the Pelicans | KJMJa Morant ERUPTS for 30 PTS, 13 REB & 9 AST in Game 5 Victor Oladipo DELIVERS as Heat eliminate Hawks NBA "He Can't Guard Me!" MOMENTSJJ Redick lists ALL THE PROBLEMS with the Nets' Steve Nash era | This Just InJayson Tatum has us questioning if hes a better player than KD - Jalen on Celtics sweep of Nets JJ Redick reacts to the Nets getting SWEPT by the Celtics | Get UpKevin Durant is still backing Steve Nash to return as the Nets' head coach | KJM'How do you have a smile on your face' - JWill on Kyrie hugging former Celtics teammates | KJMGET THE BROOMS! Jayson Tatum drops 29 PTS as the Celtics SWEEP the Nets NBA "Most Iconic Playoff" MOMENTSTHE NETS GET SWEPT... by Kendrick Perkins | NBA TodayNick Friedell on Nets: I don't think these guys EVER got the sense Ben Simmons was playing | TJI'The Phoenix Suns are in BIG TIME TROUBLE' - JWill reacts to the Pelicans tying the series | KJMJWill explains why he could never trust Ben Simmons if they were teammates | KJM'The Boston Celtics clearly are better without Kyrie Irving' - Jalen Rose | Get UpBrian Windhorst on Ben Simmons: It's extraordinarily disappointing! | Get UpNBA "No Friends In The Industry" MOMENTSJalen Rose: The 76ers can't make the Finals with THIS version of James Harden | NBA CountdownNBA "You Don't See That Everyday" MOMENTSPascal Siakam's new playoff CAREER-HIGH 34 PTS keep the Raptors alive WHAT DID I DO?! Greeny to Michael Wilbon after he mentioned Get Up | NBA CountdownNBA "Savage" MOMENTS from Level 1 To Level 100How will Devin Booker and Khris Middletons absence impact their teams in the playoffs?Kevin Durant looks exhausted in this series vs. the Celtics - Tim Bontemps | The Hoop CollectiveStephen A. is worried the Nets might get swept by the Celtics | Stephen A.s WorldWhat has CJ McCollum brought to the Pelicans? | This Just InBen Simmons is NOT THE ANSWER for the Nets in the series vs. the Celtics! - Jalen RoseStephen A. calls out Karl-Anthony Towns for his 8-PT Game 3 performance | First TakeBrandon Ingram reminds Perk of Kevin Durant 'A young superstar in the making!' | First TakeThe Timberwolves collapsed vs. the Grizzlies! - Stephen A. on Game 3 | First TakeHow the Zion Williamson & Devin Booker injuries are impacting the Pelicans-Suns series | Get UpKevin Durant is struggling because of the Celtics defense - P.J. Carlesimo | Get UpKJM on the impact of the strategy to have Stephen Curry come off the bench Reacting to the Warriors taking a 3-0 series lead over the Nuggets | KJMThis shot pushed Klay Thompson pass Ray Allen for THIRD all-time playoff 3PM RED HOT Jalen Brunson leads Mavericks to Game 3 win vs. Jazz NBA "Karma/Revenge" MOMENTSKD playing 38+ minute games is catching up to him! - Jalen on the Nets struggles in the playoffsBen Simmons possibly playing in Game 4 isnt going to save the Nets - Frank Isola | First TakeStephen A. on 76ers-Raptors: This series is OVER in Toronto! | Get UpDoc Rivers is coaching circles around Nick Nurse Kendrick Perkins | SportsCenterPerk reacts to Celtics Game 2 win: Boston has Kevin Durant LOCKED DOWN | SportsCenterMarcus Smarts lefty banker puts Game 2 out of reach for Nets | NBA on ESPNOG Anunoby got Drake OUT OF HIS SEAT! NBA "Magic Trick" MOMENTSDurant or Tatum? Debating BIGGER FACTORS in Nets-Celtics Game 2 | NBA TodayJJ Redick is confident the Suns can win the series vs. the Pelicans without Devin Booker | SCJJ Redick on how the Nets can avoid a 2-0 deficit vs. the Celtics | SportsCenterJJ Redick on Kyrie's Boston fan interaction: THE PLAYER HAS A RIGHT TO RESPOND TOO | First TakeStephen A.: I have played just as many minutes as Ben Simmons | First TakeJJ Redick on Ben Simmons: The Nets won't play him unless he is healthy! | Get UpAre the Suns in trouble without Devin Booker? | Get UpHow can Kevin Durant help the Nets even out the series? | Get UpCan the Suns win the series without Devin Booker? | Get UpJWill's NBA Superstar Rankings | Keyshawn, JWill and MaxJWill explains why Trae Young isn't a superstar in his eyes | KJM'I'm a HUGE fan of the Backstreet Boys' - Jimmy Butler after dropping 45 PTS | NBA on ESPNBobby Marks' offseason guide: The Indiana Pacers | NBA on ESPNNets or Celtics: Which team has the coaching edge? | This Just InSteve Kerr having lineup options is a GREAT LUXURY to have - JJ Redick | NBA TodayStephen A.: I have NEVER been THIS invested in the NBA playoffs! | Stephen A.'s WorldThe Jazz REPEATEDLY underachieve! - Stephen A.s disgusted by Utahs loss to Dallas | NBA TodayStephen A.: Jordan Poole mirrors Steph Curry! | NBA TodayBen Simmons making progress in limited practice | NBA TodayDan Orlovsky ROASTS Marcus Spears trophy shelf Joel Embiid & Tyrese Maxey power 76ers to dominant win | Jalen & JacobyJWill is curious to see how KD matches up against Jayson Tatum & Jaylen Brown in Game 2 | Get UpJa Morant, DO NOT let the T-Wolves send you home in the first round! Swagu & Perk | NBA PlayoffsBiggest takeaways from the Warriors' Game 2 win | Get UpJordan Poole has extended the Warriors championship window by 5 years! - JWill | KJMJordan Poole's behind-the-back dish to Klay is BEAUTIFUL basketball | #shortsNBA "When Fans Go Too Far!" MOMENTSLuka Doncic unlikely to play in Game 2 | SportsCenterTyrese Maxey's 38 PTS in Game 1 showed why Jalen Rose voted for him to win Most Improved Player Stephen A. is hopeful for Warriors-Suns matchup: It's what the basketball world DESERVES! | Get UpReacting to Broncos OT comparing Russell Wilson to LeBron, Kobe & Jordan | Get UpJaVale McGee meets Naji Marshall at the summit | #shortsWhat a dime by Kyrie Jimmy Butler with an early slam dunk Woj details Ben Simmons' next steps to make season debut | SportsCenterGary Payton and E-40 showing Draymond some love Bobby Marks' offseason guide: The Portland Trail Blazers | NBA on ESPNSteph Curry's first game back Jordan Poole makes Warriors HISTORY in his playoff debut! 30 PTS & 3 AST Stephen A.: The Warriors are title contenders BECAUSE of Jordan Poole! | NBA CountdownTyrese Maxey makes 76ers playoff history with 38 PTS in Game 1 win vs. RaptorsStephen A.s message to Grizzlies after Game 1: HANDLE YOUR BUSINESS | NBA CountdownNBA "Playoff Rivalry" MOMENTSKAT puts Jaren Jackson Jr. on a poster Anthony Edwards caught Ja Morant mid-flight Donovan Mitchell leads Jazz over the Mavericks with 32 PTS, 6 REB & 6 AST in GAME 1 Timberwolves or Grizzlies: Who wants more smoke? | NBA CountdownTrae Young ERUPTS for 38 PTS to lead Hawks past Cavs in NBA play-in tournamentTRAE SHIMMIES FROM THE LOGO Trae Young LAUNCHES it from deep Stephen A. thinks the 76ers made a mistake trading for James Harden over CJ McCollum The crowd in Cleveland IS LOUD The Clippers have enough to win without Paul George Michael Wilbon | NBA CountdownStephen A. on the 76ers vs. Raptors series: We are going to learn A LOT about James Harden NBA "2022 Season Was EPIC!" MOMENTSLuka Doncic will miss Game 1 vs. the Jazz. Windhorst also concerned about Game 2 | This Just InWill the Nets or 76ers go further in the NBA playoffs? | First TakeCan Joel Embiid and James Harden guide the 76ers on a deep NBA playoff run? | Get UpWill Luka Doncic or Steph Curry have a bigger impact on their series? | KJMBrian Windhorst & The Hoop Collective reveal how they voted for the NBA Awards NBA "Playoffs Are Here!" MOMENTSBobby Marks' offseason guide: The New York Knicks | NBA on ESPNHow Trae Young can impact series vs. Heat | This Just InDid we see Popovich's final game coaching the Spurs? Jalen says no! | Jalen & JacobyBobby Marks offseason guide: The San Antonio Spurs | NBA on ESPNFirst Take reacts to Miles Bridges throwing his mouthpiece after getting ejectedBrian Windhorst: Ben Simmons COULD be ramping up to play vs. Celtics | Get UpMiles Bridges was ejected for this Stephen A. on Zion Williamson's 360 dunk: IT MAKES ME WANT TO THROW UP! A lot of skepticism about Luka Doncic being able to play in Game 1 for Mavs Woj | NBA CountdownStephen A. says Kyrie Irving needs to be spectacular for Nets to beat Celtics | NBA CountdownNBA "Lagging In Real Life" MOMENTSPat Beverley joins NBA Today to discuss his celebration in win vs. ClippersThe Timberwolves will be a PROBLEM for the Grizzlies! - Richard Jefferson | NBA TodayTim Leglers message to Jayson Tatum: THIS IS YOUR MOMENT vs. Nets! | This Just InCan Steph Curry swing the Warriors NBA Playoff fortunes? | Jalen & JacobyLeBron was loving the Pat Bev show Jalen Rose: Ain't the play-in AWESOME for the NBA? | Jalen & JacobyTim Legler breaks down Kevin Durant's best plays vs. Cavaliers | Get UpKeyshawn is bothered by Patrick Beverley celebrating the T-Wolves' win vs. the Clippers | KJM'Kyrie is on this mission!' - JWill is confident the Nets can take down the No. 2 seed Celtics | KJMKevin Love spilled water on Darius Garland #shortsKyrie Irving GOES OFF for 34 PTS & 12 AST on 80% SHOOTING Giannis, Embiid or Jokic: Who will win the NBA MVP? | NBA on ESPNNBA "In Game Dunk Contest" MOMENTSBrooklyn Nets hopeful for Ben Simmons return | SportsCenterWill LeBron ever win another championship in LA? | Get UpThe Lakers are DYSFUNCTIONAL & DISRESPECTFUL! - Swagu & Perk | Episode 22How badly do the Nets need Ben Simmons to get to the NBA Finals? | Get UpWill LeBron have a say in Lakers' offseason decisions? | Get UpNBA "Lucky" MOMENTSJa Morant? Kevin Durant? Who are the most important players in the NBA playoffs? | TJIReacting to LeBron James saying the Lakers season wasn't a failure | NBA TodayWoj on Luka Doncic injury update | NBA TodayBen Simmons getting some stretching and resistance band work in at Nets practice #shortsLeBron James' end of season press conference | SportsCenterStephen A. says James Harden is under the most pressure in the NBA playoffs | Get UpThe Lakers NEVER got going! - Keyshawn Johnson reacts to the Frank Vogel news | KJMWho should the Nets want to play in the 1st Round of the playoffs? | NBA CountdownPaul George ties CARRER HIGH in AST as Clippers clobber KingsJa Morant RETURNS to Grizzlies in big win vs. PelicansJa Morant swats it to the stands | #shortsBobby Marks' offseason guide: The Los Angeles Lakers | NBA on ESPNJoel Embiid TORCHES the Pacers with 41 PTS & 20 REB When Dwyane Wades son Zaire Wade, recreated his From Robbins, Illinois commercial LeBron James applauds Mason Jones and-1 | #shortsLuka Doncic leads the Mavs to a BLOWOUT win 39 PTS, 11 REB, 7 AST Luka Doncic receives his 16th technical-foul of the season for this Obi Toppin scores CAREER-HIGH 35 PTS in Knicks win vs. WizardsGiannis COULD NOT be stopped 30 PTS, 13 REB & 8 AST The Warriors can depend on Klay Thompson for the playoffs - Marc J. Spears | NBA TodayKendrick Perkins is STICKING WITH the Grizzlies to win the West | NBA TodayAre the Miami Heat being slept on as title contenders? | First TakeThe Lakers have gotten more out of LeBron than he has gotten out of L.A. - Jordan CornetteCan the Lakers big three still work? Kendrick Perkins says "HELL NO" | First TakePerk is STILL rollin with Joel Embiid for MVP | First TakeDoc Rivers: We will roll it up with ANYBODY in the first round #shortsI DON'T KNOW! - Giannis when asked if the Bucks' play is sustainableKlay Thompson scores 33 PTS to lead the Warriors over the LakersAnthony Edwards with a CAREER-HIGH 49 PTS Jaylen Browns 2nd career triple-double not enough for Celtics to beat BucksGiannis Antetokounmpos DOUBLE-DOUBLE leads Bucks to 50th win of the season NBA "Kick Him Off The Team!" MOMENTSLuka? Steph? Who does LeBron REALLY want to play with? | NBA TodayWhy the LA Clippers could make a BIG SPLASH in the NBA Playoffs | NBA TodayRudy Gobert on relationship with Donovan Mitchell: People are looking for ways to divide us!Don't ever judge LeBron on his words, judge him on his ACTIONS! - Brian Windhorst | Get UpKyrie Irving? Steph Curry? What past & current players could thrive across eras | NBA CountdownJJ Redick: The Nets won't win a playoff series if they don't play better defense | NBA CountdownNBA "That's Gotta Hurt!" MOMENTSJalen Rose calls Lakers season 'THE MOST DISAPPOINTING' in their history! | Jalen & JacobyComedian Guy Torry is hopeful the Lakers will be better next season | Jalen & JacobyThe Russell Westbrook trade was a DISASTER - Zach Lowe | Get UpRudy Gobert drops his second 20+ PTS, 20+ REB game this season, 7th of his career Nikola Jokic's 41 PTS & 17 REB are NOT ENOUGH to stop the Spurs The Timberwolves vs. Wizards was on a... confetti delay? | NBA on ESPNNBA "He Has Superpowers!" MOMENTSTim Legler: I don't have a lot of faith in James Harden right now! | TJIIts bizarre to me! - Legler on Zions possible return to the Pelicans this season | This Just InJames Harden is declining, he is not an MVP level player! - Jalen Rose | Jalen & JacobyDINO TRIVIA with Scottie Barnes! | NBA TodayScottie Barnes makes his case for winning Rookie of the Year | NBA TodayStephen A. & Magic Johnson discuss Kyrie Irving's impact on the Nets' title hopes | First TakeIf Tobias Harris doesn't perform on offense there is some concern - Magic Johnson | First TakeStephen A. Smith & Magic Johnson react to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's criticism of LeBron | First TakeNikola Jokic, Joel Embiid or Giannis Antetokounmpo: Who will win the NBA MVP Award? | KJMNBA "ASMR" MOMENTSLuka Doncic DOMINATES with double-double in Mavs' win Stephen A. goes a DIFFERENT direction with NBA MVP pick | NBA CountdownStephen A. on the Lakers: They look like they quit! They don't give a damn! | NBA CountdownWoj details Ben Simmons' grievances with 76ers after being withheld from $20M | SportsCenterKlay Thompson's 4th 30-piece of the season Kyle Lowrys DOUBLE-DOUBLE fuels Heat to W over BullsTrae Youngs 50TH CAREER GAME with 30 PTS & 10 ASTKevin Durant scores a CAREER-HIGH 55 PTS Kyrie Irving breaks fast mid-gameThis dribble drill from Kyrie is absurd | #shortsManu Ginobili on making Basketball Hall Of Fame and winning gold for Argentina Darius Garland scores 24 PTS and drops 13 DIMES in the Cavs' win over the Knicks Joel Embiid scores 29 PTS in the 76ers blowout win over the Hornets | NBA on ESPNBen Simmons files grievance against the 76ers to challenge lost salary | SportsCenterCJ McCollum SHOWS OUT in LA, leads Pelicans to win vs. LakersLeBron James 38 PTS not enough as Lakers lose fifth straight gameBrandon Ingram received a flagrant-1 foul on this play with LeBron James | #shortsDillon Brooks leads Grizzlies without Ja Morant to win vs. SunsKAT claws out 32 PTS against the Nuggets Anthony Davis is back | #shortsSteph Currys goal is to return to Warriors for playoffs | The Bird & Taurasi ShowJalen Green stays hot from 3-PT range for Rockets Jayson Tatum & Jaylen Brown combine for 63 PTS in Celtics win vs. Pacers | NBA on ESPNKristaps Porzingis drop 24 PTS & 9 REB in first game vs. Mavericks since trade KCP conjures up 35 PTS in the Wizards' win over the Mavericks NBA "How Do You Stop That?" MOMENTSHELL YEAH! - Perk is confident Giannis can win his 3rd MVP this season | This Just InAnthony Davis WILL play vs. the Pelicans - Dave McMenamin | NBA TodayWoj: Warriors will keep Steph Curry OUT rest of the regular season | NBA TodayHow much does the word VALUABLE matter in MVP voting? | NBA TodayRandle, Beal, Lillard, Grant: Could these players be traded this summer? | The Hoop CollectiveDoc Rivers is expecting more from James Harden - Chiney Ogwumike on 76ers 3rd straight loss | SCGiannis Antetokounmpo is the BEST player in the NBA - Jalen Rose | Jalen & JacobyKevin Durant wants his jerseys retired by the Warriors & OKC Thunder | Jalen & JacobyJordan Cornette doesnt think LeBron and Anthony Davis should return for the remainder of the seasonIs Doc Rivers putting too much blame on James Harden? | First Take'James Harden has been HORRIBLE, HORRIFIC in the 4th quarter of the last 6 games' - JWill | KJMThe Ice Trae got HOT for 30 PTS and 9 AST vs. the Cavs Cade Cunningham carves up the 76ers with 27 PTS, 6 AST & 4 STLJoel Embiids MONSTER DOUBLE-DOUBLE not enough for 76ers to beat PistonsJoel Embiid jam | #shortsTrae Young goes down during this sequence | NBA on ESPNNBA "Greatest Sportsmanship" MOMENTSBlue Devil JJ Redick and Tar Heel Vince Carter reflect on the Duke vs. North Carolina rivalry The Heat have turned the page, but there are some scars Brian Windhorst | NBA TodayNBA players impersonate Vince Carter's iconic 'It's over' celebration | NBA TodayTHAT Ray Allen 3! All 10 piggies behind the line Heat vs. Celtics highlights & analysis: Brian Windhorst on the significance of Miamis win | Get UpCJ McCollum scores 25 PTS in return to PortlandJalen Green becomes first Rockets rookie since Hakeem Olajuwon with consecutive 30-PT gamesLaMelo Ball stings Knicks with 20-PT, 15-AST double-doubleLuka Doncics NEAR TRIPLE-DOUBLE leads Mavs past CavsAustin Rivers ejected for faking an elbow at Lance Stephenson | NBA on ESPNTyler Herro at the buzzer! | #shortsCould Jayson Tatum lead the Celtics to the NBA Finals? | NBA CountdownPerk blames LeBron & AD, not Rob Pelinka for Lakers struggles | NBA CountdownNBA "Streetball Defense" MOMENTSWhat was most impressive about Paul George's return? | NBA TodayBrian Windhorst doesn't expect Kawhi Leonard to return this season for the Clippers | This Just InCould the Clippers make a deep playoff run with Paul George back? | SportsCenterThe Lakers have a lot of work to do this offseason - Jalen Rose | Jalen & JacobyBrian Windhorst on the Lakers: It's gonna get worse before it gets better! | First TakeWill the Nets' defense cost them a shot at the NBA title? | First TakeBucks vs. 76ers: Giannis' block on Joel Embiid SEALS the win for Milwaukee | KJMRussell Westbrook turns question on reporter: What do you think should change? | NBA on ESPNHALLELUKA Luka Doncic TORCHES the Lakers with 34 PTS, 12 REB and 12 ASTDeMar DeRozan scores 32 PTS as Bulls top Wizards | NBA on ESPNNBA "I Wanna Fight!" MOMENTSReacting to Nikola Jokic being voted MVP favorite over Joel Embiid in the NBA straw poll | SCJJ Redick: The Lakers are going to have a REAL problem getting into the play-in game | SportsCenterHeat snaps 4-game losing streak to regain top seed in the East | Jalen & JacobyTim Bontemps breaks down the NBA MVP straw poll votes | NBA on ESPNJalen Rose is impressed by the Grizzlies: They function with & without Ja Morant! | Jalen & JacobyJJ Redick has questions about the Nets' lineup in the 4th quarter | First TakeCould injuries impact the Warriors title chances? First Take debatesRichard Jefferson has the Suns as his top NBA title winner this season | Get UpBrian Windhorst: The Bucks are the team to beat in the East! | Get UpNBA "He Got Exposed!" MOMENTSLeBron James is a MIRACULOUS player! - JWill | KJMDevin Booker STAYS HOT Records 8th career 35-PT game against the 76ersJoel Embiid chalks up MASSIVE 37 PTS, 15 REB for his 39th double-double this season Devin Booker has 22 PTS in the first quarter Second most Q1 points of his career | #shortsRJ Barrett with 21 PTS, 9 REB near double-double to lead the Knicks to victory vs. PistonsNBA "Your Nickname Is True!" MOMENTSJalen Green scores 25 PTS as Rockets dominate BlazersNikola Jokic delivers with 35 PTS, 12 REB & 8 AST vs. ThunderKyrie nearly takes on the entire Heat defense | #shortsThe Pacers-Raptors game in Toronto was suspended and the arena was evacuated due to smoke NBA "Most Confusing" MOMENTSJames Harden leads 76ers to W with DOUBLE-DOUBLE | NBA on ESPNYouTube star JiDion gets a haircut courtside at the Timberwolves vs. Mavericks game Klay Thompsons 37 PTS & 9 3PM not enough for a Warriors winTrae Young drops 33-PT & 15-AST double-double as Hawks fly past Warriors Kobe Bryants estate reaches new long-term deal with Nike | NBA TodayWhich team has the best starting 5 in the NBA this season? NBA Today debatesRudy Gobert vs. Karl-Anthony Towns: Who is the better big man? | Hoop CollectiveThe Suns are the best team! - Jalen Rose on Phoenix clinching the first playoff spot of the seasonIf Devin Booker doesnt make All-NBA its an ABSOLUTE crime! - Tim MacMahon | The Hoop CollectiveCan the Jazz secure the No. 3 spot in the West? | The Hoop CollectiveShould the Heat fear the Nets? Stephen A. thinks Miami should watch out Can other active players catch Karl Malone in PTS after LeBron moved to 2nd? | The Hoop CollectiveKendrick Perkins: NO! The Suns should not be the favorite, it should be the Grizzlies | First TakeDevin Booker GETS HOT! Cooks up 49 PTS in Suns' 60th win of season!Zach LaVines 39 PTS not enough for Bulls to beat PelicansDesmond Bane LETS IT FLY for new CAREER-HIGH 23 PTS in a half + Grizz CLINCH playoff berth! NBA "Human Highlight Reel" MOMENTSThe Heat are GOOD ENOUGH to go to the Finals & BAD ENOUGH to get bounced in first round! - Stephen AWhy doesn't Devin Booker get more MVP love? | NBA TodayThe Grizzlies are a GREAT team! - Jalen Rose applauds Memphis for the win over NetsHow big of a deal is Kyrie Irving being eligible in NYC for him and the Nets? | First TakeVince Carter on Zion: When gets back on the court, it's going to be long-term! | Get UpDeandre Ayton scores CAREER-HIGH 35 PTS BOOKER BRINGS THE BOOM | #shortsJayson Tatum scores 26 PTS as Celtics BLOW OUT the JazzTyrese Haliburton drops a double-double on his former team | NBA on ESPNJaren Jackson Jr. says he should be Defensive Player of the Year | NBA CountdownHow likely are the Grizzlies to reach NBA Finals in Ja Morant era? | NBA CountdownNBA "We Have A Long History" MOMENTSSteve Nash details Ben Simmons' injury | NBA TodayJames Harden, Tobias Harris: Who will be the playoff X-factor? | NBA TodayNBA Today reacts to Zion's dunk post & being cleared to play 1-on-1Woj: Michael Malone agrees to a multi-year extension with the Nuggets | NBA TodayThe Nets have no hope to make it out of the East with a part-time Kyrie - Perk | NBA TodayPreviewing the Grizzlies vs. Nets matchup | NBA TodayDesmond Bane on how the underdog Grizzlies feed off being overlooked | Grizzlies All-AccessBrian Windhorst reacts to Zions dunking video: What does that mean for his status? | SportsCenterJa Morant embraces the 'Grit and Grind' era in Memphis | Grizzlies All-AccessInternational players are taking over the NBA! - Swagu & Perk | Episode 20JWill gets frustrated that Giannis & the Bucks are getting overlooked | Keyshawn, JWill & MaxNikola Jokic wasn't joking around Drops 30 PTS & 14 REB in win over the Clippers | NBA on ESPN Ice Trae TORCHES the Knicks with 45 PTS & 8 ASTS | NBA on ESPNNBA "No Hard Feelings!" MOMENTSKevin Durant is the most consistent player in the NBA - Matt Barnes | NBA TodayIt's going to be very difficult for the KD without Kyrie Irving - Tim Legler on the NetsJJ Redick: Kevin Durant is enough to get the Nets to the playoffs | SportsCenterJalen & Jacoby pledge to continue speaking up about Brittney Griner until her releaseStephen A. goes OFF on LeBron's best dunks | First TakeGiannis shows off the beaches in Milwaukee as a free agency pitch #shortsJayson Tatum leads Celtics with 36 PTS as Celtics quiet the Thunder Kevin Durant STAYS HOT with 37 PTS in Nets win vs. JazzLAMELOS FLOATER BEATS THE CLOCK | #shortsKevin Durant beats the shot clock | #shortsLEBRON PUTS KEVIN LOVE ON A POSTER | #shortsNBA "He Broke The Rule Book!" MOMENTSReacting to Jamal Crawford's retirement announcement | NBA TodayTim Bontemps' stock report: How are the refs affecting play this season? | NBA Stock ReportIme Udoka is the reason for the Celtics success since the All-Star break - Cassidy | NBA TodayIn the big picture Zion missing this season is not a big deal - Richard Jefferson | NBA TodayRichard: I don't think it is a question that LeBron is the most complete player ever | NBA TodayDiscussing the Timberwolves having the BEST record in the NBA since the All-Star break | NBA TodayTim Legler on LeBron James becoming 2nd on the NBA scoring list | This Just InLeBron's scoring this season 'DEFIES LOGIC!' - Tim Legler talks Lakers, Nets & 76ers | SportsCenterJalen Rose recaps LeBron passing Karl Malone, the 76ers losing & the Nuggets' starters benchedTyrese Maxey has to be more involved in key moments! - Tim Legler on 76ers loss | Get UpWhat becoming the NBA's 2nd all-time scorer means to LeBron James | KJMNBA "He Left Me Speechless!" MOMENTSLeBron James on passing Karl Malone, Lakers losing another close game | NBA on ESPNJerami Grant records his 2nd career 40-PT game in Pistons loss to Cavs | NBA on ESPNLeBron James scores 38 PTS, passes Kael Malone on all-time scoring list in Lakers loss vs. WizardsLeBron James gets ovation after passing Karl Malone on all-time scoring list | NBA on ESPNLeBron James passes Karl Malone on NBAs all-time scoring list | #shortsAnother milestone met by LeBron James | #shortsKarl-Anthony Towns drops double-double as Timberwolves beat Bucks | NBA on ESPNNBA "King Of The Jungle" MOMENTSPat Bev and Serge Ibaka needed to be separated | #shortsJayson Tatum drops 32 PTS on 75% shooting to lead Celtics to win | NBA on ESPNDarius Garland DOES IT ALL with 25 PTS & 14 AST | NBA on ESPNRussell Westbrook drops TRIPLE-DOUBLE in OT win | NBA on ESPNLeBron James GOES OFF for 36 PTS, 9 REB, 7 AST & 2 BLK | NBA on ESPNKevin Durant leads Nets comeback with 38 PTS, 6 REB & 6 AST in 126-121 W NBA "Speed Kills" MOMENTSStephen A. Smith's TOP 5 60-point games he has seen | Stephen A.'s WorldNBA Play-In Tournament Predictions | SportsNationHoop Streams relives the best beefs in NBA history Nick DePaula takes a look at Luka Doncics signature shoe | Hoop StreamsNBA "Check His Birth Certificate!" 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Drills GAME WINNER at the BUZZER!Nikola Jokic drops 29-13-8 in 26 MINS They brought NBA 2K to real life | #shortsKevin Durant BEHIND THE BACKBOARD | #shortsThis Nets fan couldnt shake Luka at the FT line | #shortsWhat has caused the recent NBA scoring binge? | NBA CountdownNBA "Most Impossible" MOMENTSBoston has one of the BEST defenses in the league! - Tim Bontemps | NBA TodayLuka is the closest player physically to LeBron James - Ramona Shelburne | NBA TodayJaren Jackson Jr. is Kendrick Perkins favorite to win Defensive Player of the Year | NBA TodayPerk says Kyrie Irving is the most skilled player EVER, just ahead of Kobe | NBA TodayJalen Rose reacts to Kyrie Irvings career-high 60-PT night: It was a dazzling performance!Draymond Green proclaims Warriors are WINNING the NBA Finals, called it months ago | NBA on ESPNWilbon reacts to KAT dropping 60, Draymond Green's return | Pardon The InterruptionNBA "I'm Done With This Team!" MOMENTSThe Bucks are the CHAMPS until otherwise proven! - Monica McNutt | NBA TodayMonica McNutt on the Lakers: 'If there's a glimmer of hope, I don't see it!' | NBA TodaySteve Nash didn't know Kyrie couldn't go into the locker room - Nick Fridell | NBA TodayKarl Anthony-Towns on dropping 60: 'I was in the zone!' | NBA TodayBrian Windhorst: The Warriors don't NEED the 2 seed, but they should WANT it | This Just InZach Lowe on level of confidence in Warriors: I was NEVER worried about them! | NBA TodayNikola Jokic looked like a superstar against Joel Embiid - Jalen Rose on Nuggets vs. 76ersBrian Windhorst picks LeBron to win scoring title: It's the only thing he is playing for! | SNEven KAT was shocked by his historic performance | #shortsNBA "This Is My Vengeance!" MOMENTSAre the Lakers just treading water until Anthony Davis returns? | NBA TodayHow was Kyrie Irving able to sit court-side in Nets' win vs. Knicks? | NBA TodayKevin Durant goes OFF for 53 points in Nets win over Knicks | Jalen & JacobyStephen A. issues a warning to James Harden about dealing with 76ers fans #shortsNBA "That's Savage!" MOMENTSJaylen Brown dapped up Kevin Garnett after putting Maxi Kleber on a poster | #shortsAre the Celtics legit title contenders this season? | NBA Countdown"ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!" Kevin Garnett will get his jersey retired today ahead of Mavericks-Celtics.Klay Thompson scores SEASON-HIGH 38 PTS as Warriors top BucksGiannis dunks all over Klay Thompson | #shortsKlay Thompson HEATS UP with 17 PTS in 2nd QTR | NBA on ESPNHow did Steph Curry get this off? | #shortsWarriors or Bucks: Who has a better chance to make the Finals? | NBA CountdownLeBron James scores 50 PTS for the second time in a week LeBron scores 50 | #shortsMake way for LeBron James | #shortsGary Trent Jr. drops 40 PTS as Raptors top SunsTrae Youngs DOUBLE-DOUBLE lifts Hawks to W vs. ClippersLuka Doncic drops ANOTHER 30-PT double-double NBA "Hostile Environment" MOMENTSDiscussing the Celtics' resurgence this season | Hoop CollectiveWhere Cade Cunningham ranks among NBA Rookie of the Year candidates | Hoop CollectiveDoes anyone besides Ja Morant have a chance to win Most Improved POY? | The Hoop CollectivePerk: Embiid & Harden are still a dangerous duo, but they had an off night vs. the Nets | First TakeNets-76ers highlights & analysis: Perk says Ben Simmons' return rallied Brooklyn together | Get UpReacting to James Harden's game vs. the Nets: 'No pop, no zip, NO NOTHING' - Zach Lowe | Get UpWe are seeing Devin Booker blossom into a SUPERSTAR - JWill on Top 5 players under 25'BLOCKBUSTER TV' - JWill if FIRED UP about the Nets' big win vs. the 76ers | KJMJames Harden passes Reggie Miller for 3rd place in all-time career 3-pointers | #shortsBen Simmons gets booed from Philly fans during warmups | #shortsKD & Kyrie are gonna go hard to show James Harden they dont need him! - Gutierrez on Nets vs. 76ersWould a Zion Williamson trade to the Knicks work? The Hoop Collective discussesNBA "From Rivalry to Respect" MOMENTSCan the Pelicans get the best trade for Zion right now? | Hoop CollectiveWindy on the Lakers: They are EXHAUSTED by the pressure of LeBron! | #GreenyStephen A. is HYPED for Nets vs. 76ers: Get your popcorn ready! | First TakeStephen A. to LeBron: You are a part of this mess, help fix it! | First TakeStephen A.: LeBron James doesnt get to sit, he made this messits time for him to clean it up!How will fans react to Ben Simmons in Philly? | Get UpWhat does a healthy Nets team look like? | Get UpWhat are the biggest takeaways from Lakers loss to Rockets? | Get UpJWill on LeBron: He is giving NBA Finals performances in March! | KJMLeBron James explains why he passed up potential game-winning layup vs. Rockets | NBA on ESPNMalik Beasley sets Timberwolves record for most 3PM in a single game Giannis rings up ANOTHER 40-PT & 10-REB double-double, the most in the NBA Devin Booker posts near TRIPLE-DOUBLE in return as Suns CLINCH playoff berth!Jayson Tatum stays RED HOT with 44 PTS, makes Celtics history in W vs. HornetsEric Gordon put LeBron James on skates | #shortsTim Bontemps on what the 76ers are saying about matchup vs. Nets | NBA TodayWoj: There is optimism that Paul George will return this season | NBA TodayBig Perk previews Nets vs. 76ers: This game is going to be EVERYTHING | NBA TodayGiannis Antetokounmpo delivers 39 PTS as Bucks blowout Thunder Darius Garland scores CAREER-HIGH 41 PTS in Cavs W over PacersWhen Jackie Moon meets Jackie Moon (Klay Thompson) | #shortsNBA "Signature Stamp Of Authority!" MOMENTSIt may be best for Russell Westbrook to sit the rest of the season - Kendrick Perkins | NBA TodayRichard Jefferson explains how Gregg Popovich helped extend his career | NBA TodayTim Legler on resting LeBron: He is running out of postseasons! | Get UpLuka or Ja Morant: Which star will replace LeBron as the future face of the NBA? | Swagu & PerkEverybody on the Warriors has TAILED OFF! - Tim Bontemps | NBA Stock ReportNBA "He Just Committed Murder!" MOMENTSWhich is a bigger deal: Celtics' hot streak or Nets losing? | NBA TodayDebating if Nikola Jokic is the MVP this season | NBA TodayDonovan Mitchell is Dwyane Wade 2.0! - Max Kellerman | This Just InJalen Rose is hitting the PANIC BUTTON on the Nets | Get UpJalen Rose breaks down why Russell Westbrook has struggled with the Lakers | Get UpTim Legler on Lakers win vs. the Warriors: It's not sustainable! | Get UpNBA "Don't Touch My Brother!" MOMENTSIs LeBron James' elite play enough to carry the Lakers rest of season? | NBA CountdownLeBron James scores 56 PTS as Lakers top WarriorsLeBron James eclipses 50 POINTS | #shortsMELO AT THE BUZZER | #shortsJa Morant paces Grizzlies with 25 PTS & 7 AST in win vs. MagicLaMelo Ball drops 24 PTS, 8 REB & 7 AST in Hornets W over SpursNBA "The Master And Apprentice" MOMENTSDeMarcus Cousins scores the most PTS hes had in 4 YEARSGiannis Antetokounmpo records 34 PTS & 16 REB as Bucks top Bulls Derrick Jones Jr. gets flagrant 1 foul for hit on Grayson Allen | NBA on ESPNDERRICK JONES JR. DUNKED ON GIANNIS | #shortsBulls fans let Grayson Allen hear it | #shortsBobby Portis DENIES Zach LaVine | #shortsBenny the Bull says hello | #shortsNBA "Trash Talk Gone Wrong!" MOMENTSWoj on why the Lakers havent made a coaching change | NBA TodayShould the Nets be worried about making the playoffs? | NBA TodayThe Lakers FORGOT how to win games! - Kendrick Perkins | Get UpReacting to the Lakers' 132-111 loss to the Clippers | KJMLakers vs. Clippers Reaction: The Lakers are in quicksand Dave McMenamin | NBA on ESPNRussell Westbrook asks reporter: "Is the season over?" | NBA on ESPNTrae Young drops 39 & 13 on the Bulls NBA "That's Ridiculous!" MOMENTSCan Ja Morant keep up his hot streak tonight vs. the Celtics? | NBA TodayBrian Windhorst says it's a no-brainer that the Wizards will sign Bradley Beal to the max dealKevin Durant will NOT be on a minutes restriction vs Heat - Nick Friedell | This Just InJalen Rose on Jrue Holidays clutch game-winning play against the Heat: He bullied his way in there!Kendrick Perkins has no concerns about Kevin Durant returning to action with the Nets | SportsCenterJalen Rose tells the Pelicans to give Zion a blank check and avoid trading him | Jalen & JacobyKevin Durant or Kyrie Irving: Who is under more pressure to win a title this season? | First TakeKevin Durant is the best player in the world! - Seth Greenberg | Get UpShaq wouldn't be able to guard Joel Embiid! - JWill reacts to the 76ers beating the Knicks | KJMJames Harden drops NEAR TRIPLE-DOUBLE in 76ers home debut James Hardens first bucket at home for Philly | #shortsMichael Wilbon still isnt confident in the Nets with Kevin Durant returning | PTINBA "Isolation Master" MOMENTSHow will the atmosphere be for James Harden's home debut? | NBA TodayWoj: Kevin Durant's return is imminent | NBA TodayPerk on why LeBron should be concerned about the Lakers after loss to Mavs | NBA TodayWoj breaks down the impact of Devin Booker being placed on health & safety protocols | NBA TodayMatt Barnes isnt concerned about the Warriors after recent losing streak | SportsCenterJalen Rose on Mavs vs. Lakers: I would be Luka Doncic today if I was in the league | Jalen & JacobyJayson Tatum scores 33 PTS to lead Celtics to comeback W over Hawks NBA "When There's No Gravity!" MOMENTSReacting to Isaiah Thomas signing a 10-day contract with the Hornets | NBA TodayWhere is Ja Morant in the MVP race? NBA Today answers Tim Legler isn't sure the Lakers could survive the NBA play-in tournament | SportsCenterThe best poster dunks of Ja Morant's career | SportsCenterJa Morant is slightly ahead of Joel Embiid in the MVP race - JWill | Get UpJWill's Top 5 Box Office NBA Players: Lillard, Giannis, Kyrie, Steph Curry & Ja Morant | KJMGrizzlies vs. Spurs highlights & analysis: Ja Morant is MUST-SEE TV - Tim Legler | Get UpReacting to Ja Morant's career-high 52 points in the Grizzlies' win vs. the Spurs | KJMDe'Aaron Fox records his 3rd double-double this season as Kings topple Thunder Ja Morant is DAZZLING, Embiid & Harden look SCARY & LeBron's BAD attitude | Swagu & PerkNBA "He Glitched!" MOMENTSBreaking down James Harden's first 2 games with the 76ers | NBA Stock ReportKyrie & the Nets are in a 'holding pattern' after the NYC mayor's latest comments | SportsCenter'It seems like they've QUIT!' JWill sounds off on the Lakers | Get UpReacting to Joel Embiid saying the 76ers are 'unstoppable' with James Harden | Get Up'Ja Morant to me is the No. 1 act in sports right now' - Max Kellerman | KJMKyrie Irving: Nets did all the little things in win vs. Bucks | NBA on ESPNKyrie Irving scores SEASON-HIGH 38 PTS as Nets hold off BucksBam Adebayo delivers 36 PTS as Heat top Spurs Ja Morant makes Grizzlies history with 46 PTS vs BullsGiannis dunks the inbounds pass | #shortsKYRIEDICULOUS | #shortsJA MORANT ARE YOU SERIOUS | #shortsIs Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving under more pressure to make the Nets work? | NBA CountdownNBA "He's Toxic!" MOMENTSDonovan Mitchells 33 PTS lead Jazz to W over MavericksRJ Barrett drops CAREER-HIGH 46 PTS in Knicks loss to HeatStephen A. still unhappy with Knicks despite RJ Barretts 30-PT first half | NBA CountdownNBA Countdown's picks for MVP RIGHT NOW This is James Hardens last best chance to win Michael Wilbon | NBA CountdownNBA "999 IQ" MOMENTSGiannis: I want to win ANOTHER championship! | NBA TodayZach Lowe breaks down LeBron James' frustrations with Rob Pelinka | NBA TodayReacting to Joel Embiids comments on James Hardens fit with the 76ers | NBA TodayWhere does DeMar DeRozan fall in the NBA MVP conversation? | NBA TodayGiannis Antetokounmpo on the Bucks playoff push and championship hopes | SportsCenterReacting to DeMar DeRozans 8th-straight 35+ PT game and the Celtics blowout win over the Nets | SNStephen A. reacts to Seth Curry saying Ben Simmons doesn't need to apologize to the 76ersStephen A. praises DeMar DeRozan: NO ONE should be ahead of him for NBA MVP | First TakeNo one wants to watch the Lakers - Kendrick PerkinsReacting to CJ McCollum's comments on Zion Williamson | Keyshawn, JWill & MaxDevin Booker has a game no Sun has had since Jason Kidd in 2001 Jayson Tatum GOES OFF for 30 PTS as Celtics blowout Nets NBA "Scripted!" MOMENTSMaxs Top 5 contenders in the East | This Just InRichard Jeffersons Tim Duncan take prompts JWill to leave the Get Up set Perk is concerned about the Nets leadership and chemistry after Ben Simmons trade | SportsCenterNBA "99 Strength!" MOMENTSIt's time for Damian Lillard to move on from Portland - Kendrick Perkins | NBA TodayMax Kellermans Top 5 NBA Finals MVP candidates | This Just InJalen Rose: If LeBron wanted another ring, he'd go to the Cavs! | Get UpJWill: It's 'ALARMING' that Zion hasn't been to a Pelicans practice in weeks | KJMZion, stop being a baby! - Swagu & Perk | Episode 16NBA "This Is Streetball" MOMENTS #2JJ Redick's 3 biggest NBA storylines to watch | SportsCenterBrian Windhorst on biggest storylines of the 2nd half of the NBA season | SportsNation JJ Redick calls Zion a 'detached teammate' for not speaking to CJ McCollum yet | First TakeWhat LeBron's recent comments say about his future with the Lakers | Keyshawn, JWill & MaxI Wanted To Be Allen Iverson | Giannis Talks His Moment With A.I. At #NBA75 | NBA on TNTNBA "I Took That Personal" MOMENTSReacting to Stephen Curry's 16 3-pointers in the All-Star Game | This Just InLeBron's comments on playing with his son was a 'super boss move!' - Jalen Rose | Jalen & JacobyKareem took a break from watching the dunk contest #shortsReacting to LeBron James saying 'doors not closed' on a Cavaliers return | First TakeDid Scottie Pippen skip the NBA's 75th Anniversary Team ceremony because MJ was there? #shortsThat was THE WORST dunk contest in the HISTORY of basketball - Stephen A. 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MOMENTSNBA "Hood Basketball" MOMENTSReaction to Kyrie Irvings return to the Brooklyn Nets | NBA on ESPNJalen Rose says Anthony Davis is a top 5 talent, not a top 5 performer | NBA CountdownSteph Curry drains a 3 from the Celtics logo in warmups | #ShortsWoj: Kyrie Irving is coming back to the Nets as a part-time player | NBA CountdownIs Draymond Green the frontrunner for DPOY? | NBA TodayIs Kevin Durants workload sustainable? | Jalen & JacobyNBA "Rare" MOMENTSBrian Windhorst expects Klay Thompson to have an immediate impact on the Warriors once he returnsBobby Marks breaks down the most disappointing teams this season | NBA on ESPNBobby Marks breaks down the NBA's Big 3 teams out West | NBA on ESPNNBA "Give Me My Respect" MOMENTSWarriors dont want to put a date on Klay Thompsons return Nick Friedell | NBA TodayBREAKING: Isaiah Thomas is BACK Lakers plan to sign him tomorrow | NBA TodayPerk is putting the Knicks on the clearance rack | NBA TodayThis is the best stretch of Donovan Mitchells career- Zach Lowe | NBA TodayRussell Westbrook was the catalyst for the Lakers OT win! 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Kendrick Perkins | NBA TodayYears of work behind closed doors that has led Steph Curry to be 1 three away from NBA HISTORY NBA "Disrespectful Trolling" MOMENTSWoj: The Nets have 5 players in health and safety protocols | NBA TodayHas Nikola Jokic HAD IT with this season? | NBA TodayReacting to the Grizzlies 8-1 stretch without Ja Morant | NBA TodayKendrick Perkins on the Celtics win over the Bucks: It was the best win of the season! | NBA Today#Greenys Top 5 things you NEED to know thus far into the NBA season NBA "Unlikely Hero" MOMENTSA healthy 76ers team COULD give the Lakers a run for their money - Chiney | NBA TodayZach Lowe reacts: 'Peak LeBron is a DESTROYER all over the court!' | NBA TodayIs Kevin Durant playing the best basketball of his career? | NBA TodayNBA "Fine, I'll Do It Myself! " MOMENTSStephen A. says Zion Williamson wont be with Pelicans in two years | NBA CountdownWoj updates the 76ers pursuit of a trade for Ben Simmons | SportsCenterNBA "Robotic!" 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MOMENTSBreaking down the numbers behind the Warriors & Suns' hot starts | NBA TodayDo the Lakers have buyers remorse with Russell Westbrook? | NBA TodayBrighter future: LaMelos Hornets or Lonzos Bulls? | NBA TodayI'm looking forward to Devin Booker taking it PERSONAL against Steph Curry - Perk | NBA TodayStephen A. & JJ Redick get HEATED comparing Devin Booker and Steph Curry | First TakeThe Lakers will NOT make it to NBA Finals UNLESS they're a Top 4 seed - Jalen Rose | Jalen & JacobyReacting to the NBA Power Rankings | NBA TodayReacting to Klay Thompson's potential return being before Christmas | NBA TodayMarc J. Spears on how the Milwaukee Bucks decided to sign DeMarcus Cousins | NBA TodayKemba Walker is OUT of the Knicks rotation | NBA TodayAdrian Wojnarowski gives the latest on John Wall's potential return to the Rockets | NBA TodaySteph Curry goes OFF vs. Clippers | SportsNationNBA "Silence The Crowd" MOMENTSNBA "Failed Successfully!" MOMENTSNBA "Lazy! " MOMENTSSteph Currys impact on the game is reminiscent of Wilt Chamberlain Jalen Rose | NBA CountdownStephen A. criticizes Russell Westbrook & Anthony Davis play for Lakers | NBA CountdownJayson Tatum will be the deciding factor to the Celtics championship hopes - Perk | SportsCenterKlay Thompson is CONFIDENT the Warriors can win a title this season | #shortsIsaiah Stewart deserved a harsher punishment for fight with LeBron - Stephen A. | Stephen A.s WorldNBA "From The LOGO! " MOMENTSThe biggest keys to the Suns 13-game win streak | NBA TodayPerk's message to Isaiah Stewart on altercation with LeBron: You cant do that! | This Just InNBA "Close Call" MOMENTSNBA "2021 Season Goes CRAZY! 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Smith believes the Warriors will win 60 games, do you agree? | | NBA CountdownPerks toughest players in the NBA | NBA TodayTim Legler on Ben Simmons believing the 76ers are exacerbating his mental health issues'Steph & Klay are winning the CHAMPIONSHIP!' - Stephen A. thinks the Warriors are the top teamNBA "The Dagger " MOMENTSJalen Rose on what stands out about the Warriors success this season | SportsCenterStephen A. reacts to the Lakers surviving the Heat in OT | First TakeJWill wonders if the Lakers should've added Buddy Hield instead of Russell Westbrook | KJMIf Klay Thompson stays on course he could return as soon as December 20th - Woj | NBA CountdownStephen A. Smith says the Lakers expectations right now is 'second round ' | NBA CountdownAre we seeing a return to old school bully ball? | NBA CountdownWindhorsts NBA updates: Nikola Jokics suspension, LeBrons injury and Damian Lillard trade rumorsAre the Warriors the best team in the NBA? | (debatable)Did Nikola Jokic receive a fair punishment for incident with Markieff Morris? | (debatable)Stephen A. reacts to Scottie Pippen taking a shot at MJs flu game | First TakeThe 76ers are NOT going to get an All-Star for Ben Simmons - Jalen Rose | Jalen & JacobyIs Carmelo Anthony more valuable to the Lakers than Russell Westbrook? | Jalen & JacobyNBA "Had The Defense In Shambles" MOMENTSWhat Ja Morant proved in the Grizzlies OT win over the Wolves | NBA TodayPerk reacts to Steph Currys 50 point night: That dude is a KILLA! | NBA TodayAdrian Wojnarowski gives an update on Ben Simmons status | SportsCenterNBA "That Was Savage!" 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Perk thinks so | NBA TodayReacting to Lakers 2nd half collapse vs. the Thunder | Jalen & JacobyThe Knicks can win a title! - Monica McNutt is confident in New York's core | First TakeKyrie seems to be the 'missing ingredient' for the Nets - Max Kellerman | Keyshawn, JWill & MaxStephen A: James Harden needs to be the dude from Houston! | NBA CountdownMichael Wilbon only ranks Luka Doncic above Ja Morant for stars under age 24 | NBA CountdownNBA "Good Team Chemistry" MOMENTS'This is what Embiid did last night in one word: Nothing!' - Tony Kornheiser | PTIReacting to the Warriors 4-0 start after defeating the Spurs | This Just InJason Kidd said what?!(debatable) reacts to the coaches press conference commentsIt is going to take time to know who the Lakers are - Elle Duncan | (debatable)Reacting to LeBron James being questionable vs. Spurs with a sore right ankle | NBA TodayDiscussing the possibility of a Ben Simmons, Damian Lillard 3-team trade | This Just InTim Legler reacts to the Bulls 4-0 start for the 1st time since the 1996-97 season | SportsCenterNBA "Bad Team Chemistry" MOMENTSHow will Ja Morant learn from his performance vs the Los Angeles Lakers? | NBA TodayNBA "Impersonating Other Players" MOMENTSNBA "God Mode!" MOMENTSPerk on the Brooklyn Nets: 'It's championship or BUST' | This Just InKendrick Perkins says that Ben Simmons is 'lacking confidence' | This Just InHow long do you see Daryl Morey playing hardball with Ben Simmons? | (debatable)Stephen A. reacts to Ben Simmons telling the 76ers he is not ready to play | First TakeSteph Curry's 45-point night has Stephen A. thinking FINALS for the Warriors | First Take'The Philadelphia 76ers want Ben Simmons on the court' - Woj | KJMDiscussing the meaning behind Daryl Morey's comments on Ben Simmons' future with the 76ers | KJMShould the NBA include the playoffs for MVP voting? | KJMNBA "Most Iconic Bang!" MOMENTSSerge Ibaka on the Clippers expectations this season | NBA TodayReacting to the Knicks' double-overtime win vs. the Celtics | NBA TodayWho had the most impressive performance from Wednesday's NBA action? | This Just InReacting to Ben Simmons skipping an individual workout at the 76ers' facility | This Just InWatch out for the Knicks! - Vince Carter reacts to New Yorks 2OT thriller vs. the Celtics | SCStephen A. questions whether Zach LaVine & DeMar DeRozan can fit together on the court | First TakeStephen A. doesnt see the Suns reaching the WCF this season | First TakeCeltics vs. Knicks highlights and analysis: New York steal the win in 2OT | Get Up'KEEP BEN SIMMONS AWAY! STAY AWAY!' - JWill reacts to the 76ers' win to open the season | KJMRich Paul, Ben Simmons and the 76ers have messed up this situation - Stephen A. | NBA CountdownI believe in KD! I believe in James Harden! - Stephen A. thinks Nets are contenders without KyrieStephen A. is looking forward to seeing Klay Thompson return this season | NBA CountdownShould there be concern after Russell Westbrook's opening night performance? | PTIAre there any good options for the 76ers with Ben Simmons? | This Just InNBA "Shaqtin' A Fool " MOMENTSHow much do the Nets miss Kyrie? | This Just InMy 5 title rings arent as big as the Bucks championship rings! Magic Johnson | NBA TodayMagic Johnson on what it means to be named a top 75 player in NBA history | NBA TodayKarl-Anthony Towns says hed beat a gorilla in a fight | (debatable)I LOVE THE CHAOS! - David Jacoby doesnt want the 76ers to trade Ben Simmons yet | (debatable)Russell Westbrook looked 'awkward' trying to fit in with the Lakers - Christine WilliamsonRecapping the NBAs opening night: Warriors vs. Lakers, Bucks vs. Nets | SportsNationBen Simmons has GOT TO GO! - Stephen A. on Simmons getting thrown out of practice | First TakePay Ben Simmons to go away! JWill's advice to Daryl Morey and the 76ers | Keyshawn, JWill & MaxRussell Westbrook will get it figured out, he always does! - Max Kellerman on the Lakers' loss | KJMSteph says I played like trash after triple-double in W #shortsKawhi is in the studio since Im hurt #shortsStephen A. reacts to the 76ers suspending Ben Simmons for their season opener | Stephen As WorldDoc Rivers set Ben Simmons up to kick him out! - Kendrick Perkins | NBA TodayBen Simmons is fracturing the respect dynamic with his teammates - Tim Legler | This Just InAre the Nets better than the Bucks WITHOUT Kyrie Irving? | (debatable)Will the Splash Brothers help the Warriors be title contenders once again? | (debatable)Why the Lakers will be 'The Russell Westbrook Show' this season | (debatable)Stephen A.: Russell Westbrook will have pressure to 'show up & SHOW OUT' this season | First TakeThe 76ers suspend Ben Simmons for one game after Doc Rivers threw him out of practice | SCStephen A. breaks down how LeBron James' legacy would be impacted by a 5th ring | First TakeStephen A. predicts a Warriors vs. Lakers WCF if Klay Thompson comes back by early 2022 | First TakeTim Legler says the Bucks are his favorite to win the NBA championship | Get UpNBA "Sit Down! " MOMENTSAdrian Wojnarowski gives the latest on Deandre Ayton not getting the rookie extension | NBA TodayNBA "Change Of Heart " MOMENTSNBA "That Didn't Go As Planned" MOMENTSNBA "I'm On Fire " MOMENTSStephon Marbury calls out Stephen A. for his comments on Kyrie Irving | First TakeNBA "Preseason Is INSANE! " MOMENTSMaverick Carter on forming SpringHill Entertainment with LeBron and Kyries situation with the NetsIs Ben Simmons showing up in Philly similar to Harden in Houston? | This Just InKyrie wants to be a voice for the voiceless but hasnt said anything yet - Elle Duncan | (debatable)NBA "Made You Look! " MOMENTSChris Paul on why he wore HBCU apparel in the NBA Bubble | Why Not Us: FAMU FootballJalen Rose reacts to Ben Simmons showing up unexpectedly to the 76ers | Jalen & JacobyPablo Torre on Ben Simmons reporting to the 76ers: This is good news! | (debatable)Are the Nets making the right decision by not permitting Kyrie to practice/play games? (debatable)What does Ben Simmons reporting to the 76ers mean for the team? | SportsNationStephen A. reacts to Ben Simmons reporting to the 76ers | First TakeNBA "Ben Simmons Is Back " MOMENTSAdrian Wojnarowski joins SC with SVP to talk Ben Simmons' return to the 76ersNBA "Greatest Preseason" MOMENTS Of The Last 3 Years!NBA "Mr Unguardable" MOMENTSNBA "Lonzo Vs LaMelo" MOMENTSDevin Booker could disrupt the NBA MVP race - Brian Windhorst | The JumpThe Miami Heat are built for a 7-game playoff series Ramona Shelburne | The JumpBrian Windhorst doesnt think Kyrie Irving only playing road games is tenable | The JumpNBA "Preseason Is CRAZY! " MOMENTSGlen Davis, Terrence Williams among 18 former NBA players charged in scheme | SportsCenterThe Nets plan to play their home preseason opener amid Kyrie Irvings absence | SportsCenterNBA "You Got DESTROYED " MOMENTSReacting to Nate McMillan comparing Trae Young to Michael Jordan | The JumpHawks, Celtics, Heat or 76ers: Who in the East is most at risk for the play-in? | The JumpThe 76ers are not going to cave to Ben Simmons demands! - Zach Lowe | The JumpShould Boban shoot more 3s? Did John Collins already have the dunk of the year? | (debatable)How Kyrie Irving is impacting Kevin Durant's status with the Nets | Keyshawn, JWill & MaxNBA "Wasn't Expecting That!" MOMENTSCan the Lakers build a strong defense with their roster? | The JumpBrian Windhorst explains what the Nets' backup plan would be without Kyrie Irving | This Just In'The Phoenix Suns are punishing Deandre Ayton for playing team basketball' - Elle Duncan | #shortsChris Paul talks about the new season of 'Why Not Us' featuring FAMU football | First TakeStephen A. interviews Chris Paul ahead of the NBA season | First TakeKyrie Irving is the type of guy who will lose millions to make a point - Stephen A. | First TakePerk is disturbed by Deandre Ayton not getting extension from Suns yet | The JumpRamona Shelburne and Brian Windhorst give the latest on Ben Simmons | The JumpReacting to Joe Tsai's solution to WNBA travel issues | The JumpNBA "Was That On Purpose?" MOMENTSNBA "Circus 3'" MOMENTSJalen isnt surprised by Embiids comments on Simmons situation with the 76ers | Jalen & JacobyBrian Windhorst expects Steph Curry and the Warriors to be a better team this season | The JumpThe 76ers will not pay Ben Simmons $8.25M today - Brian Windhorst | The JumpStephen A. says Anthony Davis needs to push himself | Stephen As WorldNBA "Acrobatic" MOMENTSThe Lakers will need Anthony Davis playing center to win Brian Windhorst | The JumpJoel Embiids comments are a win for Ben Simmons Brian Windhorst | The JumpMax explains why chemistry makes the Lakers' Big 3 an 'excellent fit' | #ShortsWhat POSSIBLE EXCUSE could Anthony Davis have?! - Stephen A. talks Westbrook's comments | First TakeNBA "He Chose Violence!" MOMENTSThe financial implications for James Harden not signing extension with Nets | The JumpThe Jump reacts to Russell Westbrook not wanting to play for ClippersPerk expects Klay Thompson to be back to normal in return from injury | The JumpStephen A. warns Ben Simmons 'BE CAREFUL!' | First TakeNBA "Takeover Activated " MOMENTSStephen A. says vaccine mandates could play a role in who wins the NBA championshipDave McMenamin interviews LeBron James from Los Angeles Lakers Media Day | The JumpThe Jump reacts to LeBron James comments about getting vaccinatedReacting to Kareem saying the NBA should insist that all players & staff are vaccinated | First TakeIs it fair to list Luka Doncic as preaseason MVP favorite? | The JumpNBA "Hidden Gem" MOMENTSNBA "Bank Is Open!" MOMENTSNBA "Never Back Down" MOMENTSWhat does a slimmed down LeBron James mean for the rest of the NBA? | The JumpGiannis should be No. 1! - Jalen on ESPNs NBArank predictions | Jalen & Jacoby YouTube exclusiveHow does Andrew Wiggins vaccination status impact the Warriors? | PTIStephen A. questions if the Nets should trade Kyrie Irving for Ben Simmons | Stephen As WorldNBA "Try Not To Laugh" MOMENTSIt warms my heart! Vince Carter reacts to Frank Vogels comments on Lakers age | The JumpVince Carter says the Pelicans dont want a Ben Simmons situation with Zion | The JumpBen Simmons is in the wrong, but the 76ers hands arent clean either! - Stephen A. | First TakeNBA "Storybook Ending" MOMENTSBen Simmons is not in a good place with the 76ers - Jay Williams | This Just InThe Celtics need to keep the media AND family members out the locker room - Perk | #ShortsKendrick Perkins: 'Ben Simmons has to be held accountable' | First TakeDoc Rivers tells Stephen A.: 'We would love to have Ben Simmons back' | First TakeDoc Rivers: 'We're not gonna give up on Ben Simmons' | First TakeBen Simmons is willing to sit out the season before playing for the 76ers - Stephen A. | First TakeNBA "WTF Are You Doing!" MOMENTSPerk calls Anthony Edwards a generational talent going into 2nd NBA season | The JumpIm disappointed! - Perk reacts to Ben Simmons intentions to not return to the 76ers | The JumpWhat leverage does Ben Simmons have on the 76ers? | The JumpBen Simmons is going to lose money & it bothers me! - Perk on the star skipping 76ers training campWoj details the consequences Ben Simmons faces by not reporting to 76ers training campRich Paul says Ben Simmons will go to any length to get away from the 76ers - Jay WilliamsJJ Redick announces his retirement after 15 seasons in the NBA | #ShortsNBA "Greatest Sounds In Basketball" MOMENTS #2Does Kyle Lowry fit Heat culture? | The JumpTop 5 plays of the WNBA regular season | The JumpWill Ben Simmons or John Wall be traded first? | The JumpNBA "Try-Hard" MOMENTSNBA "Flashiest Pass!" MOMENTSDescribing the role Carmelo Anthony will play with LeBron and the Lakers | The JumpDo the Golden State Warriors have another title run in them? | The JumpLakers or Nets: Who is more likely to win the NBA title? | The JumpWhich NBA team will face the most turmoil next season? | The JumpHow will a new arena alter LA Clippers identity? | The JumpNBA "Video Game " MOMENTSStephen A. is conflicted about who to put on the NBAs 75th anniversary team | Stephen As WorldRussell Westbrooks Top 5 most athletic dunks | The JumpPerk is ALL IN on Jalen Green for NBA Rookie of the Year | The JumpNBA "Crowd Silencers " MOMENTSReacting to Kareem's comments about LeBron James and the scoring title | The JumpLuka Doncic & the Mavericks need to get past the first round Tim MacMahon | The JumpAre there any concerns with Nuggets financial situation moving forward? | The JumpProtocols will make things difficult for unvaccinated NBA players Woj | SportsCenterNBA "Error Code" MOMENTS'The Nuggets are a top 5 team in the West'- Kendrick Perkins | The JumpReacting to ESPNs NBA Forecast Top 6 of the East predictions | The JumpThe Jump reacts to Carmelo Anthonys comments to Stephen A. SmithAre the days of splashy NBA free agency signings over? | The JumpNBA "We Don't Get Along" MOMENTSReacting to Paul Pierce saying 'we're always gonna be brothers' about Ray Allen | The JumpNBA "H.O.R.S.E." MOMENTSNBA "That Went Viral" MOMENTSNBA "Change My 2K Rating!" MOMENTSTim Bontemps gives the latest on the relationship between Ben Simmons and the 76ers | The JumpNBA "This Ain't The NFL" MOMENTSBen Simmons needs to grow up and accept some responsibility - Stephen A. Smith | Stephen A.'s WorldPerk thinks the Lakers could approach 70 wins this season | The JumpHave the Trail Blazers done enough to keep Damian Lillard happy? | The JumpBen Simmons needs to get all of his money! Perk weighs in on a potential holdout | The JumpHow will Klay Thompson's game translate post injury? | The JumpNBA "Think Outside The Box" MOMENTSThe Clippers schedule is brutal'! - Ohm Youngmisuk | The JumpPaul Pierce nearly was traded to the Dallas Mavericks #ShortsBrian Windhorst highly doubts Ben Simmons and the 76ers can repair their relationship | The JumpRasheed Wallaces comments on LeBron James: Fair or foul? | The JumpNBA "Greatest Sounds In Basketball" MOMENTSNBA "King Of Street Ball" MOMENTSNBA "Superhero" MOMENTSNBA "Funniest Bench" MOMENTSWhat is the ceiling for Anthony Edwards with the Timberwolves? | The JumpHow long could Ben Simmons really sit out? | The JumpNBA "From Way Downtown" MOMENTSIs it too little too late for Ben Simmons to stay with the 76ers? | The JumpThe biggest takeaways from Clint Capelas 2-year/$46M extension with the Hawks | The JumpWill any GM give up a lot for Ben Simmons?? | #ShortsNBA "That's A First" MOMENTS #2Bart Scott is FIRED UP for a Damian Lillard-Ben Simmons trade #ShortsNBA "Basketball Stereotypes" MOMENTS #3NBA "That's A First" MOMENTSBoccia | Day 6 Evening | Tokyo 2020 Paralympic GamesNBA "C'Mon Ref!" MOMENTSNBA "Crazy Fan" MOMENTSNBA "Heroic" MOMENTSNBA "Slam Dunk Contest" MOMENTSNBA "Wholesome" MOMENTSThis Kobe Bryant tribute from Snoop Dogg NBA "He's On Fire " MOMENTSNBA "Suspend Him!" MOMENTSIs Kevin Durant the greatest scorer of all time? Jalen Rose answers | Jalen & JacobyNBA "Light Speed" MOMENTSJalen Rose on NBA poll: LeBron James knows how to craft his own narrative | Jalen & JacobyNBA "Loudest Swish!" MOMENTS #2The only ones that can beat the Nets are the Nets! 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Relevance - Stephen A. Smith | SportsCenterRichard Jefferson thinks the Suns could make the NBA Finals | The JumpNBA "When Being Cocky Backfires" MOMENTSThe Nuggets knocked the Blazers out of the series without Jamal Murray - Jalen | Jalen & JacobyStephen A. answers: Will LeBron finish his career with the Lakers? | KJZTy Lue is going to be haunted by Luka Doncic if the Clippers lose Game 6 - Tim Legler | SportsNationKendrick Perkins reacts to Damian Lillards cryptic social media post: Hes frustrated! | Get UpWhats next for the Clippers if they lose to the Mavs in the playoffs? Stephen A. answers | KJZDamian Lillard to the Knicks, Heat, Clippers or Lakers? Stephen A. says 'STAY TUNED!' #ShortsStephen A. calls out the Lakers front office and reacts to LeBron leaving early | First TakeLeBron had jokes to end his presser #ShortsKeyshawn Johnson's eulogy for the Los Angeles Lakers | KJZLeBron James reacts to the Lakers getting eliminated from the NBA playoffs | 2021 NBA PlayoffsStephen A.: LeBron's legacy is not on the line unless he 'wets the bed' in Game 6 | SportsCenterStephen A. says Giannis needs a jumper to be in Kevin Durants class | Stephen As WorldBrian Windhorst says the NBAs future is at stake in Bucks vs. Nets | The JumpLuka reminded me of early LeBron with a better shot - Brian Windhorst | The JumpTrae Young has thrived in the pressure of the playoffs Brian Windhorst | The JumpJalen Rose reacts to the 76ers eliminating the Wizards in the playoffs | Jalen & JacobyLeBron needs to be aggressive in Game 6 vs. the Suns - JWill | KJZRondo's priceless reaction to Kawhi's late air ball #ShortsJalen Rose on the differences between Trae Young and Stephen Curry | Get UpEvaluating Trae Youngs game vs. the Knicks in the playoffs | Get UpReacting to Trae Young & the Hawks eliminating the Knicks in the 1st round of the playoffs | Get UpDerrick Rose on his future with the Knicks: That's not up to me | 2021 NBA PlayoffsTrae Young hit one final step-back three, and took a rightful bow #ShortsWoj's health updates on Joel Embiid, Anthony Davis and Chris Paul | SportsCenterJalen Rose compares Damian Lillard to MJ after his 55-point game vs. the Nuggets | Jalen & JacobyQuentin Richardson on Damian Lillards historic 55-point night and the Lakers Game 5 loss | KJZThe Portland Trail Blazers are FAILING Damian Lillard - JWill | KJZ #ShortsWoj explains Danny Ainges decision to step down as Celtics' president | SportsCenter'What the hell are the role players doing?' - Perk torches Schroder, KCP and Drummond | First TakeOH MY GOD! - Stephen A. reacts to Damian Lillard scoring 55 points in a loss | First TakeReacting to Snoop Dogg calling the Lakers 'soft' after Game 5 | KJZReflecting on the Nets vs. Celtics series and looking ahead to Nets vs. Bucks | KJZDamian Lillard hits playoff-record 12 3s in 2OT loss | KJZReacting to Damian Lillard scoring 55 points in a loss, the Lakers losing Game 5 and Nets vs. BucksWinners and Losers: Blazers vs. Nuggets, Lakers vs. Suns and Celtics vs. Nets | SportsNationWill history forget Damian Lillard's amazing performance because the Blazers lost? | SportsCenterWoj gives an update on Joel Embiid's injury | SportsCenter'This is the Showtime Nets' - Brian Windhorst on Draymond Green picking Nets to win East | The JumpDoes Julius Randle deserve a max contract with the New York Knicks? | KJZChris Webber on being elected into the 2021 Hall of Fame Class and Hawks vs. Knicks | #GreenyThe road will be too tough for the Lakers in the playoffs without AD - Jalen Rose | Get Up76ers vs. Wizards Game 4 highlights and Joel Embiid's injury | Get UpDoc Rivers defends Ben Simmons after the Wizards hack Simmons to win Game 4 | KJZAnthony Davis is questionable for Game 5. 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